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The Jewelry Insider

January 11, 2010

Jewelry lovers, I’ve got big news. Forget about health care reform, global warming and White House party crashers – this tidbit is going to blow. your. mind.

In a ‘which came first’ bombshell, J-Lo’s New Year’s Eve catsuit controversy has apparently trickled down to the taste-makers that influence every young girl in America – the brains behind Barbie. Not to let a good body image lesson go unlearned, the Barbie folks are bringing us their latest entry into the ‘I Am Woman’ lexicon: Cat Burglar Barbie.

Not only is her skin-tight black bodysuit the perfect outfit to don when young girls fantasize about stealing Paris Hilton’s family jewels, Cat Burglar Barbie (like J-Lo) has a stash of Louboutin shoes to wear while sashaying her way into infamy. Eureka!

Cat Burglar Barbie comes with (count ’em) FOUR pair of Louboutin shoes including gold sandals, Miss ankle boots, Claudia peep toes, and Altameche knee-high boots – perfect for wall scaling, lock picking, and all manner of slinking. Conveniently, they each come with their own shoe bag and box, packaged together with a copy of Barbie‘s travel journal chronicling her adventures with Christian Louboutin, himself.

Oh the places they will go…
This limited edition Barbie can be yours (drag queens, get out your debit cards) for a mere $150. We’ve come a long way, ladies.

P.S. Not to be outdone, have you caught wind of this jaw-dropping Barbie entry Perez Hilton uncovered from a young designer in Beijing? It’s Lady Gaga Barbie (!!!!) complete with Alexander McQueen reptile pumps and Kermit-wear. Now we’re talking….