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Reset Your Rings & Jewelry With These Tips

Have you been gifted a piece of jewelry that’s just not your style? Do you own a family heirloom (grandma’s old engagement ring) that’s a little too vintage for your liking? Instead of re-gifting or re-selling your jewelry, why not have your diamond reset. Here are a few things to consider before resetting your jewelry.

Find a reputable jeweler –  Do your research and find a trustworthy jeweler who specializes in resetting. When choosing your jeweler, make sure he or she understands exactly what you are looking for.


Get your diamond graded – It’s never a bad idea to have your diamond graded by a professional such as IGI or GIA. They will supply you with a certificate that will help to identify your diamond when you get it back from the jewelers.

Stones can be reset into different types of jewelry – It’s a common myth that diamonds can only be reset into rings. If rings aren’t your thing, take that pretty diamond of yours and reset it into a new necklace or bracelet.


Be creative – Here’s your chance to get those creative juices flowing and become a jewelry designer for the day. If grandma’s diamond from her old engagement ring was set in white gold and it’s not your metal of choice, why not reset the diamond in some bright yellow gold or trendy rose gold. Some diamonds and gemstones shine just a little more when reset in a different shade of gold.