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January 20, 2011

Update to original post of September3, 2010): Well, it’s official. Jesse James and Kat Von D are engaged, according to People.The vintage(?) diamond ring I spotted on her back in September must have been the real deal. Seems a little fast if you ask me. Hmmm…

Call me crazy, but that is, indeed, a diamond on Kat Von D’s ring finger, right?

The heavily-inked artist was out in LA celebrating both the opening of her new gallery, Wonderland, and her new relationship with Sandra Bullock’s lying, cheating ex – Jesse James – when photogs snapped a few close-up shots of what appears to be a lovely vintage diamond engagement ring.

While it’s no surprise the tattooed twosome found some things in common, they only started dating a month ago – and James’ heavily covered cheating scandal still smells like a rat.

But – hey. To each their own.

So far, they say they are just dating. But when People asked Von D if James is ‘The One”, she told the mag, “I believe he is, so yeah.”


What do you guys think? Is this a fashion ring or the real deal? Wonder what Sandra thinks of her ex’s new gal pal?

The Jewelry Insider

January 10, 2011

Photos of Sherri Shepherd’s engagement ring are whizzing around the blogosphere after she officially shared the good news on The View this morning.

No specs out yet of carat count and cost – but it looks like a princess-cut center stone flanked by a series of round diamonds set in platinum.

I haven’t seen a princess-cut celebrity engagement ring for a while – especially now that Reese Witherspoon’s Ashoka-cut beauty is causing such a stir. But the shape is a popular one in bridal circles – especially with the vintage engagement ring craze still in full effect.

Shepherd gave viewers all the juicy proposal details on the show this morning (click here to see the clip).

She confessed that her TV-writer fiance, Lamar ‘Sal’  Sally, will be moving to New York from Los Angeles to put an end to the cross-country romance they’ve been keeping under wraps. Until now.

Heartfelt congrats to the happy couple!

Celebrities ‘Ring’ In the New Year

From Reese Witherspoon to Vivica Fox – celebs were the lucky recipients of some rockin’ rings this holiday season. Here is a run down of some of the best and brightest celebrity rings making news this week – each representing emerging trends in the ring category for 2011.

1. Legally Blonde Gets Luxury Bling

Reese Witherspoon is getting a second chance at love – and a news-worthy diamond engagement ring to seal the deal. Reese’s rock is special not so much for the size (4-carats isn’t HUGE by Hollywood’s standards) but for the quality and cut of the stone.

Fiance and Hollywood Agent, Jim Toth, designed the ring using an Ashoka-cut center stone – a special 62-facet cut that only 10% of rough diamonds mined can support. Cushions and Ascchers ‘made the cut’ most often in 2010, so look for this special shape to surge in the months to come. (Jewelry.com has more on the Ashoka cut here).

2. LeeAnn Rimes Gets Personal

LeeAnn Rimes’s engagement to Eddie Cibrian is no longer notable for the scandalous way these two found love – but for the stunning 5-carat custom-made engagement ring that now makes them legit. The ring also features single cut pave diamonds and tiny rose cut diamonds set in rose gold fleur-de-lis that are connected to the band.

Jeweler Brent Polacheck, who crafted the ring for his childhood friend Cibrian, tells PEOPLE:

“Le[Ann]‘s participation in the design was solely regarding the Fleur de Lis. She had her heart set on having that incorporated in the ring. Other than that, Eddie and I sat down multiple times and worked on the rest of the details.”

The New York Times reported this ‘personalization’ trend is going to continue to surge when it comes to ring finger bling design. I love it.

3. Vivica Fox’s Cougar Catch

News just broke that 46-year-old Vivica Fox got engaged to 27-year-old club promoter, Omar ‘Slim’ White over the holidays with a whopping 8-carat diamond rock worth an estimated $150,000.

A source told People that Fox, 46, “is over the moon – so excited, so in love” with White, who wants to have children.

Fox was so excited that she Tweeted a video of her sparkler for all the fans – a great way for all of us to share our good fortune, right? Diamonds (and social media) are a girl’s best friend for 2011.

3. Christina Aguilera’s Boyfriend Bling

Not everyone brought home rings that mean ‘we’re in it for the long haul’ this holiday. Recently divorced Christina Aguilera reportedly got a ring from her new boyfriend, Matt Rutler, to simply celebrate her 30th birthday (December 18th).

I haven’t been able to find any more details about the design, but this does get me thinking: Is the ‘boyfriend ring’ or ‘birthday ring’ a possible new trend?

Usually rings given from boyfriends to girlfriends bring with them an expectation of commitment. But I wonder if it could also just mean ‘Here’s a ring. It looks cool. No expectations.”?



