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The Jewelry Insider

May 27, 2009

She may have said ‘no’ to rehab, but troubled chanteuse, Amy Winehouse, is saying ‘yes’ to a new jewelry and fashion line. Apparently Ms. Winehouse put down the crack pipe long enough to finalize talks with the London-based fashion label, PPQ, for a new line of high-end statement pieces that are inspired by the Amy Winehouse ‘look’.

Black lung chic, anyone?

Winehouse does admittedly have a signature look to draw on – from her beehive ‘do’ to her retro mini-dress style. PPQ designer, Amy Molyneaux, told Grazia that they are in the first stages of the project and look forward to designing a range of Amy-inspired pieces – from cut-off denim shorts, check shirts and bodycon minidresses to bold jewelry styles.

And while Winehouse may seem like an odd pick for a fashion muse, PPQ has been known to woo the ‘bad girl’ starlet – the company paired with Peaches Geldof as their first celebrity pick.

PPQ also confirmed that Winehouse won’t actually be designing the line, but will only be involved in the creative process – something the singer should really get back to in the recording studio, if you ask me. Apparently, she is trying to record her third album in St. Lucia in between three (and counting) visits to the hospital for “chest pains” and “dehydration.”

Maybe PPQ can get her to participate in the ‘creative process’ after her morning drinking binge and before her next cutting episode? Just a thought.

So what do you guys think of an Amy-Winehouse inspired fashion line? Does she deserve to rake in the dough for being nothing more than a train wreck with a voice these past years? Or is this perhaps a way for her to get back on her feet again?