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Diane Kruger’s Tangerine Dream

SAG Awards jewelry is still dancing in my head, but before I get to my overall impressions (will post tomorrow), can I just take a moment to applaud Diane Kruger for once again killing it on the red carpet?

Taking a cue from Michelle Obama’s penchant for young designer Jason Wu, Kruger stunned the crowd with a Wu (is it mustard-yellow, burnt-sienna, rustic-orange?) off-the shoulder gown accessorized with Harry Winston gold and ruby drop earrings and a series of ruby and diamond bracelets and bangles.

It’s the perfect mix of ‘make an impression’ meets ‘taste’ in my book. Do you guys agree? Weigh in! And stay tuned for more SAG snark – including what could possibly be the worst necklace I have ever seen on display during Awards Season.

The Jewelry Insider

December 5, 2008

Diamond jewelry valued at $108 million was seized yesterday in a shocking robbery of the Parisian branch of high-end jeweler, Harry Winston. The well-organized bandits were said to know the names of several employees and the location of the branch’s secret jewelry storage units. And the best part? They robbed in drag!

According to Yahoo! news, armed men dressed in wigs and women’s dresses entered the store on Avenue Montaigne near the Champs-Elysees shortly before their closing time. They took nearly everything on display and forced staff to hand off diamonds stashed away in the back. No one was injured and no shots were fired. (The fashion police were unfortunately off duty).

This heist comes on the heels of a similar raid on the very same branch over a year ago, where thieves escaped with more than $25 million in glittering gems. Coincidence? Or is this the same outfit back for another grab?

“We are clearly dealing with well-organized, ruthless criminals,” Winston spokeswoman, Isabelle Montagne, said yesterday.

Parisian TV crews and curious passersby littered the road outside the store and marveled at the millions lost.

“How on earth are they going to fence all that,” asked Richard Conacher, a 39-year-old pub worker from Melbourne.

The largest-ever jewelry heist took place in February 2003, when thieves took diamonds valued at 100 million euros from vaults at Antwerp’s diamond exchange, according to Agence France- Presse.

Jewelry heists are dramatized in Hollywood as rather ‘romantic’ crimes, (Exhibit A: To Catch A Thief, Exhibit B: The James Bond ouevre). Click here for a closer look at historic real-life jewelry thefts (and put those Cary Grant cat burglar fantasies in a box where they belong.)

The Jewelry Insider

November 25, 2008

It wasn’t long ago that buying diamonds, gemstones and gold online was considered either a big risk or a bit tawdry. But online jewelry aggregators like Jewelry.com and cutting edge retailers like JCPenney helped to redefine the experience, and now shopping jewelry on the web is as normal as buying airline tickets and overstock sheets.

Luxury jewelers have been the last to hold out on the online movement – until recently. Diamond lovers everywhere all know that the words “Harry” and “Winston” signify the ultimate in icy jewelry fashion, and lucky for us, they are finally jumping on the web-worthy bandwagon.

“The Harry Winston Online Salon is an exciting step in our retail development plan,” Thomas J. O’Neill, chief executive officer of Harry Winston, Inc. told Fashion Week Daily. “Designed to showcase our signature diamond jewelry collections, the new Online Salon will offer a discreet and highly personalized experience for customers who prefer the convenience of online shopping.”

Whether you are lucky enough have immunity from our depressing economy or just want to drool at your computer screen, the Harry Winston online salon showcases diamond styles that will make your inner diva sit upright – from rings, necklaces and bracelets to earrings, pendants and cufflinks.

The pièce de résistance is this stunning necklace from the sunflower collection, which weighs in at approximately 25.8 carats and sells for $135,000. Or you can downgrade to the 15.70 carat sunflower bracelet for $85,000.

There’s probably not a Harry Winston Black Friday coupon online yet is there? There’s always next year…