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Michelle Obama’s State Dinner Sparkle

While green was the stand-out color at the Golden Globes, Washington DC was rockin in red as Michelle Obama stepped out at the administration’s third State Dinner (with Chinese president Hu Jintao) in a dream of a dress from Alexander McQueen.

Yes. THE Alexander McQueen – the design house known for reptile shoes, garbage can hats and runway shows that have tongues wagging long after the models go home to nurse their champagne hangovers.

I applaud her decision – not only because it was a risky choice (there were many designers of Chinese descent that could have been selected). But because she looked so darn good!

But enough about the dress (read more excellent McQueen/Michelle analysis here on the Daily Beast). I also loved her jewelry choice – a pair of ruby and geode teardrop earrings in 18kt gold from New York designer, Kimberly McDonald according to the Mrs. O blog.

Geode is having a huge moment, with Kelly Osbourne and Michelle Pfeiffer wearing the stone to the Golden Globes (both by McDonald), and the demand for jewelry made from more ‘natural’ materials still going strong for 2011.

The stone has a science fiction quality to it, I think – which is why it was the perfect compliment to a floor-length red hot Alexander McQueen masterpiece, whose reptile influences we all know and love (especially these shoes from a few seasons ago).

OK. I’ll stop gushing. I’m just so pleased we don’t have to endure another pants-suit-pearl-strand-laden First Lady fashion snoresville. Am I right? Somewhere, Jackie O is smiling….