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The Jewelry Insider

June 30, 2008

Art? Well whatever your opinion this piece of art is more than worth its weight in gold. A pickled calf is expected to go for between $16 to $24 million at an auction in London this September. The calf is the latest offering from British artist Damien Hirst and if you think this art is a tad expensive, bear in mind his last offering, a diamond encrusted platinum skull sold for $100 million in 2007.

The calf has been submered in formaldehyde, its hooves and horns are cast in 18 Karat gold and its head is crowned with a solid gold disc. The 2.15 meter sculpture sits on a marble base and is encased in a gold-plated box.
In Jewish and Christian tradition, the term `Golden Calf’ is a euphemism for the false god. Hirst’s sculpture shows his interest in “science, religion, beauty and death,” according to a statement released by the auction house.