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The Jewelry Insider

April 24, 2009

Gold hoops, diamond studs and an unfortunate bra incident were the fashion highlights when the New York Housewives stepped out to support one of their own this week.

Housewife no more, LuAnn de Lesseps, celebrated the release of her Miss Manners book, Class with the Countess, in New York’s meatpacking district, and everyone but the legally challenged Kelly Bensimon came out to show their support.

And support is what she must really need right now after her surprise split from her husband of 16 years (aka “The Count”) earlier this year.

According to a recent People magazine interview, Luann admits the split has been difficult – especially now that her book is hitting shelves.

“When I wrote the book I felt very secure,” says de Lesseps. “And that’s totally changed.”

The book, which is dedicated to her husband, contains a chapter titled “How to Get a Man to Stay in Love.” Yikes.

So why didn’t her own tips work?

“You can try all you want,” de Lesseps responds, “but if you’re not getting reciprocation from the other person, it’s not your fault.”

Another unfortunate development was fellow housewife, Jill Zarin’s fashion choice for the event. Known for bringing the gasp back to gaudy, Zarin’s usually over-the-top fabric choices are the stuff of legend. This time, she misfired with the dreaded white bra under a mesh top move.

Oh, Jill.

But costar and celebrity chef, Bethanny Frankel, brought out the glam in a diamond collared little black dress with icy studs and the cutest pumps. And Broolynite, Alex McCord, looked lovely in her fringe dress and gold hoops.

The Countess channeled her inner Angelina with an emerald cocktail ring to go with her simple black number, and even brought out her commoner mother to take part in the festivities.

You have to hand it to her – she might cringe when the help doesn’t address her properly, but she knows how rock an outfit.

The Jewelry Insider

March 31, 2009

The clothes, the jewelry, the botox, the self-imposed detachment from reality – our favorite reality show car crash, Real Housewives of New York City, certainly has it all. But fasten your diamond-clad seat belts – the juicy dish just got a whole lot dish-ier.

While all of the cast members – from Fran Drescher incarnate, Jill Zarin, to the social climbing ex-model, Kellie Killoren Bensimon – inspire my wrath on every episode, no one makes my eyes roll harder than LuAnn de Lesseps. Otherwise known as – The Countess.

For those of you who are blissfully unaware, The Countess takes great pride in being the Miss Manners of Manhattan – throwing her title around like it’s a one-way ticket to her own fiefdom. If her upcoming book title, “Class With The Countess” doesn’t give you enough of a picture, her overbearing and misguided etiquette lessons to anyone within earshot surely will.

The truth is, The Countess was originally a (gasp) commoner, who married in to her title. Her husband, the Count de Lesseps, has always been a fleeting presence on the show – dashing off to do ‘count-like’ things in Europe and the like leaving LuAnn to scoff at the help on her own.

But soon after celebrating her 16th wedding anniversary on March 16th, The Countess got the news (by email no less!) that her one-way ticket to the ‘other half’ decided that taking up with an Ethiopian woman in Geneva was more fun than being LuAnn’s ‘better half’ – leaving her stunned and – for once – at a loss for words.

A source told Page Six, “LuAnn was blindsided. She was just devastated. They have basically lived apart for many years — he lives in Europe and comes and goes as he pleases, but she never thought this would happen. ”

I wonder if there is a chapter in her book on the graceful way to milk your husband for millions?

Equally as gauche is the recent court case surrounding housewife, Kellie, who while she isn’t spending her waking hours making sure her cast-mates know she’s well ‘above’ them, is apparently punching her boyfriend in the face. Oh, and designing jewelry.

I found this link to her small jewelry line that debuted last year on Owl’s Lab. The imaginative collection is a series of…you guessed it…owl styles that are actually kindof a ‘hoot’ (sorry).

The Real Housewives of New York airs Tuesdays on Bravo! at 10pm.