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Gaga for VMA Jewelry Fashion

Jersey Shore meatheads met Gaga’s meat couture at the 2010 VMA Awards last night. And while the jewelry trends weren’t as bodacious as the Lady’s fashion choices – there were some highlights worth sharing.


First – the Franc Ferdinand-designed meat dress. Not even Cher in her iconic black sequined unitard could upstage this Peta-angering Gaga statement. Thoughts?


I’ve always been a ‘black-diamond Betty’ – and any MTV event is the perfect time for the dark side to shine.


Hoops have been a mainstay on these less formal red carpet events – and the VMA white carpet was no exception.

And my favorite overall look went to the lovely Selena Gomez – in a Reem Acra silver frock (love the pockets!) with blue gemstone detail and Baccarat jewelry, including what look like sapphire drop earrings and a chunky sapphire cocktail ring. Something about the silver and blue really works, right?.

And now for a little non-jewelry VMA musing. While I LOVE that Gaga is pushing buttons with her fashion choices – I kinda miss that tried and true VMA train wreck from yesteryear. There’s no Courtney Love faux pas to count on or some drunken grunge dude climbing the sets. The EARNEST, barefooted Taylor Swift/Kanye West ‘controversy’ just isn’t working for me.


Maybe I’m just cranky that the runway looks from Fashion Week so far aren’t giving me any gawk-worthy jewelry to crow about. But we’re only half-way through…stay tuned.

Rock Like ‘The Runaways’

Jewelry hounds, I have one question for you: Does it get any cooler than The Runaways?

I have secretly always wanted to be either: a) Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders or b) Cheri Curie from The Runaways (I don’t attempt to be as cool as Joan Jett – even in my dreams). So when news of The Runaways movie hit my ears, I was more than a little excited.

I haven’t seen the flick yet, but flipped through pics of the Los Angeles premiere and got inspired to marry my two passions together. The result? A little grrrl group jewelry primer to help us all get in touch with our inner rock star.

Girl Rock Glitz

The Go Gos, The Bangles, The Donnas – girl groups have one band to thank for paving the way. The Runaways merged 70s glam rock with Elvis-inspired throw backs – all wrapped in a package no one had ever seen before. Grab this guitar pendant from Macy’s or this bolt pendant from Zales to get the glitter going in your own jewelry box.

Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb!

Lead singer, Cherie Curie, made her namesake fruit famous with their monster hit, Cherry Bomb (nab it on itunes if you don’t already have it in your arsenal). Pay homage to the blonde bombshell with this fruity pendant from Sears or these Betsey Johnson drop earrings that, well, say it all.

Joan Jett Jewels

A rock and roller through and through the signature jewel that says Joan has got to be the studded leather cuff. Nordies has several great styles to choose from to help you own up to that ‘Bad Reputation’. Or grab this black beaded sequin necklace like the one she wore to the premiere.