The Jewelry Insider

December 27, 2010

Celebrity engagement news is breaking big today! Here’s the scoop:

From “Black Swan” to Baby Momma:

Not only is Natalie Portman engaged to her (gorgeous!) choreographer boyfriend, Benjamin Millepied, they’re also expecting their first child. The Black Swan star met her hubby-to-be on the set last year (he choreographed all of her numbers), and the Oscar buzz is building along with her little ballet-dancing bun in the oven.

Portman has been on the red carpet all month promoting the film (and Dior’s new perfume), but despite a mention of ‘eating a lot’ lately – this news is a total shock.

No ring sighting yet, but stay tuned.

Hef’s Getting Hitched:

The other shocker today is news that everyone’s favorite bachelor octogenarian popped the question to his 24-year-old playmate girlfriend, Crystal Harris.

“After the movie tonight, Crystal & I exchanged gifts. I gave Crystal a ring. A truly memorable Christmas Eve,” Hefner, 84, tweeted. “When I gave Crystal the ring, she burst into tears. This is the happiest Christmas weekend in memory.”

Later, he clarified, “Yes, the ring I gave Crystal is an engagement ring. I didn’t mean to make a mystery out of it. A very merry Christmas to all.”

What kind of ring exactly remains to be seen, but my guess is Hef will make sure his bunny’s got enough ‘carats’ to keep her satisfied.

But celebs aren’t the only folks with romance on their minds. With New Year’s Eve around the corner, many questions have yet to be popped. So fellas? If you need a little nudge in the right direction – check out the amazing post-Christmas engagement ring deals on sample sale sites like JewelClub.

And check out my ‘Affordable Engagement Ring’ guide here for more sparkling solutions.

In the meantime, congrats to the happy couples!

Bret Michaels ‘Regifts’ Engagement Ring

The huge diamond ‘rock of love’ seen on Bret Michaels‘ girlfriend since July was once a promise ring but as of this week has officially been promoted to engagement ring.

After 16 years, two kids and more than one breakup, Kristi Gibson said “yes” to Michaels’ marriage proposal on Monday night’s finale of Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It.

But every rose has its thorn, as they say…

Instead of presenting her with a new diamond ring to seal the deal, he ‘regifted’ the ring he gave her from Christmas 2009 that he said was used as “a promise of an engagement but without a date.”

Whatever, Bret.

It is some serious ring finger candy, though. Sources tell Us that the couple designed the 4-carat platinum cushion-cut ring with micro pave diamonds at a cost of over $200,000.

“She’s been very patient and strong,” Michaels of Gibson, who stood by his side this year throughout his sudden brain hemorrhage and subsequent stroke. (And three skank-filled seasons of Rock of Love.)

“It just made our bond for each other that much stronger. It gave us a bond that’s unbreakable.”

Or at least until Bret’s next reality dating show…

What do you think of his promise ring/engagement ring proposal? Should he have bought Kristi a new ring to symbolize this important next step? Or is 4-carats enough to stand for a ‘promise’ and an ‘I do’?

Tony Romo Proposes With Huge Diamond

Celebrity engagement ring buzz these days has a strange six degrees of Jessica Simspon thing going on.

First, her famous ex, Nick Lachey, proposes to longtime girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo. A week later, Jessica gets her now famous ruby and diamond engagement ring from Eric Johsnon.

And now? Jess’s famous ex, Cowboy QB Tony Romo, popped the question to his 24-year-old lady love, Candice Crawford (sister of Chace) on December 16th.

And this rock is the biggest of them all! (Not that we’re counting, Jess).

Romo proposed with an 8-carat, radiant-cut, fancy yellow diamond with one carat of round diamonds around the center stone,” Aslam Bakshi, owner of Diamond Images USA, Inc. in Miami, Fla. tells HollywoodLife.com.  

“The center stone is very difficult to find and rare, but it is one of the most popular shapes today.”

The ring is reportedtly worth about $475,000 – $225,000 more than the $250,000 Neil Lane ring Jess got back in November. (Not that we’re counting, Jess).

No word yet about wedding plans, but since word hit the street that Jessica’s clothing empire is worth $1 billion (!) – I’m thinking Jess will have the last laugh after all.

But who’s counting?

The Jewelry Insider

November 16, 2010

Not a week has gone by since Vanessa Minnillo started flashing her huge Asscher-cut engagement ring from Nick Lachey, and that wily Jessica Simpson goes and one-ups her with her own ring finger news – namely, a ruby red engagement rock from her beau of six monhts, Eric Johnson.


