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The Jewelry Insider

November 4, 2009

Celebrity jewelry lines are a dime a dozen these days – from Nicole Richie and Paula Abdul to Tori Spelling and one or five of Bravo’s New York Housewives. So it’s nice to see celebrities putting their name behind jewelry that actually means something to them aside from dollar signs.

Cougar queen, Courteney Cox and hubby David Arquette are launching a jewelry line to benefit those suffering from a realtively unkown skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa or EB.

“There is a beautiful child named Brendon, the son of one of our dear friends, Andrea Pett Joseph, who was born with…EB,” Arquette told VOGUE.COM. “We were not aware of the condition until it affected us personally but, of course, once we got to know this incredible child we wanted to do whatever we could to help.”

EB is a rare and life-threatening genetic condition which results in the skin developing burn-like wounds, making even simple tasks incredibly difficult. David and Courteney designed the collection with US Jewelry outfit, Satya and used the butterfly motif to symbolize the fragility of the EB childrens’ skin.

Pieces range in price from $24 for a silver pendant to $348 for the gold version shown above. Support the cause and get a little bling in return by visiting Satya Jewelry online.