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Diamonds on “Dancing With The Stars”

Dancing With The Stars is known for its gaudy display of costume jewelry, but this latest DWTS diamond ditty is my favorite so far.

Cincinnati Bengal superstar, Chad OchoCinco, gave dancing partner, Cheryl Burke, a huge diamond ring ‘thank you’ after last night’s rowsing Paso Doble performance according to Us Weekly.

Said Cheryl of the surprise stash,

“At first I was like, Is this even real?…not even any of my boyfriends have given me anything like this! Ochocinco likes the bling!”

So what’s the final carat count? Ocho only told US “A lot”, but a source revealed the icy ring set in platinum came from Jason of Beverly Hills and cost more than $10,000.

Child, please!

Full disclosure: The Bengals are my hometown team and Chad is either a “love him or hate him” kinda player. But after this shiny gesture not only is he my favorite footballer – he’s the one I’m rooting for to take the DWTS crystal ball.

What do you guys think? Do you think he’s trying just a little too hard? Does he have a chance to beat that skater guy and the former Pussycat Doll? Will he win Cheryl’s heart in the end? Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

July 15, 2009

There’s statement jewelry and then there’s statement jewelry.

Hip hop stars have been blinging their way into bauble history with extravagant jewels since Flav gave the world the clock necklace. And while the Wall Street Journal reports the ice factor is on the wane due to the troubled economy, rappers like T-Pain and his jaw-dropping ‘Big Ass Chain’ didn’t seem to get the memo.

One might think the troubled star, Chris Brown, would certainly not do anything to draw attention to himself after his recent legal woes, but the jerk – I mean, singer – showed up to the after-party for Diddy’s White Party in Los Angeles earlier this month in a $300,000 diamond necklace that spelled out the word ‘Oops’.


Is this an ‘Oops’ – I didn’t mean to beat Rihanna within an inch of her life. Or ‘Oops’ – I didn’t mean to get caught after I beat Rihanna within an inch of her life. Or ‘Oops’ – I can’t help but wear this ridiculously extravagant necklace while I party with people who don’t seem to care that I was three hairs shy of an OJ trial.


The pricey piece was created by jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills, and was said to be Brown’s idea to sport something unapologetically bold according to the New York Daily News.

“Chris has been a client of mine for some time now,” the jeweler said. “It’s always a pleasure to work him because it gives me a chance to be creative. He came to me with a great idea and I am very pleased with the finished product.”

A great idea? Brown may think the flashy, diamond-encrusted pendant, which reportedly took 218 hours to complete, is his way of issuing a public apology, but I think it’s an offensive display of nonchalance.

What do you guys think? Is Brown’s ‘Oops’ sentiment appropriate under the circumstances? Or is it a bold jewelry statement that tells the world we shouldn’t take nearly beating your girlfriend to death so seriously?

Maybe Bernie Madoff could give Jason of Beverly Hills a call to design an ‘Aw, Shucks’ chain to liven up his prison garb?

The Jewelry Insider

September 18, 2008

Diamond crosses, diamond right hand rings, and diamond bracelets were just some of the jewelry styles The Hills diva, Heidi Montag, fawned over as she visited the exclusive Jason of Beverly Hills boutique to pick out some bling for her 22nd birthday.

Evil incarnate, I mean, boyfriend Spencer Pratt feigned interest as the two browsed through a bevy of beautiful baubles. She left with a diamond cross pendant that would make even The Almighty blush. And ‘Quel surprise!’ – photographers just happened to be there to capture all those genuine, heartfelt birthday moments on film for us all. Just look at the love in her eyes. What a treasure.

Not only did the couple celebrate with diamonds, they had a romantic picnic for two complete with cake, champagne, ankle boots and paid-for paparazzi in a field somewhere we’re sure only three MTV Location Scouts and a handful of Product Placement execs approved of.

Ah, Speidi. We can’t wait for you to procreate.