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April 17, 2012


Coming up with a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day isn’t rocket science, but who has time to think these days? Well save your brain cells, here’s a little hint:

Get her jewelry instead of geraniums. Get her diamonds instead of dishes. Get her bling instead of bathrobes. Duh!


Yes, it’s my business to talk up the jewelry world, and yes – I often blather on about how jewelry is a better gift than sweater sets and overpriced smelly candles. But, darn it! I’m right! Jewelry is a lifetime treasure that just means more than a vase full of petals, people (no offense to flowers – you’re lovely creatures – all of you).


So. What kind of jewelry is a sure-fire winner? Here are five classic options ranging from budget-friendly to BA-ling. Trust me. Gift momma one of these beauties, and you’ll be her favorite until your older brother finally moves out the basement.

1. Birthstone Baubles


A double dose of dazzle, birthstone jewelry shows mom you not only remembered her on Mother’s Day – you remembered her birthday to boot (you over-achiever, you). May’s birthstone is emerald, and here’s a really swell deal on Jewelry.com for starters.


2. It’s the “Journey” Not the Procrastination


Don’t dilly dally on this tear-jerker of a jewelry gift. Journey jewelry features an escalating row of diamonds representing the milestones of a relationship – child to mother, grandchild to grandmother, niece to aunt, friend to friend. Awwwww. Super sweet, right?


And for something even sweeter? Enter Jewelry.com’s “Mom and Me Diamond Sweeps” for your chance to win TWO diamond journey pendants (one for you, one for mom).

3. Signature Style

It’s easy to give mom that piece that she’ll be able to wear as her jewelry calling card. Heart pendants are perfect for this. Anything floral. Anything whimsical.

If mom’s a cat lover, get a load of this meow-worthy metal. Affordable options abound in this jewelry category.

4. Pearls of Wisdom


Every woman should have a pearl piece in their jewelry collection – and if your mom already has the proverbial pearl strand, there are many alternative options to round out her wardrobe.

Black pearls, earrings, a ring – all in affordable price points that leave room in the budget for that framed picture of yourself ten pounds ago for her nightstand.

5. Diamonds. ‘Nuff Said.


You’re going to score points every time with a diamond, sparky, and here’s how you can win mom over with big carat-weight pieces that won’t break the bank.  If you want to wow with a one-carat wonder? Look for pieces in sterling silver instead of carat gold, like this elegant creature on Jewelry.com.

This Mom and Child pendant sparkles with 1/4 ct for only $69.

Or you can find fashion pieces in carat gold that often offer lower prices – like this statement piece – a 3/8 ct diamond beauty in 14K White Gold – for only $175.


So are you ready to score some major points this year? It’s your mom, people. She birthed you, put up with your awkward teen years and has embarrassing photos of you during your ‘orthodontic’ phase she can put on Facebook after she’s done ‘liking’ the status updates of all your old high school friends.

Probably best to stay on her good side.

In Defense of Diamonds

Jewelry hounds, I don’t have to convince you that wearing shiny things is a great way to feel fabulous. And while our gawking at 10-carat rocks on celebrity ring fingers isn’t getting us any closer to a solution to global warming, it’s good harmless fun for the most part, right?

Sometimes, though, jewelry can bring with it its share of controversy.

Many potential diamond jewelry buyers, for example, might be turned off by the prospect that the stone they purchase could unknowingly support a terrorist regime in Africa (aka: ‘blood’ or ‘conflict’ diamonds).

We all saw the Leo movie, ‘Blood Diamond’. Many of us saw the 60 Minutes expose a few years’ back. And recently, we’ve all seen the ‘eco-friendly’ adverts pumping up the ‘conflict-free’ status of their jewels and gems. And good for them.


While one blood diamond sold to a consumer is one diamond too many – there’s too much misinformation about the ‘prevelance’ of these stones on the market than is warranted by all the media coverage.

Conflict diamonds captured the world’s attention during the extremely brutal conflict in Sierra Leone in the late 1990s. During this time, it is estimated that conflict diamonds represented approximately 4% of the world’s diamond production. Not 40% or even 14%. 4%.

Through UN measures like The Kimberley Process and other national regulations, the truth is there are very few conflict diamonds slipping through the system these days – less than 1%, according to DiamondFacts.org. In other words, I’d have a better chance of understanding an episode of ‘Lost’ than unwittingly purchasing a conflict stone.

Again, I’m not advocating that we shouldn’t get that less than 1% stat down to zero – but consumers should know that the diamonds they buy from major retailers like Zales, Sears, JCPenney, Macy’s, Kay Jewelers and most independent jewelers all abide by the regulations that have been in place for over seven years now. So you don’t need to go to a ‘green’ jewelry outlet or sift through vintage styles when you want a politically correct, shiny new diamond piece to add to your wardrobe – 99% of the diamonds on the market today fit that bill.

And for you do-gooder divas who still aren’t convinced, consider this: The vast majority of diamonds come from countries at peace in Africa. These countries have been able to invest the revenue from diamonds into the development of infrastructure, schools and hospitals for the good of the communities in which diamonds are found. Check out Russell Simmons’ worthy charity, The Diamond Empowerment Fund for more on that.

So, ok. End of soap box. Diamonds don’t need a defense attorney – they need to be worn, loved and enjoyed – especially this time of year (Valentine’s Day hints should start now, ladies). I just read one too many ‘eco’ diamond ads, and had to vent.

What do you all think of the topic? I’d love to hear your thoughts.