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The Jewelry Insider

May 7, 2009

Let’s face it. There’s a lot going on in the world that can dampen our spirits. The economy is struggling, global warming is on the rise, and Lil’ Kim unfairly got voted off Dancing With the Stars.

So, I was thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could always have something shiny and bright to remind us that better days are on the horizon? And wouldn’t it be even better if that ‘something’ was made out of diamonds and came in a little white box?

Well, fear not. JCPenney’s new offering, The Hope Collection, is the perfect antidote to our sour mood. The fashion diamond line quite literally offers a message of hope in its designs and uses other ‘glass-half-full’ symbols like the rising sun and the flower-power peace sign to send a shiny smile our way.

Maybe you know someone who is struggling through an illness. Maybe your neighbor just lost their job. Or maybe you need your own glittering reminder that it’s time to turn that frown upside down.

No matter who might need a pick-me-up, JCPenney is giving us a brand-new way to show we care. And since their price points are always in the reasonable range, we get a lot of bang for our hard-earned buck.

So join me as I put away my snarky suit and get all warm and fuzzy with the JCPenney Hope Collection today. Lil’ Kim? There’s a rising sun pendant in there with your name on it, sister.

Hope. Dream. Believe.

The Jewelry Insider

February 9, 2009

Move over Fashion Week, there’s a new kid in town! JCPenney is celebrating Doghouse Prevention Week from February 6th – 13th, and the event is sure to bring us jewelry hounds more pleasure than gawking at stick-thin models in clothes we’ll never wear.

Why? Because this Valentine’s Day JCPenney is dedicated to schooling the male species in the delicate art of gift giving. And by ‘gift’ they don’t mean your run-of-the-mill Valentine’s Day loot. They’re talking diamonds, people. This cupid ain’t stupid!

Let’s face it. We’ve all had our V-day disappointments. How many times have we faked a smile when the same old box of chocolates surfaces or the proverbial red rose bouquet shows up at the office? It just doesn’t take a lot of thought for fellas to go down that well-trodden road, right?

But here’s a thought: What if you could throw your man in the gift-giving doghouse for even thinking about calling the florist?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the over 7,000 guys who were thrown in JCPenney’s Doghouse over the holidays. Learn from them by visiting www.bewareofthedoghouse.com, where you and your main squeeze can watch a hilarious (and informative) video about other men’s gift-giving failures.

But most importantly, he’ll see how he too can avoid The Doghouse by getting you the perfect diamond gift from the jewelry store inside JCPenney. And they have an amazing selection, ladies, so whether it’s a pair of tasteful diamond studs or a fun fashion piece, you can rest assured he’ll find something to make your heart sing (not sink) this year.

So from February 6th – 13th take this gem of an opportunity to teach your old dog some new tricks for Valentine’s Day. It comes down to this: Diamonds or a dog day afternoon in the big house. Sounds pretty straightforward to me.

The Jewelry Insider

November 24, 2008

Tired of getting yet another bathrobe and colored sock set for the holidays? JCPenney is launching a brilliant new campaign to help your significant other avoid the gift-giving doghouse by steering them towards the Jewelry Insider’s favorite present – diamonds!

The viral Beware Of The Dog House campaign enables women to retrain their leading men in the fine art of gifting by showing them a dazzling array of diamond jewelry styles – from three stone rings, to Journey pendants to jewelry box staples, like diamond studs. And frugalistas will be happy to know that price points leave plenty of room for more boxes under the tree.

“Women love gifts that are bright, shiny and beautiful,” said Beryl Raff, executive vice president, JCPenney Fine Jewelry. “And guys, that means diamond earrings or a pendant, not a vacuum cleaner.”

How to teach the old dog new tricks? Send him to http://www.bewareofthedoghouse.com/, where he can watch an amusing film showing what life in the doghouse is really like. The “Stay Out of the Doghouse” button will lead them to valuable information about how to stay in your good graces this season, including a glittering product offering and information about how to buy the right diamond jewelry style.

A partnership with Facebook® Connect will allow avenging females the opportunity to put offending friends in the doghouse for all to see. And if the gift-challenged guy is just in need of a “tap on the nose,” you can send him an e-mail warning, giving him one last chance to avoid the doghouse this holiday season.

So let JCPenney give your guy the perfect way to avoid spending a dog day afternoon in the return line this year.

Opening a box full of diamonds instead of another box full of scented candles and matching bath gel is enough good news to make any jewelry hound bark at the moon!