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The Jewelry Insider

August 5, 2009

It’s early August and my celebrity jewelry sightings are about as rare as Jon & Kate-less magazine cover. Shining amidst the jewelry blight are a few star-studded events, a premiere here and there and an occasional fundraiser – but it’s been slim pickins, jewelry hounds. My apologies.

To give us a good shot in our bauble arm, I thought I’d round up a few pics from the last few weeks. There are a few bright spots, but for the most part – it’s dull, drab, and downright dowdy.

Starting on a high note, The Ugly Truth premiere in London this week brought out a stunning Katherine Heigl in green Naeem Kahn and yellow gold earrings with what appear to be either citrine or lemon quartz briolettes – a lovely accent to a dress that would make anyone green with envy.

Especially with Gerard Butler on your arm.

A resurgent Anne Heche looked lovely in Dolce & Gabbana at the Spread premiere in a vintage pearl and gold ensemble that matched the tone of the dress nicely.

Not so resurgent, lovely or nice is Medium’s, Patricia Arquette, who just isn’t cutting it with this statement necklace (How sick are we of statement necklaces, already? Weigh in!).

And finally, I give you one Courtney Love – who looks less and less like the Courtney we all tolerated back in her 90s hey dey. She may be rock and roll to her core, but the once fashionable Oscar-nominee has fallen far from the sartorial stature she once owned on the red carpet. I dare you to wear anything but black and layered chains, Courtney. You can do it, sister.

Clearly I’m cranky. Forgive me. But if the Teen Choice Awards and the Daytime Emmys are the only events I have to look forward to until Fall Fashion Week, I deserve a little whine space.

What do you guys of think of my picks? You like Katherine’s look? How about Courtney? Why did I strangely choose all blondes? Have I missed anyone this summer worth highlighting? Help!

The Jewelry Insider

April 9, 2009

The 80s is inspiring more than just jewelry trends and catwalk fashion these days – now Broadway is getting in on the act.

The latest jukebox musical to hit the boards is called Rock of Ages and features rockin’ 80s hits from the hair bands of yesteryear, including Poison, Styx and (of course!) Journey.

The opening night festivities brought out Broadway’s big guns this week (can Patrick Wilson be any more adorable?) in addition to the likes of Dee Snyder, the Rock of Love bus babes and Night Ranger.

A ‘motley crew’ to be sure.

The red carpet fashion was appropriately metal-esque – with lots of skull rings, layered bangles, heavy chains, leather wristbands and fringe akimbo.

The talented cast, which features onetime American Idol hopeful Constantine Maroulis, and an onstage metal band led by Night Ranger’s Joel Hoekstra, uses familiar tunes including “More Than Words” and “Heat of the Moment” to tell the story of a wanna-be rocker who works in a legendary L.A. dive and chases the girl of his dreams while German developers threaten to demolish the Sunset Strip.

Just another day in the life of a head banger.

According to Rolling Stone, the show begins with an announcement from Whitesnake’s David Coverdale: “No flash photography unless you’re really, really hot and willing to show us your boobs.” – and ends with a sing along to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Sprinkled along the way are over 25 more 80s hits, beer sales for the audience, and free LED flashlights to sway for the power ballads.

I can smell the perm solution percolating….

So if you ‘Wanna Know What Love Is” get your big hair to the Big Apple and bang your head with Broadway’s best. Cross necklace and fingerless gloves not included.

The Jewelry Insider

February 5, 2009

I know you might be doing something important like finding a cure for cancer, performing brain surgery or building habitats for humanity, but your life won’t be complete without knowing that Keyshia Cole, Ron Fair and Manny Halley hosted a Vanity Fair and Krug dinner party yesterday at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood – and the fashions were off the chain.

Newlyweds Fergie and Josh Duhamel attended along with Nicky and Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Rapper Taboo, Akon and more. Marriage must agree with Mrs. Duhamel, as Fergie’s dinnertime ensemble was accessorized beautifully with a stunning vintage diamond flower hairpiece, a large cluster right hand ring and multiple layerings of pearl strands and gold-accented chains. The chain gang also included Nicky Hilton and a very pregnant Stefanie Fair.

The layered chain look is nothing new – the trend made it’s first appearance last summer, littered the fall fashion runways and has hung in there on the red carpets well into awards season. Marisa Tomei layered her links at the Golden Globes and a pants-suited Jennifer Aniston wore a series of gold chains at the premiere of He’s Just Not That Into You a few days back.

And layering chains is something we mere mortals can incorporate into our own wardrobes. Long pearl strands, chunky chain links, colored beads – anything goes. And while the current trend is to wear ‘everything but the kitchen sink’, it’s probably best to exercise a bit of restraint. Channeling Mr. T is not a good look. For anyone.

So when you get a break from that rocket science gig or a respite from solving our environmental crisis – remember to take a cue from Fergie and friends and layer up those chains for your next night on the town. Or Vanity Fair-sponsored dinner.

The Jewelry Insider

August 20, 2008

Great news! The New York Times Style Magazine reported this weekend that “Jewelry is back in a big way.” And by big they’re saying that women should no longer be afraid to wear a true ensemble (earrings, a necklace, and (gasp!) a bracelet). Or to combine costume with vintage. Or to layer their looks. That’s where the chains come in.

A close sister to this summer’s pendant necklace craze, statement chains should go big. Varying lengths and link sizes are key. Confused? Enter Madonna. Madonna not only turned 50 this weekend, but she – yet again – showed us all how to rock the jewelry trend of the season. Her birthday bash outfit was your basic black, but was complemented by a Mr. T-like showing of bling. Scarlett Johannson also wore the look well at the recent premier of Vicky Christina Barcelona.

The good news for us mere mortals is : We don’t have to break the bank to recreate the same style. There is nothing wrong with pairing real and fake this season. Go for it. And there is also nothing wrong with wearing multiple metal colors – gold, white gold, silver – you name it, you can don it.

So break from the chains that bind you, jewelry lovers. Layer those links for fall!