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The Jewelry Insider

August 20, 2009

Jewelry fashion is a fickle beast.Just when you think you can retire your statement necklace (or day-glo bangles, as the case may be), the trend-setters bring them back to catwalk another day.

This fall, there are a few relics from bygone eras that are trending big for the new season, but there are also some tried and true jewelry categories that are holding steady for us too.

Here are my four top fall jewelry trends to watch – at least until we get a look at what Fashion Week has in store this October.

Tell me about it, Stud:

Break out your bedazzlers, studded jewelry and clothing is back! From bracelets and belts to shoes and bags, bejeweled fashion is polka-dotting its way back into our hearts and jewelry boxes. Tori Spelling actually has some cute studded styles in her collection. Who knew?

Black and White (and Green all over):

Black and white jewelry may bring to mind the mod days of the 60s, but its making Fall 2009 fashion shine bright this year.Find black and white with a splash of green, and you’ll get high marks from all the sartorial looky-loos.

Yellow Gold:

Summer’s favorite metal has staying power well beyond poolside BBQ season.Gilded, golden, over-the-top jewelry is a major ‘do’ for trend setting fashionistas and Rachel Zoe followers alike.‘Gaudy’ is no longer a bad word.

80s Glam:

Just when you thought it was safe, shoulder pads, day-glo and leg warmers are showing themselves again – and punk rock 80s jewelry is joining in the renaissance.Think Duran Duran meets The Ramones.

So stay tuned throughout the season for my updates to the fall jewelry fashion evolution. I’m secretly happy to know that even though the economy still blows, there is still whimsy and imagination to be had out there – and jewelry trends we can all participate in no matter our wallet size.



The Jewelry Insider

November 26, 2008

Icy diamond cuffs, dazzling statement earrings, and layered chain necklaces all made a glittering appearance at the American Music Awards last night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles – and the frocks followed suit with a metallic parade of shimmery sequins in gold, silver and bronze.
Taylor Swift is proving to be as big a fashion plate as she is a singing sensation, appearing in an off-the-shoulder silver gown with tasteful diamond drop earrings. The show’s opening act, Christina Aguilera, dazzled in a sequined number reminiscent of old Hollywood, with a diamond cuff as thick as a McEnroe sweatband. Pink and Paris wore their diamonds with golden fabric hues, and Queen Latifah and red carpet host, Carrie Ann Inaba, brought home the bronze.
Competing for several AMA awards, Rhianna and Alicia Keys also battled it out in the “who wore the biggest earrings” category, with the former in thick diamond and gold hoops and the latter in a unique diamond and mother-of-pearl design. Ms. Keys took the look further by adding a traditional Indian accessory, a diamond tikka, which dropped down her forehead in a glittering display.

The AMAs traditionally center around performances, and last night was no exception. The show featured high-energy sets from Miley Cyrus, Ne-Yo and Beyonce, though a pair of lackluster medleys opened the program from Christina Aguilera and the reunited boy band from yesteryear, New Kids on the Block. Yes, folks, they’re still ‘hanging tough’.
Otherr highlights included an inspired performance by the Award of Merit winner, Annie Lennox, who brought the crowd to their feet with her stripped down performance of “Why”. And in a pleasant surprise, Pink joined Sarah MacLachlan on stage to harmonize beautifully to her hit “Angel”.
But the biggest shock of the night came not when Kanye West told the crowd he wanted to be Elvis, but when the Artist of the Year award went to a stunned Chris Brown.

“I was shocked,” the 19-year-old crooner said backstage. “I’m so thankful and grateful. I thought Coldplay should have won the award, but I’ll take it.”

The Jewelry Insider

November 23, 2008

How do you throw the priciest party the world has ever seen? It’s simple. You build a billion-dollar hotel on a man-made island, invite a slew of celebrities and billionaires, fly in world-renown chefs and designers, and create a fireworks display so huge it can be seen from outer space.

And drop a cool $20 mil.

The economic crisis was nowhere to be found in Dubai this week, as the Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, the Executive Chairman of Nakeel, celebrated the grand opening of his $1.5 billion luxury hotel, Atlantis – The Palm, with a party rumored to be the biggest bash history.

“I’m thrilled and proud,” beamed the Sultan. “Five years ago where I am standing now was water.”

There was enough pomp and security for a royal wedding, as the 2,000 guests had to go through several check points to gain entrance to the soiree. The entire artificial palm-shaped island where the hotel is located was locked down several hours before the festivities began, and a special “exclusion zone” was established along the coastline, which banned boats from coming within two nautical miles of the shore.

