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Celebrity Jewelry Gossip

Juicy celebrity jewelry tidbits are both naughty and nice this week. Here’s a blingy roundup:

Pete Doherty: Jewelry Designer/Jailbird

From the ‘Most Unlikely Celebrity to Launch a Jewelry Line’ category comes news that badboy Brit rocker and ex Kate Moss love, Pete Doherty, came out this week with a bauble collection for men. Just in time for his court appearance for drug possession.

The fifteen-piece range was inspired by “trinkets … ivory, cigarette tins, old cases, old glass,” Doherty told WWD between cigarette drags at the launch party. “It’s just a shame I can’t afford to buy them myself,” he sighed, referring to the $663 to $13,600 price range. “They cost a fortune.”

Courtney Love: Grrrl Rocker/Jewelry Thief

Just when you think her annoying self-destructive phase is over, Courtney Love never fails to self-sabatoge. This time she’s taken a page from the Lindsay Lohan play book by ‘losing’ borrowed jewelry from a celebrity jewelry house.

The Hole frontwoman was slapped with a lawsuit from Jacob & Co. for not returning jewelry worth nearly $114,000. According to USA Today, Love borrowed two white gold and diamond chains, a white gold, floral-design mesh bracelet and a pair of white gold and diamond pave hoop earrings on Sept. 21 from the New York jeweler – but only returned the bracelet. She now owes $113,700 for the oversight.

And all of us for the 30 seconds it took to read this post.

SouljaBoy: Rapper/Investment Specialist

What do Glenn Beck and SouljaBoy have in common? A penchant for dispersing investment advice, apparently. The rapper rivals Lil’ Wayne in the bling department, wearing jewelry creations that weigh more than a toddler.

When asked about his $3 million jewelry stash’s investment value, Mr. Boy told Sway from MTV,

“Gold is the best thing going, all the people that’s watching, honestly … all of my jewelry together … gold is where it’s at.”

Sharon Stone: Celebrity Charity Case

Joining the likes of Angelina Jolie and Christina Applegate, Sharon Stone is putting her name on a jewelry line for charity, according to Luxist.

Sharon Stone has been the face of Damiani jewelry since 2008 and collaborated with them on  a new line of jewelry, The Maji, that benefits the charity initiative, The Clean Water Project.

The collection is the first in the series of “Sharon Stone for Damiani” lines and features rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings with rough diamonds set on burnished gold or silver – each signed by the Cougar Queen herself.

Overacting lessons and oversized ego, not included.

It’s never dull in blingville, jewelry hounds. Send me your gem-filled gossip, and I’ll try to include it for my next roundup!

The Jewelry Insider

August 5, 2009

It’s early August and my celebrity jewelry sightings are about as rare as Jon & Kate-less magazine cover. Shining amidst the jewelry blight are a few star-studded events, a premiere here and there and an occasional fundraiser – but it’s been slim pickins, jewelry hounds. My apologies.

To give us a good shot in our bauble arm, I thought I’d round up a few pics from the last few weeks. There are a few bright spots, but for the most part – it’s dull, drab, and downright dowdy.

Starting on a high note, The Ugly Truth premiere in London this week brought out a stunning Katherine Heigl in green Naeem Kahn and yellow gold earrings with what appear to be either citrine or lemon quartz briolettes – a lovely accent to a dress that would make anyone green with envy.

Especially with Gerard Butler on your arm.

A resurgent Anne Heche looked lovely in Dolce & Gabbana at the Spread premiere in a vintage pearl and gold ensemble that matched the tone of the dress nicely.

Not so resurgent, lovely or nice is Medium’s, Patricia Arquette, who just isn’t cutting it with this statement necklace (How sick are we of statement necklaces, already? Weigh in!).

And finally, I give you one Courtney Love – who looks less and less like the Courtney we all tolerated back in her 90s hey dey. She may be rock and roll to her core, but the once fashionable Oscar-nominee has fallen far from the sartorial stature she once owned on the red carpet. I dare you to wear anything but black and layered chains, Courtney. You can do it, sister.

Clearly I’m cranky. Forgive me. But if the Teen Choice Awards and the Daytime Emmys are the only events I have to look forward to until Fall Fashion Week, I deserve a little whine space.

What do you guys of think of my picks? You like Katherine’s look? How about Courtney? Why did I strangely choose all blondes? Have I missed anyone this summer worth highlighting? Help!