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The Jewelry Insider

August 5, 2008

Does a dead Garfield really make the best diamond ring?Apparently for some, their dead dogs, cats and well, great-aunts, can make a stunning diamond ring.

Kate Moss

LifegemBad boy rocker, Peter Doherty is planning to have the ashes of his cat Shelley made into a diamond ring. According to UK Now Magazine, he’s reportedly commissioned Lifegem to turn the ashes of ole puss into a diamond ring and is planning to give the sparkler to his ex, spindly super-model Kate Moss. Apparently the cat was her favorite pet when they dated last year. I’m sure wearing the carbonized ashes of a cat is just what she dreams of.

If you’re interested in wearing your dearly departed, Lifegem turns the cremated ashes of grandma, Fido, Uncle Barney and great-aunt Maisy and her pets into diamonds. If saying goodbye is too painful – don’t – turn them into jewelry instead. (The ring picture is an actual diamond ring of a ‘Precious Pet

Pete, may we suggest instead of burning up Shelley and setting the feline in a prong setting – simply give the ex a cute diamond pussy-cat pendant like this one from Macy’s.

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