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Jewelry Gifts for your Graduate

Ah graduation – that warm and fuzzy time when high schoolers break curfew for late-night keggers, and college grads realize their Liberal Arts degree gave them lots of debt and no job experience. Seriously, though, this rite of passage is an event that warrants an important gift to commemorate the occasion. So whether you’ve got an uber-achievor or a ‘scraped by with Cs’-type on your hands, it’s time they got a little bling to remind them that they no longer have to suffer through Chem class or BS their way through another essay question. Here are my top graduation jewelry gift ideas for the educated woman in your life (insert: me throwing my imaginary graduation cap Mary Tyler Moore-style.) 1. Diamond Studs: They’re like a good bra. Every woman needs them, and mom is usually the one who will shell out the bucks for ’em. 2. Right Hand Rings The ultimate expression of independence. She’ll have plenty of time to get a diamond on her left hand (stop hyperventilating). Celebrate her unique self with this empowering gift of diamonds. 3. Birthstone Bling Jewelry that celebrates the day she was born and the woman she is sure to become. Awwww… 4. Personal Pendant Is she leaving her favorite pet behind? Maybe she’d like a dog or cat pendant to keep them close to her heart? Or maybe she loves butterflies, frogs, pigs – whatever her passion let her know you know what makes her heart sing. And I know what makes your heart sing. Wholesale prices. A reminder that you have access to my favorite Friends and Family site, Jewel Club, for your graduation shopping spree. Use the code: INSIDER and gawk at the prices you won’t get anywhere else. Happy Shopping, and congrats to all the upcoming graduates out there!

Ring in the Super Bowl!

The most coveted piece of jewelry this time of year does not come from Paris Hilton’s jewelry box or Tiffany’s display window. Nope, it’s the Super Bowl ring, symbolic of victory in the National Football League’s annual overhyped, usually anti-climactic championship game.

Some players wear them. Some store them. Some have even sold them. But for the most part, it’s the only piece of jewelry guys have ever really dreamed about. Welcome to our world.

Here is a snippet of a piece done in the New York Times a while back that gives interesting details about the coveted bauble. And while we’re at it – – Go Saints!


WHO GETS THEM?: Every winning player and coach. The N.F.L. pays for up to 90 rings, and then it’s left to the team to buy more than that, or to add extra diamonds and other modifications that surpass the league’s $4,000-a-ring outlay. “Jerry Jones said it cost the Cowboys $8,000 last year,” said Jim Steeg, the league’s director of special events, referring to the Cowboys’ owner.

SIZING IT UP:This is jewelry for big, beefy men! Men with thick, often gnarled fingers! Men who fling and maul other men every Sunday for a living! The average ring size is a 13, according to Jostens, a ring-making company; that is two sizes above the average man’s ring size. But there are men AND THERE ARE MEN. For his Super Bowl XX ring in 1986, William (The Refrigerator) Perry, the enormous former Chicago Bears defensive tackle, broke the mold at a 23, a ring so large that a half-dollar coin can pass through it.

WHO MAKES THEM?: Ring makers like Balfour and Jostens, which have made 19 of the first 27. There are general design guidelines, but teams add their own touches to personalize the ring, including bromides like “Harmony, Courage and Valor” (Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl I), “Winning Edge” (Miami Dolphins, Super Bowl VII) and “Team of the ’80’s,” (San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl XXIV).

JUST THE BASICS: The N.F.L. approves of a ring with diamonds weighing 1.2 carats at a certain clarity, but each team can vary the points and clarity to its desire. Generally, the rings have the Super Bowl and N.F.L. logotypes; the words “World Champion”; a depiction of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, which goes to the Super Bowl victor, and the player’s name and number and the team name.

