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4 Facts About April’s Diamond Birthstone

April is here (can you believe it?), and there’s no better way to welcome the month than with a diamond (or two or three…). Want to learn a little more about April’s birthstone? Check out these four facts about diamonds, and shop for your own at Jewelry.com.

1) Some diamonds are over three billion years old.


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2) Diamond comes from the Greek word “adamas,” which means indestructible.


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3) Diamonds were believed to have healing properties and give wearers strength.


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4) Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned the first diamond engagement ring, for Mary of Burgundy in 1477.


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Pearls, Diamonds, & Gemstones: Faberge Unveils “Faberge Pearl Egg”

As jewelry enthusiasts, we love anything with glitz and glamour, especially a blinged-out Faberge Pearl Egg! Faberge unveiled its first Faberge egg after 99 years, in Qatar last week. The egg was shown at the exhibition of watches and jewelry.

The “Faberge Pearl Egg” is designed with an impressive 139 white pearls, over 3,300 diamonds, and other precious gemstones. Reminds us a little of Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscar dress (now stolen!) featuring 6,000 pearls. The bejeweled egg will be sold after its exhibition.


Any guesses how much the Faberge Pearl Egg will go for?

Here’s some more Faberge eye candy to ogle (we’d welcome any one of these eggs into our lives).





The Jewelry Insider

May 15, 2014

Our favorite film festival has arrived…the Cannes Film Festival, unless you prefer the full French name Le Festival International du Film de Cannes (say that three times fast in your best French accent!). Cannes is fun for a number of reasons. One, who doesn’t love movies? Two, it takes place in France. Three (and this is of course the most important), celebs come decked out in their very best jewelry!
Blake Lively really is a fashion goddess. After her gorgeous Met Gala look, she knocked it out of the park once again during the first day of Cannes. She accessorized her burgundy Gucci gown with a Lorraine Schwartz colored diamond flower bracelet, a diamond vine bracelet, and unique pink diamond earrings with 25 carat ruby drops. We just love the big-earrings look! Wonder if we could pull them off…
Blake Lively @ Cannes 2014
Blake Lively’s Bracelet @ Cannes 2014
Do we even have to say anything about Nicole Kidman? This woman just oozes class. She paired an Armani Prive gown (embellished with tons of bling) with some gorgeous Harry Winston diamond earrings, a Harry Winston diamond bracelet, and a Winston Cluster Line bracelet. Loving the bracelets! Pretty in character for her new film Grace of Monaco where she plays Grace Kelly, don’t you think?
Nicole Kidman @ Cannes 2014
Nicole Kidman’s Bracelet @ Cannes 2014
Earrings were a big trend at the opening day of Cannes. Although many critics didn’t agree with model Karlie Kloss’s dark Valentino gown, we really loved her jewels. Karlie completed her look with ethical pendant earrings from Chopard’s Green Carpet Collection.
Karlie Kloss @ Cannes 2014
Karlie Kloss’s Earrings @ Cannes 2014
Rose gold jewelry is very popular at the moment, and perfect for the upcoming warm-weather months. Zoe Saldana stunned in a white Victoria Beckham dress, paired with Catene rose gold and diamond earrings and an Onde ring. The rose gold creates a lovely contrast with her white dress.
Zoe Saldana @ Cannes 2014
Zoe Saldana’s Earrings @ Cannes 2014
O.M.G. We had to save the best for last. Here is Elena Lenina, the eccentric Russian star, in an extremely poufy red dress and just look at that hair! HOW did she get it to do that? We’re lucky if we get some curls to stay in throughout the day. Her hair is completely dolled up with a tiara, crown, some funky flower looking jewel-encrusted hair pieces, and honestly, we don’t even know what else she could be hiding in there. Any guesses?
Elena Lenina @ Cannes 2014
Elena Lenina’s Hair @ Cannes 2014

The Jewelry Insider

November 4, 2013

Third time will hopefully be a charm for reality TV star Kim Kardashian as she said yes to boyfriend and baby daddy, Kanye West’s proposal – and a 15 carat flawless diamond stunner.

On October 21st (her 33rd birthday), West took Kardashian to a rented-out AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants. Fireworks, a 50-piece orchestra and a jumbo screen flashing “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!” were all part of the over-the-top proposal. And we haven’t even mentioned the ring yet, although I’m sure you can only imagine!

A proposal that extravagant can only be paired with a ring topping out at 15 carats, and designed by none other than Lorraine Schwartz. (She also designed the ring Kris Humphries gave to Kim in May 2011. Awkward!) According to Lorraine Schwartz herself, West was very involved in the process and wanted to pick out the perfect stone. He found perfection in a flawless 15-carat bauble. No word yet on the price. Rumor has it that West had three different rings created and only hours before the proposal did he make his final decision on this stunner.

This engagement comes just weeks after Kim K.’s old engagement ring from NBA player Kris Humphries sold on the auction block for $749,000. Ahhh sweet reality TV revenge!

Too bad Kanye’s last name didn’t start with an H. They could have saved some cash and use the same monogram from Kim’s 2011 nuptials to Humphries.

Best of luck to the happy couple. We’ll all be waiting for Sunday nights at 10pm for your new reality show.

