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Wedding bells are in the air – for three well-known celebrities in particular! Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte proposed to Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid with a gorgeous cushion-cut diamond ring. Samara Wiley from “Orange Is The New Black”  (OITNB) is now engaged to her girlfriend Lauren Morelli, who is a writer on the show, and Laura Prepon, also from OITNB showcased her new bling from Ben Foster at The Girl on The Train premiere.

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Divorce Rings: Celebrity Edition

We all know the Hollywood divorce rate is high, but the latest celebrity divorces have us pretty shocked! Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, and Kermit the Frog and Piggy (devastated by this one!), just to name a few.


There was even some speculation that Olivier Martinez (from Unfaithful with Diane Lane) and Halle Berry were getting a divorce after she was photographed without her engagement ring and some fashion jewelry in its place (luckily she just lost her ring!).  Divorce or no divorce Halle Berry has got the right idea – why not gift yourself with a new divorce ring. Check out the different types of divorce ring options below.



Cocktail Ring

We don’t know about you, but a fun and flirty cocktail ring always lifts our spirits. Check out this gorgeous Christina Sabatini ring reminiscent of Roman buildings, and set in trendy rose gold over sterling silver.


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Diamond Ring

Think of it as replacing one diamond ring with another that’s much more your style.  Are you a fan of colored diamonds? Spice it up with a 1 ct yellow stunner.


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Gemstone Ring

Gemstones are always a good idea, because they can be personalized to your birth month. If you’re a December baby, this icy swiss blue topaz ring is the perfect choice for you.


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What type of divorce ring would you buy if you were single and treating yourself?


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The Jewelry Insider

January 20, 2011

Update to original post of September3, 2010): Well, it’s official. Jesse James and Kat Von D are engaged, according to People.The vintage(?) diamond ring I spotted on her back in September must have been the real deal. Seems a little fast if you ask me. Hmmm…

Call me crazy, but that is, indeed, a diamond on Kat Von D’s ring finger, right?

The heavily-inked artist was out in LA celebrating both the opening of her new gallery, Wonderland, and her new relationship with Sandra Bullock’s lying, cheating ex – Jesse James – when photogs snapped a few close-up shots of what appears to be a lovely vintage diamond engagement ring.

While it’s no surprise the tattooed twosome found some things in common, they only started dating a month ago – and James’ heavily covered cheating scandal still smells like a rat.

But – hey. To each their own.

So far, they say they are just dating. But when People asked Von D if James is ‘The One”, she told the mag, “I believe he is, so yeah.”


What do you guys think? Is this a fashion ring or the real deal? Wonder what Sandra thinks of her ex’s new gal pal?

Lindsay Lohan: Jewelry Debts and Jail Time


From her surprising love life to her “FU” fingernail fashion – it’s never dull when Lindsay Lohan hits the headlines. And while her recent jail sentence is the latest Li-Lo shocker, it’s nice to know there are still some things we can rely on when it comes to our favorite paparazzi princess:

Jewelry debts.

Whether she’s “borrowing” jewelry from a photo shoot, losing a suitcase full of diamonds or snapping up gift bag goodies like a venus fly trap in a garbage dump – our beloved Lindsay never met a shiny object she actually paid for.

The latest jewelry offense comes to us from The Grey Lady of tabloid journalism – TMZ – with a report that a Hollywood boutique is suing Lindsay for an unpaid bill of just over $17,000. The ‘first lady of leggings’ apparently bought – among other things – a 14kt diamond ring worth $5900 on her shopping spree.

With 90 days of hard jail time looming large, I doubt this is at the top of Lindsay’s ‘to do’ list, but it’s nice to see someone other than the long hand of the law trying to make an honest woman out of her.

What do you guys think of Lindsay’s latest transgressions? And did anyone see her jaw-dropping cameo on Bravo’s reality show gawk-fest, Double Exposure? Stunning.

Megan Fox Loses $60,000 Engagement Ring

It’s a jewelry nightmare for the record books. When megastar Megan Fox got engaged to 90210’s Brian Austin Green (for the second time) during their Hawaiian beach vacation, she was so excited she lost her $60,000 diamond engagement ring in the sand. Not down the drain, as many jewelry calamities play out. In the sand. Despite the metal detector attempts of the Four Seasons staff, the 2-carat ring is still MIA. The good news is: she’s a multi-millionaire many times over. And 90210 is in syndication.

