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JewelClub’s Sample Sale Goes Old School


The telltale signs of a true fashionista litter the landscape. Racks of Chanel and DKNY finds mingle with McQueen and Miu Miu. Vintage jewelry, costume creations and fine gems light up the joint like a Christmas tree on crack. A mash-up of the “Rocky Theme Song” and “I Will Survive” BLASTS in the background. As the music reaches its crazy crescendo, we CLOSE UP on a leggy fashion-type doning riot gear.

SSG WHIPS OUT her notepad and goes through her battle-ready checklist:
1. Super Secret Sample Sale invite? Check.
2. Oversized shopping bag? Check.
3. Pepper spray for the pushy girls? Check.
4. Debit card? Check, check…and check.

With one final tighten of her shin guards, SSG whisks off into the cool morning air –  the lingering promise of sample sale success lighting her way. And her soul.
This was sample sale shopping in the (not so distant) past, right? When secret invitations were as important as the designer castoffs that awaited the organized and the determined. These days? Sample sales aren’t, well, quite so romantic. Or competitive. Until now.

You all know I love my JewelClub treasure chest. So when news hit that they’re throwing a secret couture-level sample sale like the good old days? I had to spead the news to my fellow jewelry hounds.

So here’s the skinny. Tomorrow, they’re sending out secret invitations with a link to the page with one-of-a-kind high-end styles at up to (drumroll…) 80 – 90% off.

This is so pepper-spray-worthy, people.


ALL of you sample sale sirens need to get your riot gear ready (you can sign up for the Deal Alert invite here – or check back with me tomorrow). And anyone you know who has a big jewelry purchase coming up should follow your lead. This is holiday season. It’s time to get serious – and this merch is gonna move.

I’m getting a sneak peak at some of the styles later today – and I’ll post my favs on Twitter for you. Stay tuned! And good luck!

Paris Haute Couture Fall/Winter – A Jewelry Recap

As promised, jewelry hounds, here is a recap of all the jewelry worth drooling over from the 2010 Fall/Winter Paris Haute Couture shows.

Today, Haute Joaillierie lit up the Place Vendome – including Chanel’s feathery diamond collection (remember Diane Kruger rocking this look at Cannes?):

Dior’s Bollywood-inspired jewels:

and Van Cleef & Arpels’ Les Voyages Extraordinaires collection:

Catwalk carats included these crazy cuffs from Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel show:

Armani’s sculptural styles made from metal and wood:

And these mirrored fairy tale creations from Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection:

But this is just a small sampling of the sparkle. You can find a complete gallery of Paris Fashion Week finds on the Jewelry.com Facebook Page. In the meantime, how amazing is that Dior serpent ring? I gotta say it again: ‘ J’adore Dior!

Weigh in with your favs!

H. Stern’s Alice In Wonderland Rings

More news about Alice In Wonderland jewelry may be a bit ‘tired’ at this juncture – I’ve been tracking it since last year when Tom Binns announced he was bejeweling an Alice line. But I just caught a glimpse of these H. Stern couture cocktail ring creations and had to share them with you.

Of course they are all limited edition and by special order only (i.e. only celebrities and ‘friends of’ will be able to get their hands on them) but I find H. Stern’s interpretation to be the best of the lot (Yup. Even better than Binns, Stella McCartney and Swarovski).

The collection consists of five signature rings – each inspired by the natural world of Wonderland vs. the more literal icons that have shown up in other collections (hearts, tea cups, etc.)

Which one is your favorite? I’ll tell you mine at the end of the post…

(Descriptions from the H. Stern website)

Cheshire Cat: The Chesire Cat ring was reproduced in detail in a small sculpture of gold dipped in blue enamel, and is seen stretched out on a smattering of gold and diamond branches. The golden cat’s smile received a special treatment and, as in the film, glows in the dark.

Topiary Garden: The film shows plants artistically cut out in topiary technique forming a magnificent garden. This scenario led the H.Stern designers to create a bird made of hundreds of golden leaves, soldered one by one and covered by green enamel.

Living Flowers: The roses in Alice’s garden are now sculptured in Noble Gold, and thanks to the finish in enamel, gain a tone of dark purple, which contrasts with delicate buttons sprinkled with diamonds.

Mushroom Forest: The Forest of mushrooms where Alice wanders in the film inspired the creation of this enameled gold ring in colors and textures carefully chosen to represent the natural forms. In order to reproduce the tones used in the film, dozens of colors were tested until the ideal tone for each piece was achieved. The texture of the real toadstools is seen not only on the outside of the ring but also on the inside. Some are covered with diamonds.

Jabberwocky: The intriguing dragon that terrifies Wonderland gave origin to an impressive ring with a gothic look in the style of Tim Burton. The body of the dragon is represented with black gold and diamonds on a double-band ring.

So ok. These aren’t the kind of rings you can wear to the office – but if I had to choose just one, I don’t think I could resist the charms of a glow-in-the-dark Chesire Cat grin amongst those gorgeously intricate tree limbs in that first entry.

How about you? Which one would you like to bring home if you had to choose?

