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The Jewelry Insider

November 24, 2008

Tired of getting yet another bathrobe and colored sock set for the holidays? JCPenney is launching a brilliant new campaign to help your significant other avoid the gift-giving doghouse by steering them towards the Jewelry Insider’s favorite present – diamonds!

The viral Beware Of The Dog House campaign enables women to retrain their leading men in the fine art of gifting by showing them a dazzling array of diamond jewelry styles – from three stone rings, to Journey pendants to jewelry box staples, like diamond studs. And frugalistas will be happy to know that price points leave plenty of room for more boxes under the tree.

“Women love gifts that are bright, shiny and beautiful,” said Beryl Raff, executive vice president, JCPenney Fine Jewelry. “And guys, that means diamond earrings or a pendant, not a vacuum cleaner.”

How to teach the old dog new tricks? Send him to http://www.bewareofthedoghouse.com/, where he can watch an amusing film showing what life in the doghouse is really like. The “Stay Out of the Doghouse” button will lead them to valuable information about how to stay in your good graces this season, including a glittering product offering and information about how to buy the right diamond jewelry style.

A partnership with Facebook® Connect will allow avenging females the opportunity to put offending friends in the doghouse for all to see. And if the gift-challenged guy is just in need of a “tap on the nose,” you can send him an e-mail warning, giving him one last chance to avoid the doghouse this holiday season.

So let JCPenney give your guy the perfect way to avoid spending a dog day afternoon in the return line this year.

Opening a box full of diamonds instead of another box full of scented candles and matching bath gel is enough good news to make any jewelry hound bark at the moon!