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Cats, Spiders, Black Diamonds, & More: Halloween Jewelry For Every Costume

BOO! Did we scare you? It’s almost time for the spookiest holiday around. That’s right – Halloween! There are several things we love about Halloween. We love the costumes and of course the accessories (duh!). Complement your costume with some of our favorite Halloween jewelry.

Cats & Leopard Print – Dressing up as a cat this Halloween? Don’t forget the cat pendant! If you’re looking for something a little fiercer, a leopard costume is perfect for you, accessorized with leopard print jewelry of course.


Click here to view these cat pendants.

Creepy Crawlers Spiders, dragons, and snakes, oh my! These creepy crawlers always remind us of Halloween, and are great jewelry additions to any costume.


Click here to view this spider pendant & snake ring.

Black Diamonds – Go for couture! If your costume is more of an upscale look (Downton Abbey costume anyone?), then black diamonds are just what you’re looking for. Nothing says luxe like diamonds. 


Click here to view these diamond earrings & pendant.

Fall Colors – Golds, reds, oranges, and yellows, we just love fall colored jewelry, don’t you? Pair your Halloween costume with baubles that celebrate the season.


Click here to view this fall colored pendant & ring.

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Halloween Jewelry: Spooky, Simple, & Stylish

Halloween is just a few days away, and we know you’ve been digging through your jewelry box to find just the perfect jewels for that Hallows Eve costume (or is that just us…?). Here are some fun Halloween jewelry pieces that can be worn not only during the spooky holiday but also year round!

Animal Jewelry Animal jewelry is one of the latest jewelry trends and a ton of fun to wear, especially during Halloween. If your costume is on the cutesy side, pair it with a black cat pendant. If your costume is a little spookier, or shall we say more “creepy-crawly,” complete it with a spider pendant.


Heart Jewelry – Will heart jewelry ever go out of style (hint: no!)? Heart jewelry pairs perfectly with a sweet and simple costume. For an unexpected twist, accessorize your costume with a devil heart pendant.


Orange & Black Jewelry Orange and black have always been associated with Halloween. Not sure if animal or heart jewelry goes with your Halloween costume? Try a pair of dark onyx earrings or a golden citrine pendant. The best thing about these two colors, is that they are always stylish and easy to match with different costumes and outfits.


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Happy Halloween!

Heidi Klum’s Halloween Hangover

Halloween in Hollywood means one thing: Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween bash. And while the D-list dared to dress-up in droves this year, I’m still looking for a crazy jewelry juggernaut costume like Paris Hilton’s diamond display from last year.


Here are some of the photo highlights – including my favorite art-imitating-life-imitating-art entry: the Napster co-Founder, Sean Parker, dressing up like Justin Timberlake. Clever.

Yes. That’s Heidi Klum in a Transformer-inspired get up on stilts.

Spotlight on Spooky Jewelry

So you weren’t invited to Heidi Klum’s famous Halloween party. Again. That doesn’t mean you have to throw out the bling with the bathwater!

I’m still working on my Kanye West/diamond teeth costume (Heidi? Your loss, sister.), but I hunted down these fun finds to throw in the spooky style rotation in the meantime:

Gemstones Meet ‘The Great Pumpkin’:

Add a splash of orange spice to go with your little black dress – like this Great Pumpkin-esque cocktail ring that could work with many a fall ensemble.

Get Back in Black:

Get in touch with your dark side with some sleek onyx jewelry in any incarnation. And one of those Darth Vader voice boxes.

Kitty Cat Couture:

I’ve had my eye on this cat pendant for a while now. Love the price. Love the chocolate diamonds. Love that it will satisfy my maternal instincts without making too many demands on my personal time.

Skeletal Chic:

You know you have some skull jewelry lying around from your Morrissey-loving goth girl past.  Taylor Momsen didn’t invent this wheel!

P.S. Click here for a fun find you can grab if you had Heidi’s accessory budget. And the stomach to wear possum bones.

One more week ’til Halloween! Got some costume ideas you’d like to share?  Weigh in!