LIZ TAYLOR MAY NOT HAVE ONE, BUT . . . Showy? Extravagant? Ostentatious? The Super Bowl ring is all these things. The San Francisco 49ers’ Super Bowl XXIV ring boasts three .35-carat marquis-cut diamonds and one three-quarters of a carat diamond set into a football-shaped white gold insert, surrounded by smaller diamonds. The ring celebrates the 49ers’ four Super Bowl victories, and features four tiny Lombardi trophies, a depiction of the Golden Gate Bridge, the player’s name and the team’s 17-2 record.

The Bears’ ring was quite a piece of work, featuring a half-carat diamond surrounded by 13 smaller diamonds in the shape of a “C,” bordered by 26 smaller diamonds. And lest we forget, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ ring for Super Bowl XIII showed a Lombardi Trophy rising out of the Orange Bowl, where the game was played, and the Miami skyline in the background.

LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT: Terry Bradshaw owns four of them from quarterbacking the Pittsburgh Steelers but never dons a single one. “I don’t wear it,” said Mr. Bradshaw, the irrepressible former CBS football studio show analyst who just signed on for the same role with the Fox Network. “Man, it’s made of diamonds!”

The Jewelry Insider

January 12, 2010

Gold jewelry lit up the black carpet at last night’s Book of Eli premiere in Los Angeles. The Denzel Washington-starrer is a post-apocalyptic drama which centers on a lone warrior named Eli, who realizes his destiny is to save humanity. Oh, is that all?

A MUCH easier task is just gawking at the black carpet beauties – many who showed in yellow gold including Eli star, Jennifer Beals, and Kimberly Elise in traditional hoops and a layered necklace.

Continuing the simple elegance was Mila Kunis in diamond and onyx drop earrings and The Karate Kid star, Taraji P. Henson, who made the ubiquitous diamond heart pendant somehow look new.
And the lone statement piece was worth the wait – a stunning turquoise necklace worn by castmember, Lora Cunningham. Does she need the earrings? Notsomuch, but overall the look is a nice surprise…in my book.

The Jewelry Insider

January 5, 2010

Gold jewelry will always make my heart sing (despite the skyrocketing price these days), but there are some folks who take their gold obsessions to ridiculous heights.

Sure, we’ve heard of gold iphones, gold cars and gold fashion – but some folks want to trade in their Evian for a fancy bottle of gold-leaf spring water at a price you won’t believe.

Billed by Exousia Luxury as an ‘anti aging and anti-stress elixir’, the company is putting natural spring water in a fancy bottle, throwing in some 24 karat gold petals and calling it the fountain of youth. Think Goldschlager for the health conscious.

So how much does it cost? Well, that’s a big secret. You have to fill out a form on their website to qualify for that information, apparently. (Is this the Soho House or glorified tap water?). HOWEVER, this entry on the Luxury Insider site claims one bottle is $24,000! Seriously!!

I suggest staying young by indulging in a little gold retail therapy instead. These gold hoops from JCPenney are under $50 on Jewelry.com – just one example of many gold gems you can get without taking out a second mortgage to quench your thirst.

The Jewelry Insider

December 29, 2009

We all know gold fillings and glittering grills are status symbols famous hip-hop stars and wannabes use to put the Midas Touch on their teeth. But a recent study uncovered evidence that wealthy hip-hoppers aren’t the only ones who like to decorate their dentures.

According to National Geographic, sophisticated dentistry allowed Native Americans to add bling to their teeth as far back as 2,500 years ago.

An analysis of thousands of teeth examined from the collection in Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History revealed that ancient peoples had semiprecious gems soldered on to their teeth as a pure form of decoration.

While the origins of the samples are not known for sure, it’s clear that people – mostly men – from nearly all walks of life opted for the look, noted Jose Concepcion Jimenez, an anthropologist at the institute.

The ornamental gemstones (including jade) were attached with an adhesive made out of natural resins, such as plant sap, which was mixed with other chemicals and crushed bones, Jiminez said. He added that the dentists likely had a sophisticated knowledge of tooth anatomy. For example, they knew how to drill into teeth without hitting the pulp inside, he explained. Lucky for them.

