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The Jewelry Insider

September 24, 2013

All of the top Emmy jewelry trends for 2013 are tastefully covered in an earlier post by my colleague Mandy Tracy. Now it’s time to get down and dirty. Here are my Top Ten Emmy Jewelry Moments of the night for your drooling (and dishing) pleasure.

10. Maria Menounos? Less Is More. Just sayin’. 

Don’t let the jewelry wear YOU, sister. It’s a stunning $2.5 million Colombian emerald and diamond piece (from Lorraine Schwartz no less), but the prom queen hair puts you in the Kathy Ireland ‘Less Is More’ Red Carpet Correspondent Hall of Fame.

Sorry, sister.

9. Mani-Cam Crack

The E! Red Carpet mani-cam not only shined a spotlight on nail polish, but supersized the A-lister’s ring finger bling! And a new addiction was born.

Here’s an even better look at Zooey Deschanel’s gob-stopper-sized tourmaline ring by Chanel. Team Mani-Cam! Who’s with me?

8. Padma Goes for the Gold

Padma Lakshmi gave the jewelry gawkers our first surprise (and notable trend) of the night: classic, sculptural, yellow gold jewelry. I loved her elegant swirl earrings and Wonder Woman-inspired cuff, both from Robert Lee Morris. Gorg!

7. Sarah Hyland Goes Green

I’m a sucker for an emerald statement. And while Christina Hendricks and Mayim Bialik scored some great green, Sarah Hyland really caught my attention with this head-to-toe look from Lorraine Schwartz, including  60-carat(!) Colombian emerald drop earrings.

Kermit, eat your heart out.

6. The Jewelry Credit Catastrophe

Live Tweeting the Emmy Red Carpet with the #emmyjewelry crowd is like joining a chorus of snarky sophisticates. We “jewelerati” love our bling. We love our champagne-infused red carpet drinking games. But we HATE HATE HATE it when jewelry credits get ignored.

While Ryan Snorecrest is our favorite target, this year, How I Met Your Mother star Cobie Smulders took first prize for (gasp!) not only forgetting whose jewelry she was wearing (Irene Neuwirth!)….but owning up to it on live television in front of millions. No words.

PS – For those at home keeping score, our hashtag made the top trend list during the E! red carpet telecast. Join us next time!

5. Carrie Underwood

Ms. Underwood’s go-to jewelry guru Jonathan Arndt didn’t disappoint this year, scoring carats a kimbo for Country Barbie. And major props from the statement-necklace-starved jewelerati. That’s $18 million worth of ice and over 180 carats all told for those of you playing at home.

4. Oh No You Didn’t, Lena

It’s not a jewelry moment. It’s well…just a moment of sorrow I have to share. I love GIRLS. I love Lena Dunham. I love that she unabashedly wears ghastly jumpsuits, grandma underwear and an extra 25 pounds with nary an ounce of self-consciousness – both in real-life and on her show.

But I just can’t abide this, sister. You can do better.

3. The Salamander Reveal

Canary Island has nothing on this Tweety Bird-inspired ensemble from Ana Farris. But just when I was about to unleash a Joan Rivers-inspired fashion rant, this yellow-bellied damsel in distress did a little red-carpet spin to reveal….

…this completely surprising and awesome 19th-century emerald and diamond Fred Leighton salamander brooch. I haven’t been this shocked since Mariah Carey covered her cleavage. Nicely played.

2. My Claire Danes ‘Cry Face’

She’s a class act, that Claire. And as the belle of this particular Awards Show ball, I looked to her to knock it out of the park. But like other A-listers before her (Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie, I’m talking to you), she just doesn’t get that we jewelry hounds don’t want elegant understatements.

We don’t want studs, or dainty drops or yet a another (yawn!) diamond bracelet – no matter how lovely.

We want a jewelry statement like Gwenyth Paltrow’s Louis Vuitton bird earrings or Michelle William’s deco Fred Leighton stunner.

Turning it up a notch doesn’t mean you have to go gaudy (Maria Menounous, are you taking notes?). It just means you show up to occasion. This is the Emmys. Not a family wedding.

1. Sofia, Sofia, Sofia

Sofia Vergara’s Vera Wang/Lorraine Schwartz combination does it again. This time, she brought $7 million of bling to the red carpet, including 100-carat unheated ruby, sapphire and emerald earrings, a 21-carat Asscher-cut diamond ring, and a 40-carat Colombian emerald and rose-cut diamond ring.

Big. Deep. Breath.

Liz Taylor is somewhere up there smiling over her martini shaker . If you’re a man, you’re almost crying with delight at the sight of this superstar. If you’re a woman, you’re…well…crying for other reasons.

Who made your ‘to-die’ and your ‘do-over’ Emmy fashion lists? Weigh in with your thoughts, jewelry hounds!

The Jewelry Insider

September 21, 2009

Diamond classics and splashes of color dominated the red carpet at the 2009 Emmy Awards yesterday, with a few new jewelry trends emerging to keep things interesting.

Before I get to the jewelry run down, can I just have a ‘Kanye’ moment for a sec? What kind of world do we live in when the guy from Breaking Bad beats out Mad Men’s John Hamm for Best Actor in Drama Series? Does anyone even WATCH that show? Criminal.

And OK. How tired are we of seeing Amazing Race and the Survivor guy win in the reality category? I like my reality catty and cringe-worthy thank you very much, with a splash of fashion and untrained throat-singing thrown in for good measure.Emmy? America has moved on.

Ok. Back to our regular programming.

