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The Jewelry Insider

July 4, 2008

What would you do if your sweetheart spent $1,250 on a box of chocolates that contained gold, silver and diamonds ……. you were expected to eat? Eat them? Keep them? Lick off the chocolate as if you were snacking on a Oreo?
A Swiss chocolate company, Cocoa Gourmet has created what they term their ‘Royal Collection’ which features 12 chocolates made with edible gold, silver and sprinkled with diamonds. Priced at $1,250, the collection has four 22 carat gold chocolates, four pure silver chocolates and four sweet diamond pieces. Don’t worry, you won’t get killed from eating the metal: it’s totally safe when ingested.
If $1,250 sounds crazy for a few chocolates, there’s always the ‘cheaper’ box of gemstone choccies. These are studded with gemstones and go for $520 a box.