Today, the art of tooth decoration is still alive and well – and not just on the likes of Lil Wayne or 50 Cent. Some folks opt to have gold, diamonds, birthstones and more bonded to their teeth as more dentists offer the service as a way to distinguish themselves in a crowded market.

And if you decide that bling on your bicuspids is getting in the way of say, chewing or speaking clearly? The decoration can be easily removed without causing any damage. Lucky for us.

The Jewelry Insider

December 21, 2009

With diamond prices reaching a record low, fellas, now is the time to pull the proverbial trigger on that jewelry gift you’ve been thinking about for months now but haven’t had the ba – , I mean, time to buy.

In other words? Time to ‘man up’.

But not to worry. Just pay attention to the following gift giving tips, and I guarantee you’ll impress her with your remarkable taste and insight.

Know your audience:

There’s nothing like that look you get when you know you missed the mark. The slight grimace followed by the fake smile? The best way to avoid awkward gift giving is to study what your significant other likes. What does she usually wear? Has she complimented friends on their looks? You know how to make her laugh, you can surely pick up some tips on her personal style. Take notes and bring what you know on your shopping trip.

Know your budget:

There are many price points in the jewelry world – from $99 to $9999 and beyond. Don’t get in over your head with a bauble that will break the bank or make her afraid to wear it. Also, bring what you learned about stone and metal quality to the store, so you won’t be duped into thinking ‘bigger is better’. Often, it’s not.

Know her size (mainly for ring purchases):

There’s nothing like wowing her with a diamond ring she’ll just have to wait three weeks to wear. Guys, break out your inner sleuth for this one. Find a ring she currently wears, trace the inside and bring it to your jeweler. You can always size a ring, but delayed satisfaction doesn’t always fly when it comes to jewelry.

Know the occasion:

  • If you’re not about commitment but want to impress her with a gift of jewelry, word to the wise: stay away from the ring category. A ring, no matter what the design, is loaded with symbolism that screams “I’m in it for the long haul.” A nice pair of diamond studs might be the better choice in this case.
  • Right Hand Rings are the perfect self-gifting occasion to celebrate a promotion, graduation, or ‘just because’. It’s also a great friend-to-friend or mother-to daughter gift. Think female power!
  • The ‘go big’ calendar moments are of course Valentine’s Day and the December holidays. If she’s expecting a ring, and you’re thinking peridot earrings to match her eyes?you might want to think again.

Know the return policy:

Even with all of these words to the wise, there is ultimately no guarantee your jewelry gift is going to hit a home run. Most stores – whether they are online or in the mall – have a return policy. Don’t be afraid to ask your salesperson.

With a little preparation, education and thought, we guarantee buying jewelry will move decidedly from “a little better than a root canal” to “right up there with no calorie ice cream and winning the lottery”. Happy Shopping!

Jewelry Explodes on the Paris Catwalks

Jewelry hounds, we’ve got ourselves another jaw-dropping bling display courtesy of Paris Fashion Week.

Last year, Christian Lacroix blew my mind with his Alice in Wonderland-inspired runway jewels. And this year? The torch has successfully been passed to Lanvin.

What began as a rather restrained display of bling on frocks that ranged from the simple little black dress to the pleated jumpsuit, slowly evolved into an over-the-top fashion fiesta complete with dazzling carnation red dresses, dripping gold bracelets and bejeweled statement necklaces that had tongues wagging well after the show.

Critical darlings like John Galliano for Dior and Jean Paul Gauliter got solid reviews from the Paris onlookers earlier in the week, but it was the Lanvin runway that sent the sartorial tastemakers into a tizzy.

According to Style.com:

“Every Lanvin show has had a bijoux component in varying degrees, but yesterday, Elbaz amped it up like never before with a crescendoing glitz factor. There were wide enameled cuffs stacked over black leather gloves, slinky gold chains dangling Byzantine-inspired pendants, fat chain links studded with stones, and dramatically twisting Medusa-worthy snakes.”

