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The Jewelry Insider

January 13, 2011

Kanye West’s real diamond teeth are going to be hard for him to top in the bling department, but (lucky for us) that doesn’t mean the controversial rap artist won’t give it a go.

The latest carat-heavy Kanye creation to make news is a custom-made diamond Tiret watch that took over 5 months to make. Why is this particular ticker so worthy of our Kanye?

Perhaps it’s the 8 carats of yellow, black, brown and white diamonds that make it sparkle? Or maybe the dial of the watch, itself, which is made of gleaming gold-colored mother-of-pearl? Or the fact that hot hip-hop entrepreneur, Damon Dash’s, company was in charge of the design?

No. The best part of West’s latest jewelry jones is that the watch face IS his own face. Yes, jewelry hounds, the 8-carats of diamonds are arranged in the shape of his own glasses-clad countenance.

And I was worried about his self esteem…

Apparently Kanye isn’t the only artist with confidence issues. In a ‘my watch face is blingier than your watch face’ move, the mighty Usher commissed Dash to make a timepiece with a price tag of $250,000.

I don’t even want to think what Lil’ Wayne would come away with…

West’s next venture is the highly anticipated (and aptly named) ‘Watch the Throne,’ a collaborative album with Jay-Z set to drop this week – or March 1st.


The Jewelry Insider

October 15, 2009

What to get a Grammy award-winning rapper who has everything? How about a $1 million Chopard diamond watch?Oh, and a $200,000 black diamond chain for good measure.

No whiff of an economic crisis in these parts, thank you very much…

The watch was a special-order gift purchased by Brian “Birdman” Williams, who is chief executive of the ‘aptly’ named Cash Money Records, the label that includes Lil Wayne as one of its featured artists.

So I am admittedly a little late to this party (the news of this outrageous display of blingy wealth went down late last month), but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share the best part of this story for those of you who missed the shenanigans:

Not only did the cash king get millions in diamond jewelry to bring in his 27th year, he got a diamond-studded birthday cake to go with the flowing cases of Dom.

A diamond birthday cake? OK. Now I’ve heard everything.

What do you guys think of this crazy diamond display? Has the famous phrase, ‘Let Them Eat Cake’, taken on an entirely new meaning? Or if you got it? Flaunt it!