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Why wear crystals?


Love shimmer and sparkle but without the $$$? Then crystals are the next best option to give you that icy-shine loaded with healing powers and endless styling options. So what is a crystal exactly? Generally speaking, this stone is a solid material made of atoms, molecules and ions which have been arranged in a highly complex mathematical pattern called a crystal lattice. This is just the beginning of this piecingly bright gem, find out more below…

1. Crystal comes from the word krustallos which deviates from kruos meaning icy, cold frost.

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Shard Pendant

2. Examples of larger crystals include table salt, snowflakes and diamonds.


Lariat Necklace

3. Almost all types of crystals have some kind of imperfection.


Victorian Necklace 

4. The Cave of Crystals located in Mexico, contains some of the largest natural crystals in the world. The largest one in 39 by 13 feet and 55 tons in weight.

CrystalJewelry_blog_20150904_b_ (1) 5. Crystals have also been known to heal, often used in alternative medicine helping with everything from headaches to cancer.

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