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Our Favorite Duchess Kate Jewelry Looks

Everyone knows we’re huge Kate Middleton fans (we don’t deny it!). She’s definitely one of our top style icons. Take a look at Duchess Kate’s latest jewelry looks that we’re just raving about, and get the look for less!

Here’s Kate at her first State Banquet looking gorgeous in diamond drop earrings, a diamond bracelet, and a tiara. Shop for diamond bracelets HERE.



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Kate knew how to work the red carpet at the premiere of the new James Bond film, pairing her amazing dress with chandelier earrings. We think this is one of her best looks yet! Shop for chandelier earrings HERE.



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We love the way Kate does casual with simple pearl earrings. Talk about a class act. Shop for Honora pearl earrings HERE.



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Which Duchess Kate look is your favorite?


Christina Hendricks and the Golden Globe Gaff

Losing important or expensive jewelry is every woman’s worst nightmare. Not the ‘Lindsay Lohan’  way of losing jewelry (e.g. conveniently forgetting to return the loaner in your purse) – but the good old fashioned ‘I accidently flushed my engagement ring down the toilet’ brand of losing.

Enter Mad Men maven, Christina Hendricks, who lived out the horror at the Golden Globes when she lost an $850,000 diamond Chopard loaner bangle during her walk down the red carpet. When the ravishing red head realized her blingy bangle was MIA, she frantically started asking,

“Have you seen a diamond bracelet? I’ve lost one that looks like this,” pointing to the one sparkly bracelet still fastened to her wrist, according to the New York Post.

At that point, Christina did what any reasonable woman would do. She high-tailed it outta there to retrace her steps. Thankfully an event worker recovered it and handed it back to the star.

A representative from Chopard confirmed she wore a total of 200 (only?!) carats of their diamonds for the show. In addition to the lost and found bracelet, the other one was a 49-carat emerald and Marquis-cut diamond bracelet, also set in platinum.

Wish I would have seen that during the red carpet coverage. Note to E! – we are paying attention!!

All’s well that ends well in Christina’s case. But not all of us are so lucky. Be sure to bone up on all the latest information to help you protect your jewelry collection in the event of a loss or theft. It’s like cuting yourself off from that third martini – it’s not a lot of fun, but you’ll thank yourself in the morning.

The Jewelry Insider

January 21, 2009

The question on everyone’s minds tonight is not how President Obama is going to solve the economic crisis or end the war(s) on foreign soil, or even spend his first day in office. Nope. It’s: What on earth is Michelle Obama going to wear to the 587 Inaugural Balls she has to attend tonight? And in jewelry hound circles: How much bling does she dare wear in these troubled times?

The answers are all here, my friends, (to channel our old pal, John McCain). The Divine Mrs. O chose a ‘safe’, white, off-one-shoulder gown by 26-year-old designer, Jason Wu. According to Wu’s website, the Taipei native moved to Vancouver when Wu was 9, where he began learning how to sew. He enrolled in the prestigious Parsons School of Design years later and interned with Narciso Rodriguez, who designed our First Lady’s Election Night frock and her camel suit for the ‘We Are One’ concert on Sunday.

Celebrity stylist, Robert Verdi, already weighed in on the choice on CNN earlier, lamenting that Obama played it a bit safe. And he rightly pointed out that Nancy Reagan wore a similar silhouette ‘lo those many years ago. “Been there done that”, doesn’t really feel like an appropriate criticism today, though, Robert – especially when our first lady has arm tone that would make the likes of Madonna jealous.

No word yet on who designed the bling – and whether or not the baubles are on loan or are now permanent fixtures in the White House – but it’s clear Obama isn’t holding back on the shimmer factor tonight. A thick diamond cuff added sparkle to her wrist, and shoulder-length diamond drop earrings dangled in the light as she and our President ‘danced’ to a serenade from the ubiquitous Beyonce.

The song, At Last, sums up the day better than I ever could.

The Jewelry Insider

October 17, 2008

Last night, all eyes were on political candidates John McCain ad Barack Obama at the tony, white tie Al Smith charity roast at the Waldorf in New York City. Well, perhaps all eyes but mine. The speeches were traditionally hilarious, the mood light, and while anyone who is anyone in politics and media was relieved to have a break from the gut wrenching campaign for a night, I couldn’t stop looking at Katie Couric.

No, I wasn’t in the room (unfortunately). But if any of you watched on TV, you probably couldn’t help but notice how much bling the CBS anchor was sporting. It was downright distracting. The necklace was so sparkly, the diamond cuff so stunning, I could hardly focus.

The dimly lit room was perfect for that diamond light show. You know that light. I kept hoping the camera would pan out so I could get a closer look since she was sitting right behind the podium, but only laser-show like flashes of her bling would peak in the frame from time to time. Cindy McCain must have been drooling in her crab cakes.

While I am still on the search for more details about Katie’s baubles, I did manage to find the hilarious Mo Rocca’s blog, where he posted pics of the evening – including a stunner of Katie, the diamond diva. He says it’s going to be their Christmas card this year – and well – I don’t blame him.

Katie is certainly quieting her critics after scoring those pivotal Sarah Palin interviews, but she’s getting roaring cheers from this jewelry hound. It’s not easy to upstage Barack in a tux, but if we have to elect the night’s best dressed? Katie would win by a landslide.

The Jewelry Insider

October 1, 2008

Not to worry JT fans. It’s not THE diamond. Not yet, anyway. Superstar lovebirds Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel made their Roman holiday a lot brighter this week with a stop at an exclusive, unmarked jewelry store that specializes in pieces from the 1950s and 1970s.

People Magazine reports that Justin picked up a diamond bracelet and a diamond right hand ring for his talented love interest – both from the 1970s.

The couple spent about an hour in the shop and asked the sales assistant to empty the safe with all their best merchandise. Biel apparently tried on every piece in the store before making her selections.

A woman after my own heart!

At one point, Justin started serenading her with a song from her latest film – a period piece called Easy Virtue – while Biel tried on a vintage diamond necklace from the 17th century.

Yes, that’s gag-worthy it’s so cute, and yes it’s my personal fantasy come to life.

“I could tell they had very refined taste because they asked about the history of all the jewelry,” shop owner Nicola Boncompagni told People. She added that the couple seemed “shy but in love.”


So are wedding bells in their future? A recent quote from the actress reveals her ambivalence.

“The actual idea of signing those papers and doing all this stuff … I’ve never been someone who’s like, ‘I have to, have to, have to have it.’ But the idea of being with somebody I care about, who is my soul mate, that sounds groovy!”

So does a lifetime of JT serenades and jewelry shopping sprees. Get into the groove, girlfriend!