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The Jewelry Insider

May 13, 2014

You’ve probably already read about Solange attacking Jay Z in the elevator post Met Gala fun, but no one knows why. Well, we have a theory. It may sound a little crazy, but just hear us out! We’ve even given it a witty little name (at least we think it is): Beyonce’s Met Gala Curse. Bey loses one of her Lorraine Schwartz rings at the Met Gala. Hubby Jay Z finds it and stages a mock proposal for the cameras while placing the ring back on her finger. The bad luck starts with Beyonce’s ring episode, and continues well into the night with sister Solange lashing out at her brother-in-law Jay-Z. Bad juju from the very beginning of the night!
Jay Z’s Mock Proposal to Beyonce, Photo Credit: www.eonline.com
Jay Z’s Mock Proposal to Beyonce, Photo Credit: www.popsugar.com

For those of you who haven’t heard the story (although really, it’s all over the place), here’s a little synopsis. There is footage of Solange Knowles physically attacking Jay Z in an elevator at the Standard hotel following the Met Gala. A bodyguard is also in the elevator trying to hold Solange back, while Beyonce is standing by doing nothing. Geez, and we thought we had family troubles!

Solange @ Met Gala, Photo Credit: www.thefashionistastories.blogspot.com
Jay Z, Beyonce, & Solange after Met Gala, Photo Credit: www.pagesix.com

Any other theorists out there who’d care to share…?

The Jewelry Insider

September 8, 2008

There are diamond engagement rings, and there are diamond engagement rings. New bride, Beyonce Knowles flashed one blinder of a rock on the Fashion Rocksred carpet this weekend, and jewelry lovers everywhere dropped to their knees.

Weighing in at a mere 18 (yes, you heard it Cindy) carats, the Lorraine Schwartz ring is valued at $5 million and features a flawless, emerald cut diamond. Jay-Z does pretty well for himself, we hear.

The music biz’s royal couple secretly married in April, and the stalkerazzi has been waiting for the diamond to debut ever since. Timing is everything.

Beyonce also wowed the audience with her “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing” duet with one Justin Timberlake during the show and appeared in full Etta James garb to pay homage to the chaunteuse, who was in the audience and who Beyonce portrays in her latest film, Cadillac Records.

To see both the bling and the sing, watch Fashion Rocks this Tuesday in a two-hour special on CBS. Proceeds benefit Stand Up To Cancer, a program established by the Entertainment Industry Foundation to raise money for cancer research.