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The Jewelry Insider

March 3, 2010

So no one wants to go to prison – particularly if you’re a gazillionaire rapper. But Lil’ Wayne apparently has luck and bad dental hygiene on his side these days as the sentencing hearing for his gun possesion charge dating back to 2007 has been postponed twice – and for two bizarre reasons.

The first was emergency dental work – a whopping 8 root canals – scheduled due to decay caused by his signature blinged out grill – a diamond, gold and platinum masterpiece worth a reported $150,000! Weezy – get the floss out dude!

No word yet on whether LW will get to bring his bling in the big house (Riker’s no less), as there are rules about bringing in valuables that can later be traded for cigarettes and the like.

So March 2nd was the re-scheduled sentencing date post oral surgery, but in a bizarre turn the courthouse caught on fire that morning causing yet another delay. According to Rolling Stone, it remains unclear whether Lil Wayne’s next hearing will be moved to another venue or postponed until a later date.

The Jewelry Insider

December 29, 2009

We all know gold fillings and glittering grills are status symbols famous hip-hop stars and wannabes use to put the Midas Touch on their teeth. But a recent study uncovered evidence that wealthy hip-hoppers aren’t the only ones who like to decorate their dentures.

According to National Geographic, sophisticated dentistry allowed Native Americans to add bling to their teeth as far back as 2,500 years ago.

An analysis of thousands of teeth examined from the collection in Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History revealed that ancient peoples had semiprecious gems soldered on to their teeth as a pure form of decoration.

While the origins of the samples are not known for sure, it’s clear that people – mostly men – from nearly all walks of life opted for the look, noted Jose Concepcion Jimenez, an anthropologist at the institute.

The ornamental gemstones (including jade) were attached with an adhesive made out of natural resins, such as plant sap, which was mixed with other chemicals and crushed bones, Jiminez said. He added that the dentists likely had a sophisticated knowledge of tooth anatomy. For example, they knew how to drill into teeth without hitting the pulp inside, he explained. Lucky for them.

Today, the art of tooth decoration is still alive and well – and not just on the likes of Lil Wayne or 50 Cent. Some folks opt to have gold, diamonds, birthstones and more bonded to their teeth as more dentists offer the service as a way to distinguish themselves in a crowded market.

And if you decide that bling on your bicuspids is getting in the way of say, chewing or speaking clearly? The decoration can be easily removed without causing any damage. Lucky for us.