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The Jewelry Insider

February 11, 2011

Jewelry hounds? We’re entering high season for bauble gawking – with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week well under way, The Grammy Awards airing this Sunday and the Oscars right around the corner on February 27th.

Big, deep, breath….

But don’t you fret! I’m doing a ton of eye calisthenics, so I can spot all the hot red carpet jewelry looks for your drooling pleasure. It’s a rough job, but, well….

In the meantime, here are a few of my Grammy jewelry predictions for 2011. Will I be as right as I was for the Golden Globes (yeah, I said it!)? Will Lady Gaga bring it or bore us? Will Barbara Streisand ditch the mumu for Miu Miu? You be the judge.

Join me and all the other jewelry cool kids for our usual red carpet Twitter Fest starting at 6pm EST. Use hashtag: #grammyjewelry and be sure to weigh in with all your rants and raves! Or just circle back right here for my Monday Morning recap of all the gems worth a good gawk.

1. Black Diamond Blow Out:

Rock-and-rollers bring out the black like tweens at a Twilight convention. With Christina Aguilera set to perform, I’m gonna bet she puts on some of her favorite Stephen Webster black diamond sparklers – with the rest of the world going with Loree Rodkin rocks.

2. Creative Cuffs:

This is the “softball over home plate” prediction, I know. But instead of a classic diamond cuff like we’ve seen on Golden Globe and SAG red carpets, I’m guessing the Grammy set is going to spike things up a bit.

3. Boy Bling:

We’ve got some serious Ice Kings walking the carpet this year, with Jay-Z, Usher, Adam Lambert and (of course) Justin Bieber lighting the way. But the question of the night is: Will Kanye West make an appearance? I’ve got to get a closer look at those crazy diamond dentures.

4. Lady Gaga Gets Serious:

Remember when Madonna entered her Evita period? She pulled back the hair, took off the Gauliter cone bras, put on the pants suits… I’m thinking Lady Gaga is going to follow in her footsteps (because I’m the first person who’s ever had THAT idea).

Gone are the Armani satellite dresses and McQueen reptile shoes. Meat dresses are so 2010. My money is on a Lady Gaga who is channeling her inner Chanel. If I’m wrong, I’ll chug an entire glass of champagne. Twist my arm.

Any thoughts you’d like to share before the Grammy games begin? Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

February 9, 2009

The 2009 Grammy Awards brought us glittering diamond divas, gauche attempts at rock and roll glamour and gasp-worthy no-shows. Whitney Houston presented without slurring her words, Rhianna dropped out because boyfriend, Chris Brown, is in trouble with the law, and Paula Abdul showed up in a gown worthy of the lido deck on the Starship Enterprise – if it had a lido deck.

Just another day in the life of the music industry.

Lucky for us, musicians love to flaunt the ice, and the Los Angeles Staples Center was frozen over with it. Teen sensations and BFFs, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, looked all grown up in classic black. Taylor wore a floor-length Kaufman Franco number with Lorraine Schwartz brown diamonds, and Miley matched her moxy with black Max Azaria and Mimi So diamond danglers. Keep it up, ladies.

Grammy winner and heart warmer, Jennifer Hudson, wore square diamond dangle earrings and a matching bracelet that worked much better than the Roland Mouret dress that said ‘dinner napkin’ more than dazzle. And fellow American Idol, Fantasia rocked the ice on every surface from designers, H. Stern and First Lady-favorite, Loree Rodkin.

Not to be outdone was Katy Perry in H. Stern six-stone princess-cut diamond drop earrings, a diamond Sofia bangle bracelet and an H. Stern floral diamond Right Hand. Keyshia Cole brought out the big guns with her Damiani diamond statement necklace, and the wattage winner has to be my new favorite singing obsession, Adele, in over 30 carats of Stephen Russell diamonds. Take that Amy Winehouse!
Metallics made their usual appearance on a sequined Gwenyth Paltrow in Versace and Chopard, Grammy-winner Carrie Underwood wearing Zuhair Murad and Jonathan Arndt diamond drops , Lee Ann Rhimes in Philosophy and Bleeding Love chanteuse, Leona Lewis in Rhandi Rahm.

But what is a Grammy red carpet without the shenanigans – a.k.a. “The Courtney Love” factor? You just never know what’s going to come at you when musicians on medication dress themselves. This year the big winner is rapper, M.I.A., who busted out with bad roots, a baby bump and a Manish Arora dress that defied explanation.

While the look might not be as shocking as the Lil’ Kim doily episode at the MTV Music Awards (or the Bjork Oscar swan), combine it with the aforementioned Paula Abdul disaster, throw in a dash of trash from Paris, and add the My Favorite Martian choice from Estelle – and we may have us a red carpet catastrophe worthy of a Courtney Love MySpace rant.





You gotta love the Grammys.

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