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Look Sharp With Jaws Jewelry

Jewelry, hounds? I have another ‘lower jaw drop’ jewelry moment to share with you. Literally.

To celebrate “Shark Week”, Disney Couture and Discovery Channel are featuring a jaws-inspired yellow gold ring that’s selling like fishcakes.

The golden gums are the perfect way to weigh in with the statement ring trend (see yesterday’s blog for more) and at only $40 could work well solo or stacked.

In other lower-jaw-dropping news, Liz Taylor is apparently ‘diving’ into marriage again with her longtime companion, Jason Winters. This time she’s bringing a $3 million diamond turban as an escort. Jewelry.com reports the headgear will feature a 30-carat white diamond with two 40-carat yellow canary diamonds on either side.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…