Glittering guests included Lindsay Lohan in a gorgeous diamond and onyx Y neck with matching drop earrings, the always-stunning Charlize Theron in gold chandelier drops, uber-model, Agyness Deyn, in a unique diamond statement necklace, and designer Jade Jagger in a layered series of pearl strands.

Other A-list attendees included Denzel Washington, Robert DeNiro, Sir Richard Branson, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, Janet Jackson and fashion moppets Mary Kate and Ashley Olson. Notable no-shows were Oprah Winfrey and Ben Affleck.

The guests were treated to a banquet prepared by several Michelin-rated chefs, a private performance by Kylie Minogue, and an after party at the nearby Royal Afterglow bar, where DJs, including Samantha Ronson, played live sets.

The Jewelry Insider

August 28, 2008

Brace yourselves jewelry junkies. The brooch is back! No longer the domain of grandma and your flashy Aunt Ida, the brooch is beaming everywhere from the runway to TV’s hit series Mad Men. But perhaps the most important brooch sighting was on would-be first lady, Michelle Obama (a.k.a. the new Jackie Kennedy), during her highly anticipated speech at the Democratic National Convention. If there was brooch buzz before, Obama sent the look into the stratosphere.

No matter your political persuasion, the starburst brooch Obama wore with her turquoise Maria Pinto dress had tongues wagging throughout jewelry land. Who designed it? What is it made out of? Where can I get one? Our sources reveal that it came straight from Mrs. O’s jewelry box and was symbolic of Barack’s rising sun campaign logo. It is said that she wore it close to her heart to symbolize that her speech was coming straight from the heart. I see your eyes rolling. Hey – whatever works, people!

But you don’t have to be married to a presidential candidate to hop on the brooch bandwagon. Much like the pearl strand, the brooch is one of the more versatile and accessible jewelry looks. Dig through your grandma’s jewelry box for a vintage piece or shop around for a new, modern interpretation. Pin it on to add flash to your little black dress or throw some sparkle on your office attire. The opportunities are endless (much like the race for the White House).

So do your country proud and ‘brooch’ the subject in your own fabulous way. Cindy McCain, are you taking notes?

The Jewelry Insider

August 26, 2008

Pearl strands have always been in style. Coco Chanel made them chic in the 20s, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O took them to new heights in the 60s, Madonna and Barbara Bush put their stamp on them in the 80s, and now Michelle Obama is carrying the torch well into the new millennium. They are the perfect Mother’s Day gift and are always the right choice to wear at the office. And while the popular bauble comes in many different varieties and price points, luxury jewelry designer, Mikimoto, is taking them to 11.

A one-of-a-kind, limited edition, pearl strand is now available for a mere $1,000,000. Some lucky gal will get to take home 27 perfectly cultured pearls, plus an art deco clasp with 11.92 carats of diamonds. According to Mikimoto, the necklace is special because it is made from South Sea pearls of the highest quality that took ten years to cultivate. They’re rated AAA, which means they have a superb silver white luster.

For those of us who can’t afford a bodyguard to go with our jewelry, there are many other affordable alternatives. And some designers are mixing up the traditional strand by adding chunky beads and crystals. Think ‘pearls go punk’. One final pearl of wisdom: long, layered strands are a must-have look for fall. Mixing colors and lengths is perfectly acceptable.

We may not have a million bucks, but we can certainly look like we do. Go out there and make Coco proud!

The Jewelry Insider

August 25, 2008

Fashionistas, take a moment away from your Vogue fall fashion editions to celebrate another long-awaited arrival. Gossip Girl returns on September 1st. The cast kicked off the second season last night at Henri Bendel’s ultra-luxe, Fifth Avenue store in NYC, where stunning GG-inspired window displays were unveiled. Sadly, two of our favorite things were missing from the fête: Blake Lively and good jewelry.

We can’t speak to the looks in the display windows, but the outfits on the red carpet were anything but inspiring. Even Leighton Meester, who rarely makes a misstep, came out a little, shall we say, dull. Aren’t you listening to us girls? BIG jewelry is BACK!

Actress Taylor Momsen got it right, with layered chains and a statement, vintage piece, but we’re wondering why she chose the ‘Sandy from Grease meets Joan Jett’ look to go with them. Jessica Szohr’s winged gold charm necklace makes sense for the first day of school, maybe, but underwhelmed at a fashion-inspired soiree. Hello? And Dreama Walker’s bangles nearly swallowed her wrist. We won’t mention the feather ‘boa’. Ugh. Ladies!

It’s a sad day in bling-land when the hottest cast in town makes a poor showing. We’ll give them a chance to redeem themselves when costume designer, Eric Daman gets his hands on them for the actual series. At least HE brought out the glitter last night. As if!