Thank you, Lanvin, for finally giving me something to gawk at this year. And check out Jewelry.com’s Facebook page for more Paris fashion fodder. You won’t want to miss Gaultier’s gold links and denim overall cone bras!

In the meantime, what do you guys think of the Lanvin jewelry display? Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

August 5, 2009

Famous UK chocolate-maker, Cadbury, is on a golden mission: they’re scheming to convince the folks at Guinness Book to name their famous Wispa Gold chocolate bar as the most expensive in the world.

Must be a slow news month in candy land.

The Wispa Gold, discontinued in 2003, is a chocolate bar wrapped in edible gold leaf and sheathed in a gold leaf wrapper. Priced at $1628 each, the new batch of bars will be delivered to the record keepers by none other than Tony Hadley, the singer from Spandau Ballet whose biggest hit was “Gold” back in the day.

I personally would have picked a gold medalist, but I guess Spandau Ballet still pulls weight across the pond. (???)

The original Wispa was released on the UK market in 1981 and quickly became one of Britain’s most treasured Icons. One story tells of an un-named arab who imported batches of the bars to his home in Saudi Arabia for around $4,000 a day.

A Facebook Group is stoking public interest in the campaign and there are a surprising number of folks who miss the gold chocolate option for their pantries – even at such a high pricetag. The limited batch will be made available on September 14th.

The Jewelry Insider

June 11, 2009

Summer is right around the corner, jewelry hounds, so it’s time to start thinking about the tanning ritual. Whether it’s the beach, the lake, the pool or a folding chair in your front lawn, looking fabulous while you fry is always a must.

Now that you’ve Tracey Anderson-ed your way into a more worthy bikini bod, all that’s left is a little protection for your peepers. While we’ve all gone through our fair share of drugstore-bought options that you inevitably sit on or lose within a week, why waste your time this year when you have these supercool shades at your fingertips.

The Porsche P’8499 golden sunglasses are made from 18 carat gold with platinum accents, and the lenses themselves are mirrored with no less than 24 karat gold. The pricetag? A mere $6700 smackers.

Now that’s some serious UV protection.

Only a limited number are available – 911 to be exact – in honor of the Porsche 911 sports car we all need in our driveways. If you’re still trying to live out your Risky Business fantasies (you know who you are) , this is certainly one way to do it.

So set the summer season on fire with a quick little trip to a Porsche Design Store near you – before Kanye West wipes out their entire stash.

Earring Statements Shine at Fifi Awards

Golden chandeliers, diamond danglers, emerald drops and classic hoops all made a red carpet appearance on celebs attending the Fifi Awards in New York last night.

As if we didn’t have enough award shows.

The Fifi is the fragrance world’s equivalent of the Oscar, where important categories like: Best Celebrity Fragrance and Best Media Campaign share the stage with Best Packaging.

When we start giving out awards for boxes, folks, it’s time to take a good, hard look.

Celebs like Paris Hilton, Tim McGraw and Sean Combs brought home Fifis for their fragrances; and designer, Marc Jacobs, was honored with an induction to the all-important Fragrance Foundation’s Hall of Fame. For smelling so good all these years, I presume.

The red carpet featured a myriad of metallics, including Queen Latifah in Georges Chakra and diamond flower earrings, Paris Hilton in a bejeweled magenta Chakra and model, Hilary Roda, in gold with stunning chandelier drops.

The big miss here was Kate Walsh, whose shiny pink Hugo Boss number did nothing to accentuate the positive, despite a lovely earring statement. Word on the street is her divorce is getting uglier than the dress choice, so I’ll go easy.

I’m happy to report that hoops are still making a big splashin celebrity circles, with Dancing With the Stars, Samantha Harris, rocking a big yellow gold pair to add shine to her cute little tangerine number.

And while there were several solid looks that honored the Fifi like the important awards show that it is, the red carpet winner for me had to be Mary J. Blige in Roberto Cavali and emeralds.

By a nose.