Jewelry Shines for NY Fashion Week

Jewelry fashion has always been the lady-in-waiting on the runways of Fashion Week – there solely to make all those lauded frocks sparkle instead of shining bright in its own right.

But it seems the tinseled tide is turning this year, as more and more jewelry designers are using the tents and runways to debut accessory collections first and foremost – relegating the clothes to back of the bus for a change.

Stylist extraordinaire, Rachel Zoe, is debuting her jewelry line with QVC in the IMG Tent, and hipster jewelry designer, Pamela Love, is sharing the low-cost version of her couture gems at the downtown alternative to the big tents, Mac & Milk Fashion Week.

Not to be outdone, Macy’s and Jewelry.com are using the much-publicized ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ extravaganza on September 10th to debut their new Manhattan Collection, featuring a stunning array of couture gems inspired by the icons of New York.

If you’re in the city on the 10th, there is an open invite to their premiere party, The Manhattan Exhibition, at the Macy’s flagship store from 6-9pm.The exhibit will feature 10 super high-end museum-worthy pieces – from a Central Park pendant and a Bull and Bear bangle to a Chrysler-inspired ring and a cuff that borrows from the bridges of the Big Apple.

Pretty stunning, if you ask me. And perfect timing.

So join me as I celebrate the jewelry category taking center stage for a change when the fall fashion machine goes into overdrive next week. I’m fastening my seatbelt – and my purse strings.

The Jewelry Insider

May 19, 2009

What gives? The jewelry stars and diamond divas in New York that weren’t already working it at the Cannes Film Festival were supposed to bring it last night to the tony American Ballet Theater Spring Gala. Either an allergic reaction to jewels spread through the blue bloods like Swine Flu on steroids, or the less-is-more police had their way with the ‘other half’ for the night.


The Spring Gala celebrated the opening of ABT’s sixty-ninth season at the Metropolitan Opera House, which featured performances from the upcoming season and ended with an elegant black-tie dinner in the Tent at Lincoln Center.

So, OK. There were a few stars who managed to give us a ‘little’ eye candy. Not surpringly, jewelry maven and Donald spawn, Ivanka Trump, wore what I imagine is a statement piece from her signature jewelry line; a healthy Mariska Hargitay surfaced in a diamond bib necklace, and with hubbies that are richer than a giant box of Godivas smothered in butterscotch you can always count on Lynda Carter and Eva LaRue to sport some serious ice.

But the rest of the well-heeled crowd kept to a more subdued statement with lots of grays and blues and a rash of Carolina Herrera choices. She’s a stunning designer, but I would give my first born to see Renee Zelwegger in someone else for a change. Switch it up, sister. And there were those, like singer, Suzanne Vega, who needed a do-over altogether.

Everything is ‘not’ beautiful at the ballet when you show up in that, dear.










So while the likes of Kelly Rippa, Iman and the ladies from Lipstick Jungle looked lovely in their Oscar, Carolina and Stella, here’s to next year when Tiffany, Harry and Van Cleef can come out to play.

The Jewelry Insider

May 5, 2009

The jewelry, the gowns, the divas, the drama – all were present and accounted for at The Costume Institute’s gala at The Met last night in the Big Apple. And true to its reputation as the fashion world’s Oscars, anyone who is anyone in the fashion and celebrity circles got their grubby little hands on an invite.

Jewelry was – for the most part – an understated affair, with lots of diamond studs, cuffs and statement earrings. And model, Agnyess Deyn, sported a huge diamond necklace to rival the likes of those on the Hollywood red carpets.
But it was the clothes that took center stage last night with yellow gold and blue emerging as the colors of choice, hemlines ranging from ‘too short’ to ‘tutu-esque’ and the pants suit threatening to steal the girly gown’s thunder.

The winners for me were classics like Marion Cotillard in Dior and Chopard diamonds, Renee Zelwegger in olive green Carolina Herrera with a matching statement necklace, and a vampy Anne Hathaway in Marc Jacobs and Van Cleef. Love that she’s taking a page out of the Drew Barrymore bed-head playbook, right?

And my favorite jewelry look had to be on Jessica Alba, who sported Angelina-inspired emerald earrings to go with her Jason Wu bejeweled number.

And the losers? OK. You know how I loathe the misguided pants suit. And I would have made an exception for Rihanna, had the mini-mouse sleeves not put the look over the top. I just really wish I could embrace the D & G sleeve silhouette they’ve littered their spring and fall lines with – but it just looks silly to me. Am I right?

Leighton Meister and Kate Moss in a Liz Taylor-inspired turban (yes, a turban) went a bit too far off the fashion trail for my taste.

And finally, a word (or a few) about Madonna. A part of me knows she is aware that the blue bunny ears are ridiculous. A part of me knows she wears the thigh-high boots and lingerie-inspired outfits because – well – she can.

But a part of me is longing for a Madonna fashion paradigm shift like she used to give us when she emerged with black hair or a kimono or a pointed bra. This is just feelin’ tired.

What do you guys think of the looks last night? Weigh in!

And don’t forget to Twitter with me and my sugar mamma, Jewelry.com for all the latest jewelry tidbits from the around the globe.

It’s a tough life, but somebody’s gotta Twitter it!