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The Jewelry Insider

January 19, 2010

Guidos and Guidettes? Get out your notepads. I’ve just returned from an anthropological field study of the phenomenon known as Jersey Shore, and the resulting primer will set yous’ guys up for a wonderland of Seaside-inspired jewelry couture.

Jersey Shore Jewelry Tip #1 – Gold Chains:

It goes without saying, right? Gold chains rule The Shore style for guys, and the bigger the better. The show’s cast has a penchant for the cross pendant – but it’s clear there is an open door policy for anything weighing more than a Keystone Light.

Jersey Shore Jewlery Tip #2 – Studded Leather

Nothing sets off the ‘chiseled ab under Ed Hardy T-shirt and back tats’ look quite like the ubiquitious leather studded guy cuff. Cross and skull styles preferred.

Jersey Shore Jewelry Tip #3 – Double Diamond Stud Earrings

What better way to set off the gel than with oversized ice on both ears. A guy-only JS jewelry look, the double studis a great way to transition from 20-something life as a hot-tub hookup king to 30-something adulthood as a car salesman – or bar back.

Jersey Shore Jewelry Tip #4 – Gold Hoops

While it’s not an ideal choice for your weekend dance floor cat fight, the women of Jersey Shore like to adorn the ears with the giant gold hoop earring to set off the well-disguised hair extension. And if you can pair them with an unseemly underarm sweat stain – all the better.

Jersey Shore Jewelry Tip #5 – Nose and Belly Rings

Females who shun skin baring, hip hugging, cleavage spilling frocks in exchange for the covered up look of a Quaker are few and far between ‘down the shore’. Enter the belly ring (for blinging up the bikini – a Shore staple), and the surprisingly tasteful sparkle of a nose ring – the perfect way to soften the blow of an unwelcome frat boy punch.

For more Jersey Shore fashionista news, check out today’s Los Angeles Times article about the MTV phenomenon. And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go rock the beats, perfect my Jell-O shot recipe and fine tune my ‘hippo charge’.


The Jewelry Insider

September 23, 2009

Hoop earrings (aka: the little black dress of the jewelry world), are making a big splash on celebrities and fashionistas alike this season. And the good news is: you don’t have to jump through hoops to get a shining pair for your own jewelry box.

Classic hoops have always been a fashion staple for women of all ages, and while the style is great for anything from a board meeting to a girls’ night out, we’re also seeing them on the red carpets as celebrities and their stylists bring basics back to high fashion.

Beyonce wowed us at the VMAs with Lorraine Schwartz hoops rumored to be close to $1 million smackers, Kim K. wore a more classic hoop silhouette to the Emmys, and Padma Lakshmi threw in a bit of color to help her red carpet hoop-la.

Now I know you most likely already own a pair of classic gold hoops, but now is the time to take the look to new levels. Try a larger size. Add some color with a gemstone look. Grab a pair in a different metal. Go big with an all-diamond pair.

And Jewelry.com has hundreds of styles for your browsing pleasure from the retailers you trust at prices you can afford.



The Jewelry Insider

April 24, 2009

Gold hoops, diamond studs and an unfortunate bra incident were the fashion highlights when the New York Housewives stepped out to support one of their own this week.

Housewife no more, LuAnn de Lesseps, celebrated the release of her Miss Manners book, Class with the Countess, in New York’s meatpacking district, and everyone but the legally challenged Kelly Bensimon came out to show their support.

And support is what she must really need right now after her surprise split from her husband of 16 years (aka “The Count”) earlier this year.

According to a recent People magazine interview, Luann admits the split has been difficult – especially now that her book is hitting shelves.

“When I wrote the book I felt very secure,” says de Lesseps. “And that’s totally changed.”

The book, which is dedicated to her husband, contains a chapter titled “How to Get a Man to Stay in Love.” Yikes.

So why didn’t her own tips work?

“You can try all you want,” de Lesseps responds, “but if you’re not getting reciprocation from the other person, it’s not your fault.”

Another unfortunate development was fellow housewife, Jill Zarin’s fashion choice for the event. Known for bringing the gasp back to gaudy, Zarin’s usually over-the-top fabric choices are the stuff of legend. This time, she misfired with the dreaded white bra under a mesh top move.

Oh, Jill.

But costar and celebrity chef, Bethanny Frankel, brought out the glam in a diamond collared little black dress with icy studs and the cutest pumps. And Broolynite, Alex McCord, looked lovely in her fringe dress and gold hoops.

The Countess channeled her inner Angelina with an emerald cocktail ring to go with her simple black number, and even brought out her commoner mother to take part in the festivities.

You have to hand it to her – she might cringe when the help doesn’t address her properly, but she knows how rock an outfit.

The Jewelry Insider

March 13, 2009

Julia Roberts is back on the red carpet promoting her film, Duplicity, after a long hiatus. And while it’s great to see the Pretty Woman back in action, the Hollywood A-lister is clearly not taking any big risks in the fashion department.

Roberts wore a (yawn) black pants suit with yellow gold hoops on the carpet in London and a Lanvin LBD with classic diamond drops in gay Paris. She looked stunning, of course, but here’s hoping she takes it up a notch once she makes it back states-side.






While Julia Roberts is arguably the most bankable leading lady working today, it took a bit of coaxing from co-star Clive Owen to get the mother-of-three out of semi-retirement.

“I [took] her out for lunch and told her that I’d read a script that was dynamite and it would be great for the two of us to do it,” he said at the premiere. “She was actually pregnant, so I had to wait another year before she finally read it and said yes.”

And even though the superstar made noise to red carpet reporters about wanting to work in the London theater, she isn’t making any big plans in the near future.

“I’d like to do it when by kids are a little bigger. It’s a big transplant to come over here, though, and it would take up a lot of time. But a girl can dream!”

Maybe she’ll get used to the spotlight again and start taking more risks – in front of the cameras and in the fashion department (a girl can dream). But, for now, I’ll take classic Julia while I can get it.