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Jewelry Trend Alert: Think Pink!

Jewelry color trends come and go like Paris Hilton’s sobriety. Last year, emerald green was all the rage after Angelina Jolie’s opulent Oscar appearance and this year everything’s coming up turquoise. But one shade is always in style – the hue forever synonymous with all things female…


Many jewelry lovers may think pink fine jewelry belongs to the rosy diamond fantasies of royal family tiaras and celebrity ring fingers (remember J-Lo’s pink diamond stunner from Ben Affleck 100 years ago?)

And while pink diamonds occur at price points that are significantly higher than most mortals can afford, there is an alternative:

Pink sapphires.

Most pink sapphire jewelry on the market today is like other must-have commodities in our lives (e.g. Splenda, Hostess products) – they don’t occur in nature. Instead, they are lab-created to mimic the conditions of a natural stone and color treated to generate the desired hue.

In other words, a top color, untreated, natural stone may cost you $20,000 per carat whereas the synthetic (lab created) piece costs about $0.50 per carat before cutting.

And the best part? Most folks don’t know the difference!

I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite created pink sapphire styles from the super sample sale site, JewelClub. And as luck would have it, they just launched a ‘Think Pink’ discount of 15% off for a week, bless their hearts. (Use this special Access Code: INSIDER – to become a member)

Or you can shop from hundreds of pink sapphire styles on sister site, Jewelry.com.

I’m tickled pink by the possibilities! Are you?

The Jewelry Insider

May 24, 2010

The jewelry jaw-droppers continued to shine on La Croisette as the 2010 Cannes Film Festival closed this weekend in grand fashion.

To those jewelry trackers who’ve lamented the loss of the statement necklace (yours truly included), the look was alive and well in the south of France on the fab-tastic Grace Jones and many others.

I’m in love with this Boucheron gold fringe wrap-around necklace on Salma Hayek worn to the closing ceremony.

And this Cartier platinum, diamond and onyx piece from the Panthere collection made an otherwise dull ensemble pop on Juliette Binoche, who walked away with the Palm D’or for Best Actress.

The always star-studded amFar Cinema Against AIDS gala during the festival brought out statement earring styles and this great diamond palm frond hair piece on one of my favorite style stars, Diane Kruger.

And icy jewels sparkled on a stunning Jennifer Lopez in a Roberto Cavali blush gown with Chopard diamond jewelry.

Do you have a favorite from this round-up? I’m going with Salma Hayek this time – it’s just a stunning overall look and a unique gold jewelry statement you don’t see often.

The Jewelry Insider

January 11, 2010

Jewelry lovers, I’ve got big news. Forget about health care reform, global warming and White House party crashers – this tidbit is going to blow. your. mind.

In a ‘which came first’ bombshell, J-Lo’s New Year’s Eve catsuit controversy has apparently trickled down to the taste-makers that influence every young girl in America – the brains behind Barbie. Not to let a good body image lesson go unlearned, the Barbie folks are bringing us their latest entry into the ‘I Am Woman’ lexicon: Cat Burglar Barbie.

Not only is her skin-tight black bodysuit the perfect outfit to don when young girls fantasize about stealing Paris Hilton’s family jewels, Cat Burglar Barbie (like J-Lo) has a stash of Louboutin shoes to wear while sashaying her way into infamy. Eureka!

Cat Burglar Barbie comes with (count ’em) FOUR pair of Louboutin shoes including gold sandals, Miss ankle boots, Claudia peep toes, and Altameche knee-high boots – perfect for wall scaling, lock picking, and all manner of slinking. Conveniently, they each come with their own shoe bag and box, packaged together with a copy of Barbie‘s travel journal chronicling her adventures with Christian Louboutin, himself.

Oh the places they will go…
This limited edition Barbie can be yours (drag queens, get out your debit cards) for a mere $150. We’ve come a long way, ladies.

P.S. Not to be outdone, have you caught wind of this jaw-dropping Barbie entry Perez Hilton uncovered from a young designer in Beijing? It’s Lady Gaga Barbie (!!!!) complete with Alexander McQueen reptile pumps and Kermit-wear. Now we’re talking….

