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The Jewelry Insider

September 10, 2009

When guys find themselves in the doghouse, buying jewelry may seem patronizing and trite, but let’s face it:diamonds do things to a jewelry hound that are beyond our control.


Exhibit A: Paris Hilton.She and her reality TV star beau, Doug Reinhardt, broke it off in June after an argument, but the dapper duo was spotted walking the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival this week looking cozy, cute and very much a couple.


What gives? Cartier.And lots of it.


Reinhardt was spotted whipping out his Black Amex at the Cartier store in Venice where he purchased not one simple diamond. No. He bought the ENTIRE Panther line of rings, necklaces and bracelets for his beloved. Yes, THE Panther Collection that Rachel Zoe and all the fashionistas have been coveting of late.


So will the rekindled romance last? The jury is out – especially since Hilton was spotted canoodling with soccer stud, Cristiano Ronaldo, this summer – one fella who just might trump a Cartier windfall. Yum.


What do you guys think? Have you ever been wooed by jewelry? Or is the gesture just a lame attempt to buy your love?Weigh in!