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The Jewelry Insider

September 13, 2008

Finding a giant gem – like the famous Hope Diamond – has long been the obsession of pirates and jewelry lovers alike. This week, one whopper of an oyster produced a five pound blister pearl in the waters off the Phillipines. According to expert gemologists, EGL USA, the pearl has been authenticated as one of the largest, and most valuable ever to be discovered and documented.

The brain-shaped specimen—a giant, non-nacreous natural blister pearl—was found in the giant clam Tridacna Gigas (a.k.a. the ‘killer’ clam) and measures over six inches in length.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime look at one of nature’s most unique treasures,” EGL USA Director Mitch Jakubovic said in their press release. “A pearl this size is not only the largest ever seen at EGL USA, it is among the largest ever seen anywhere.”

David Bidwell, senior appraiser of EGL USA’s appraisal affiliate, Universal Gemological Services, provided additional confidential counsel to the pearl’s owner, Hadjzad Biteng.

“This is clearly one of the most valuable pearls of its kind in the world today,” Bidwell said in the release. “Mr. Biteng is currently considering many exciting opportunities regarding its future. To coin a famous phrase, one could say that the pearl world is his oyster.”

You can say that again.

The Jewelry Insider

June 17, 2008

There is a certain standing amongst gems and it has nothing to do with cut, carat, color or even value. To get on this exclusive list a gem must of course be unique, incredibly expensive and have a few tales to spin, but even then, that’s not enough. To be on this list comes at a price that most of was would shudder at. Basically, you’ve got to be kidnapped, held for ransom, accept that it may take a century or more to set you free, but ultimately you will be set free (usually for a king’s ransom). Only then can you be nominated for this list – the famous gem heists in history list.
Jewelry.com takes a look at some of the fabulous gems that have been stolen over the ages.
Log onto: http://www.jewelry.com/2007-09-jn-gem-heists.shtml and find out which gems have a history that’s stranger than fiction