Chelsea Clinton’s Engagement Ring Photos

Blurry though they may be, at long last Chelsea Clinton diamond engagement ring photos are making the rounds this week. The Huffington Post published these shots captured while the uber-offspring was taking in the premiere of Broadway’s latest hit, “Promises, Promises”. The crutches, while giving us a great gawk at her ring finger, are there to help her nurse a broken heel. Still no diamond details in terms of cut and carat-count, but by the looks of it her groom-to-be has good taste (and a sizable diamond budget). Would we expect anything less for our Chelsea? The former first daughter announced her engagement to long-term beau, Marc Mezvinsky, in November. They are expected to wed this summer with details being Washington’s best kept secret. Stay tuned!

Diamonds on “Dancing With The Stars”

Dancing With The Stars is known for its gaudy display of costume jewelry, but this latest DWTS diamond ditty is my favorite so far.

Cincinnati Bengal superstar, Chad OchoCinco, gave dancing partner, Cheryl Burke, a huge diamond ring ‘thank you’ after last night’s rowsing Paso Doble performance according to Us Weekly.

Said Cheryl of the surprise stash,

“At first I was like, Is this even real?…not even any of my boyfriends have given me anything like this! Ochocinco likes the bling!”

So what’s the final carat count? Ocho only told US “A lot”, but a source revealed the icy ring set in platinum came from Jason of Beverly Hills and cost more than $10,000.

Child, please!

Full disclosure: The Bengals are my hometown team and Chad is either a “love him or hate him” kinda player. But after this shiny gesture not only is he my favorite footballer – he’s the one I’m rooting for to take the DWTS crystal ball.

What do you guys think? Do you think he’s trying just a little too hard? Does he have a chance to beat that skater guy and the former Pussycat Doll? Will he win Cheryl’s heart in the end? Weigh in!

Chelsea Clinton’s Engagement Ring

(Update, April 27, 2010: Chelsea Clinton’s diamond engagement ring photos are finally making the rounds. See for yourselves, jewelry hounds!)

Jewelry hounds, I’m shocked, sickened and – well – wondering if there is a man left in America who doesn’t text strippers when their wives aren’t looking. If Jesse James finds it necessary to cheat on Sandra friggin Bullock, it makes it hard to get excited about anyone wanting to find eternal bliss.

But just when the dark clouds began to take over my mood today, this ray of sunshine crossed my path:

Chelsea Clinton’s engagement ring was spotted!

Apparently the diamond rock drew a crowd backstage at this weekend’s Women in the World: Stories & Solutions conference. According to the New York Post, Clinton was surrounded in the green room by host Tina Brown, Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller, who all admired her bauble from fiancé Marc Mezvinsky.

Chelsea’s future mother-in-law, Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, was repeatedly asked, “Where are they getting married?” But she politely replied, “I can’t say.”

What I’m asking is: What’s the carat count Chels!?!

I’ll be on the lookout for the first photos, so stay tuned. What’s your guess? It drew gasps from the uber-wealthy Barry Diller, so I’m thinking 3 plus carats? Or is that too over the top for the normally understated First Daughter?

(And now back to sitting shiva for Sandra…Sigh.)

Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

January 29, 2010

Jewelry tales of the rich and famous never cease to amaze me – from the extravagant acquisitions of New York’s tony billionaires (Brooke Astor, et al) to celebrity jewelry boxes full of baubles worth more than our mortgages.

The latest entry in the latter category concerns the late Anna Nicole Smith, whose financial woes were well-reported following the death of her gazillionaire ‘husband’ back in the 90s. According to government files just released from the starlet’s 1996 bankruptcy proceedings, Smith apparently lost some $2.7 million in jewelry.

Yes. Lost.

Among the pieces listed was a ring with three diamonds, including one weighing 8.45 carats(!), and a platinum necklace with 226 diamonds, totaling nearly 74 carats. Together, the two pieces alone were valued at nearly a half-million dollars. Their whereabouts were never determined, and it is not known if the pieces were stolen or if Anna just ‘misplaced’ them in a drug-induced haze.

Can you believe this? How does someone just ‘lose’ millions of dollars in jewels? This isn’t your run-of-the-mill missing earring down the bathroom sink or tennis bracelet that breaks while you’re out on the town, folks. Oi!

Tragic as her accidental death was, equally as tragic is how someone can be so out of it that they treat valuables we mere mortals would kill for with such nonchalance. What do you guys think? Am I being too harsh? Maybe it’s good I have the Grammy Awards to distract me this weekend.