P.S. In true Kanye-style, a prenup is currently being drawn up (We want prenup! We want prenup!).

The Jewelry Insider

October 15, 2013

Neiman Marcus’ over-the-top 2013 Christmas Book is out and includes one ‘Fantasy Gift’ that’s already on our letter to Santa.

Called the “Ultimate Diamond Experience”, Forevermark diamonds is offering a 25-carat rough diamond and the chance to see its journey from the mine to your finger all while staying in swanky hotels and resorts and dining with industry execs. All for a cool $1.9 million. Here is the play-by-play according to Forevermark:

– A first class flight to London an overnight at a 5-star hotel.

– A trip to the De Beers headquarters in London to receive your diamond in the rough where you will name it (yes, name it) and meet the master craftsman who will teach you about its unique number invisibly inscribed on it after it is hand-cut and polished to perfection.

– This is followed by a private tour of The Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. Note: Meeting Queen Elizabeth is not part of the deal, but hey, you never know!

-After that you’ll dine with De Beers CEO Phillippe Meillier, Forevermark CEO Stephen Lussier and designer Maria Canale at the private Queens House.

– From there you will head to South Africa, taking a trip through time to the 19th century diamond rush and explore diamond mines while staying in a boutique hotel in Johannesburg.

– Then you will take a vessel to the coast of Namibia, where your 25-carat diamond was discovered, and take a tour of the rough-diamond sorting houses and children’s community projects supported by DeBeers.

– Before heading back to the real world, spend three days and two nights at a luxury lodge in Tswalu, South Africa.

– Then once back on U.S. soil, on day 11 of your trip,  you’ll head to the Big Apple to meet with jewelry designer Maria Canale who will design the jewel that holds your perfectly polished 25-carat diamond.

Surely there’s at least one lucky diamond diva out there who will find this in her stocking come Christmas time, right?

What do you think? Chance of a lifetime or cheesy beyond belief?

The Jewelry Insider

October 28, 2008

Vintage diamonds, yellow gold, glittering gemstones – we’re seeing a bevy of beautiful variations on the brooch theme these days. The sensibly stylish, Michelle Obama, is now synonymous with the jewelry trend, and she launched yet another brooch blitz last night on the Tonight Show.

“I want to ask you about your wardrobe. I’m guessing about $60,000, $70,000 for that outfit,” Leno joked.

“Actually this is a J. Crew ensemble. We ladies, we know with J. Crew. You can get some good stuff online,” a gracious Mrs. O replied.

“Do you order it all online? Doesn’t that take the fun out of it?”

”When you don’t have time, you’ve got to click.”


We are still on the lookout for the brooch details (which, like her convention brooch, most likely came from her own jewelry box), but the J Crew ensemble included their Italian Deco tank, Crystal-button colorblock cardigan in Silver Honey and Metallic cloque pencil skirt in Metallic Sour Lemon.

Even Mrs. O knows it’s all about metallics this season, ladies.

Until recently, the brooch was a forgotten jewelry accessory relegated to Victorian era museum exhibits and grandma’s jewelry box. But with Michelle Obama’s help (and TV’s hit Mad Men), it’s clear women of all ages can “spread the wealth” with this glittering jewelry trend.

The Jewelry Insider

October 10, 2008

With the stock market falling like Wiley Coyote off a cliff, it’s probably best to plug your ears to any more bad news, right? And what better way than to do it with a little bling for your favorite accessory (aside from jewelry, of course) – the ipod.

Yep, you read it right. You can now bedazzle your ipod earphones with a variety of sparkly solutions. London-based company, DEOS, came out with a line of snap-on earphone covers that makes going to the gym or toodling about town a red carpet affair.

If you are an investment bank CEO, or are related to one, try your hand at the white diamond encrusted model for a mere $60,000. Or dial it down a notch with the black and white diamond option for only $4,500. If you’re looking for a bling-fest without taking a hit out on your wallet, Swarovski crystals cover a more affordable version, with prices ranging from $110 – $200. Now that’s a bargain even FDR would be proud of.

So whether you’re still living in the Gilded Age or are yearning for a New Deal, put a little bling in your ears to drown out the gloom and doom!

The Jewelry Insider

September 23, 2008

One whopper of a diamond was unearthed this month at Gem Diamonds’ Letseng mine in Lsotho, a small kingdom inside South Africa. The company announced the 478-carat rough gem has the potential to become one of the largest round-cut diamonds in the world. My hands are shaking…

The diamond, which has not yet been named, is the 20th largest ever to be mined and could yield a 150-carat polished stone of the highest quality. That would dwarf the 105-carat round-cut Koh-i-Noor diamond seized by Britain from India in the 19th century, which is now part of the Crown Jewels.

Gem Diamonds reports that two bigger stones – 603 and 493 carats – were found in the same mine in 2006 and 2007, respectively and a 601-carat diamond was mined there in 1960. Good grief!

Clifford Elphick, Gem Diamonds’ chief executive said, “Letseng continues to reward its shareholders with the production of these significant diamonds and to confirm its position as one of the great mines in the diamond industry. With a further 45 years of life remaining, we expect Letseng to make history for many years to come.” Indeed.

We’ll be tracking the progress of this little beauty to see if things shape up as expected. It beats following the stock market.