Another ‘shocker’? Simpson’s ring comes from celebrity designer, Neil Lane, who seems to have a monopoly on newsworthy engagement rings these days. And this one is a real tongue-wagger.

Here’s the blingy backstory:

“Eric wanted the most romantic, beautiful, special ring for Jessica,” Lane tells PEOPLE. The result? A three-stone Lane sparkler with a stunner of a central ruby flanked by two pear-shaped diamonds – each stone weighing over 5 carats. Estimates put the ring at around $100,000, (which is a bit less than the rock Vanessa got. But who’s counting?)

While the ruby just so happens to be Simpson’s birthstone (she was born in July), the gem “represents love,” says Lane. “The ruby is a stone of love and it is the most romantic gem and it’s very rare and very, very special.”

Stealing the spotlight from your ex? Also special.

Who’s dreaming of a ‘red’ Christmas? You know who you are! Here are a few affordable buying options:

Still not sold? Click here to see the other singing celeb who recently got hitched with a ruby on her ring finger.

Vanessa Minnillo Flashes Engagement Ring

Vanessa Minillo finally got a diamond engagement ring from Nick Lachey last week and like any woman who has to wait six years – she’s flashing it all over the place.

The happy couple is celebrating their birthdays (yeah, they were both born on the same day, Nov. 9th!) on the beaches of Mexico, and the paps have captured many a pic of a bikini-clad Vanessa sporting an Asscher-cut diamond and platinum ring from jewelers Bader & Garrin worth an estimated $125,000.

But any news of Nick Lachey has to include a Jessica Simpson snippet, right? Despite their failed marriage, their groundbreaking MTV reality show detailing the early days of their young love won the hearts of millions (including yours truly). And apparently news of Nick’s engagement hit poor Jess hard.

“Even though Jessica wants to be happy for Nick, this is a very difficult time for her,” a friend of Simpson’s tells popeater.com. “Nick was the love of her life then, man, and he was her first, so she will always have a very special place in her heart for him. She’s deeply saddened.”
But life goes on. And so does our celebrity-diamond watch. Who will be next to get the ring rock? Jessica Biel? Jessica Simpson? Weigh in!

Joe and the Giant Rock


Girls will definitely go wild for the huge diamond engagement ring Joe Francis recently presented to his fiance, Christina McLarty, a Los Angeles entertainment reporter.

The Girls Gone Wild CEO commissioned one of my favorite jewelry designers, Loree Rodkin, to create the ring – and she knocked it out of the park with a nine-carat rock in a diamond pave band with diamonds surrounding the center stone, according to Luxist. And the price tag? Just under half a mil.

Guess there’s a lot of money to be made from, um, girls going wild.

Rodkin created jewelry for Elton John, Cher and Steven Tyler, but her most famous client is Michelle Obama – who wore her diamond drop earrings and a diamond cuff bracelet with that stunning Jason Wu gown to all the inauguration festivities (which seems like a lifetime ago).

Click here for more rockin’ Rodkin styles – and stay tuned for more Venice Film Festival jewelry sightings! (Insert my go-go dancing Kate Hudson “Cinema Italiano!” impression here.)


The Jewelry Insider

June 25, 2010

Cupid is making the rounds in celebrity-land this month, giving we jewelry hounds a cornucopia of diamond carats to count.

First and foremost – we’ve got another royal wedding on our hands. Huzzah! HRH Prince Albert of Monaco finally parted ways with his bachelor lifestyle by proposing to Olympic swimmer, Charlene Wittstock, with what appears to be a 3-carat pear-shaped diamond stunner (see Jewelry.com’s report for more diamond details).

Next up? Our favorite swashbuckling elf, Orlando Bloom, is breaking hearts with news of his engagement to model, Miranda Kerr. A rep at the Diamond Information Center told Us Kerr’s ring is an oval diamond set on a white gold or platinum band weighing in at an estimated 3-4 carats with a price as high as $65,000.

Ugly Betty may have lost the ratings war, but its star won big in the end with her recent engagement to longtime beau, Ryan Piers Williams. Reports put the carat count of the round center stone at 4 with an estimated price tag of around $70 large.

Finally? Vienna Miller’s diamond engagement ring is making news because, well, it’s still on her ring finger. Reports are swirling that Bachelor, Jake Pavelka, kicked her to the curb after discovering she was cheating on him while he was away on business.

If you didn’t see that one coming, I have some beach property in the Gulf I’d like to show you.

And if prior Bachelor break-ups are any indication, she won’t be wearing the 2-carat Neil Lane diamond much longer. The show’s producers get back the bling once the honeymoon’s over.

Are there any other recent celebrity betrothals I’m missing? Weigh in!