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December 8, 2008

I have to admit, I’ve been feeling a tad guilty lately. As you all know, my world, well, revolves around my favorite obsession: diamonds. I’m sure all you glitter hounds can relate.

But this darn recession has made me feel a tad cheeky about obsessing over a little rock when there are things like shrinking 401ks, a sinking DOW and the entire city of Detroit to worry about. But last Sunday, as I settled in with my New York Times, I saw three words in bold type that completely changed my tune.

“Here’s To Less!”

Less, you say? How can this sentiment put the damper on our jewelry jones in these troubled times?

It goes like this: Diamond miner and marketer, De Beers, launched their new “Here’s To Less” ad campaign to tell the world that buying less is a good idea – less frivolous items like ipods and Birkin Bags, that is. A Diamond – as their famous tag line informs us – Is Forever.

So, in other words, if there’s only one thing you can buy your loved one this holiday season, you better make it count. You better make it a diamond!


“Our lives are filled with things,” runs the ad text. “We’re overwhelmed by possessions we own but do not treasure. Stuff we buy but never love. To be thrown away in weeks rather than passed down for generations. Perhaps it will be different now. Perhaps now is an opportunity to reassess what really matters. After all, if everything you ever bought her disappeared overnight, what would she truly miss?”

Our diamonds! We would truly miss our diamonds!

Now, of course, this might seem like twisted logic to those nay-sayers out there. And yes, I am sure that buying a month’s supply of toilet paper and a carton of Ramen noodles is a more frugal choice to make this holiday season.

But c’mon! If you had only one box under the Christmas tree or only one gift to open throughout the eight days of Chanukah, wouldn’t you like it to make your face light up and your heart sing? That’s what I’m saying.

So go back to those gift lists and mark off the sensible sock sets and Hanes-for-her three packs and put those diamonds dreams back at the top where they belong!

And don’t worry. I will still obsess over the $15 million blue diamond that is being auctioned at Christie’s this week and will still spend my waking hours combing the red carpets for jewels we mere mortals can only dream about.

I’m just going to sleep a little better at night.

The Jewelry Insider

May 10, 2005

De Beers

When diamonds meet high-end couture you know you’re in a De Beers LV store. The foremost name in diamonds – De Beers – joined together with LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton) – and opened the first De Beers jewelry store in London in 2002. By 2008, the company had opened outlets in Japan, LA, New York, Las Vegas, Houston, Washington D.C, Dallas, and San Francisco, with more slated to join the diamond party. De Beers is all about diamonds and cutting-edge designs, from their famed rough diamond pieces to statement sparkles that are guaranteed to make a jewel thief drool. Remember, though, if you have to ask the price – you probably can’t afford it!

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