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The Jewelry Insider

September 2, 2008

Diamonds and jewels have been showing up in the strangest places lately. We thought we’d take your minds off the back-to-school blahs and the endless coverage of Sarah Palin’s children (and her children’s children) by sharing a few of our more bizarre discoveries.

Hitting the green now means you have to be IN the green. We’ve found a must-have accessory for every golfer worth their weight in gold: a diamond encrusted golf ball marker. Not satisfied with your basic plastic disc or, say, a stray leaf? Pick up Shano’s luxurious design for a mere $10,200. Caked with a half-carat of white VS diamonds on the platinum rim, this mighty little accoutrement measures one inch in diameter and is only 1/10 of an inch thick. Fore!

Not to be outdone, Swarovski designers always find something bizarre to bejewel. We thought their bathroom sink line was a stretch, but this latest news tops it. Your diamond and mink fake eyelashes now have the perfect partner: Swarovski studded contacts. Dubbed “Sparkle,” the lenses are embedded with a circle of tiny Swarovski crystals around the edges.

Indian designer, Anthony Mallier, created the look for a design competition organized by designboom and Swarovski called “Crystal Vision”. He took the theme literally and came up with second prize (out of 4,074 entries).

No word yet on who is brave enough to wear them. Maybe Ms. Palin will give them a go?