It was great to see a return to blingy glamour on the carpet last night, with a few WOW moments thrown in for good measure (thank you, Blake Lively and January Jones).

I am loving the black diamond trend that emerged on stars like Heidi Klum and Alicia Witt. And clear jewels on lovelies like Ginnifer Goodwin (in Ivanka Trump) and Jamie Lynn Sigler surprised and satisfied.

Purple and red were the colors of the night, with strapless gowns and braided Swiss Miss hair making a strong showing.


But it was classic diamond glamour that reigned supreme, with most stars opting to bedazzle not just the ears this year, but the wrist and the neck as well.

Who was your favorite fashion celeb last night?It’s a toss up for me between January Jones and Blake – both in Versace.

Weigh in! And be sure to visit Jewelry.com for even more Emmy jewelry coverage.

The Jewelry Insider

September 22, 2008

Diamonds dripped on the red carpet as TV’s biggest stars celebrated the Primetime Emmy Award’s diamond anniversary last night. Appropriately, the celebs (and their devoted stylists) didn’t skimp in the jewelry department. Diamond statement necklaces, diamond right hand rings and the new diamond pin trend made bold appearances along with earring looks that ranged from the traditional stud to the dangling chandelier.

Fashion winners included Sandra Oh in a stunning Oscar de la Renta retro-style black lace dress with a ribbon sash and an icey 5.5 carats of emerald cut, Bulgari diamonds on each ear. America Ferrara was anything but ugly in a dramatic Fred Leighton 19th Century diamond flower necklace, paired with 2.5-carat, old mine-cut diamond pendant earrings, a rose-cut diamond cluster bracelet and a 19th century diamond line bracelet.

Host Heidi Klum’s gorgeous diamond butterfly earrings far outshined her flat onstage performance. Brooke Shields and Nicolette Sheridan dazzled in the season’s hottest colors: fuschia and plum, and their diamond statement earrings rivaled those of Kate Walsh in Neil Lane and the always-stunning Debra Messing in 19th century diamond fan pendants from Fred Leighton.

Perhaps the most anticipated red carpet return was Cristina Applegate who didn’t disappoint in gorgeous fancy colored diamond chandelier drops and a trendy asymmetrical Reem Acra gown with metallic patches.

“I think Applegate was one of the best dressed of the night,” said stylist Marie Alice Stephenson. “She was glamorous, elegant and she pushed it.”

And while it’s hard to make diamonds look bad, of course there were your tried-and-true fashion missteps. Actress Kat Kramer was all wrong in a yellow gown and diamond earrings so long they almost scraped her navel. Kathy Griffin – love the show, hate the gaudy metallic number, the goddess hair and the gold earrings. Ghost Whisperer, Jennifer Love Hewitt ruined a gorgeous Carolina Herrara gown with a misplaced diamond Y-neck and a slumber party-inspired updo. And actress Christina DeRosa in the white fan number? Well, words fail us here.
For a complete list of last night’s big winners, click here.

The Emmys Bling from the Chandeliers

The Emmy Awards are celebrating their diamond (60th) anniversary this year, and they commissioned a $10 million diamond chandelier to mark the occasion. These Emmy folks don’t mess around.

Boston-based jeweler, Hearts On Fire, designed the one-of-a-kind, three-tiered chandelier that will appear as the centerpiece of the backstage Greenroom where celebs make final preparations (drink heavily) before they appear on stage.

The officially named “Hearts On Fire Diamond Chandelier” is made with over 3,300 perfectly cut diamonds totaling over 1,000 carats and consists of a series of diamond strands that are illuminated by fiber optics. The hand-made beauty was created by a team led by Katherine Rosenberg Pineau, Hearts On Fire’s jewelry designer, and is guarded under 24-hour security.

“The Hearts On Fire diamond chandelier is the most extravagant, brilliant, glamorous diamond chandelier ever made. You can’t even imagine when it is illuminated how spectacular it is,” said Ms. Rosenberg Pineau. Oh we can imagine. It’s all we can do, thanks for reminding us.

Hearts On Fire will be providing white glove service to celebrities who want to touch and feel the chandelier in all its glory, and the piece will be for sale after the show.

The 60th Primetime Emmy Awards airs tomorrow – Sunday, September 21 at 8 PM, and you can bet we’ll be tracking all the red carpet shenanigans for you right here. Stay tuned.

The Jewelry Insider

September 17, 2008

If your purse strings loosen at the sight of platinum and diamonds, have we got a bauble for you. Cate Adair, costume designer for Desperate Housewives, and luxury jewelry company, Kwiat, have created the “Platinum Clutch” in honor of the 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Some lucky celeb will walk the red carpet with this platinum, one-of-a-kind bag bejeweled with Kwiat diamonds. It’s valued at more than $500,000, so best not to leave it in the ladies’ room during commercial breaks. Yikes.

Known in fashion circles as the next Kate Spade, Adair explains, “The idea for the Platinum Clutch came to me when I was giving a lecture about the importance of accessories in defining television and movie characters.” What school is this and where can I sign up? She goes on to say, “I realized I could combine my two passions – luxury handbags and the luxury, rarity and durability of fine Platinum – to create the ultimate accessory.” Ultimate indeed.

The clutch will make a post-Emmy appearance at the new Kwiat flagship store on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue. The 1,000-square-foot boutique opened on September 4th and showcases a wide variety of Kwiat’s diamond jewelry collections, with pieces ranging from $2,500 to more than $1 million.

In the meantime, we’ll be waiting to see what lucky lady they choose to babysit the purse to end all purses on the red carpet this Sunday. We’re guessing Winona Ryder isn’t on their A-list.