The Jewelry Insider

July 21, 2009

Pink diamonds have been lighting up celebrity betrothals for years now – from J-Lo’s famous rock back in the Ben days to Portia deRossi’s pink diamond ring bling. But pink ice isn’t just for ring fingers.

The Apple iphone 3GS just got a pink diamond makeover from UK-based Stuart Hughes.

Paris Hilton? Are you listening?

The pink beauty is made from 18 ct rose gold and is decorated with 53 pink diamond gems set in the Apple logo to add a little sparkle.

And the cost to add this ‘essential’ accessory to your warchest? Only about $35,575, all told.

If pink diamond jewelry is more your style, check out Jewelry.com’s assortment of colored diamond gems -all at prices that are much less than a new luxury coup.

And if you’ve ever wondered how diamonds get their color, they’ve got a great education section that tells you all you need to know.

The Jewelry Insider

March 6, 2009

It’s gotta be rough being famous. You’re given thousands of dollars worth of loaner jewels for public appearances, premieres and parties – and all you have to do is look fabulous. Oh. And return them when you’re done.

But some celebs apparently mistake the word ‘loan’ for ‘give’, which is exactly what the New York Post reports Jennifer Lopez did to jewelry magnate Robert Mouawad.

Apparently the mega mom borrowed $50,000 worth of diamonds from Mouawad to wear to the launch of Andrea Lieberman’s fashion line, ALC, at Barneys in Beverly Hills but later decided to keep the loaner diamonds to add to her private collection.

“We received a call from [her manager] Benny Medina, informing us that Jennifer was going to keep the jewelry,” an insider blabbed to the NY Post’s Page Six. “As far as Mr. Mouawad is concerned, Jennifer can have whatever she wants, but a premature demand seemed presumptuous.”

Medina later countered their claim by insisting the jewels were a part of the deal to appear at the function.

“There was no demand whatsoever. There was an offer. It was very clear,” he said.

“She was the only celebrity whose name was on the invite. She would have done it for nothing. But this was how it was presented. It was quite a generous offer,” he added.

What’s the lesson here? J-Lo’s love might not cost ‘a thing’, but her personal appearances certainly do.

The Jewelry Insider

January 30, 2009

The Australian Open isn’t the only thing Aussie on my mind these days. “G’Day USA Australia Week”, a celebration honoring the best of Australian business and culture, took place in Manhattan last week, and the star of the show wasn’t my favorite Aussie export, Hugh Jackman. Even better (yes, it’s possible), the belles of the ball were rare, one-of-a-kind pink diamonds.

Diamond miner, Rio Tinto was a supporting sponsor of a glittering, black-tie gala that ended the week-long celebration, featuring millions of dollars of the little beauties on the red carpet.

Pink diamonds from Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine dripped from the likes of Australian supermodel Kristy Hinze, in L.J. West’s “Argyle Finest Pink Diamond Bracelet” with 204 marquise and radiant-cut Argyle pink diamonds, and Australian actress Ursula Yovich, who wore Calleija’s “Kimberly Rose” necklace, valued at around $1 million. Catherine Martin, costume designer and wife of famed director Baz Luhrmann, wore L.J. West’s “Pink and Green Ring” featuring a 3.42-carat, fancy-intense Argyle pink diamond.

“Argyle Pink Diamonds are both symbolic culturally and highly prized globally. We are delighted to be here to tell the remarkable story of the world’s rarest diamonds and to display these fine examples of truly master craftsmanship” noted Jean-Marc Lieberherr, General Manager of Rio Tinto’s Diamonds Sales and Marketing in a press release.

Pink diamonds have been found in very few mines around the world. Australia’s Argyle mine is the world’s only consistent producer of pink diamonds, supplying over 90% of the market with the pink princesses.

Celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Portia de Rossi were given rare pink diamond engagement rings by their significant others Ben Affleck and Ellen DeGeneres. J-Lo gave hers back when the Bennnifer chapter closed for good, but I’m sure Portia’s pink has more staying power.

The Jewelry Insider

January 16, 2009

Jennifer Lopez has been spotted on the red carpet recently without her wedding ring, which in normal circles means there’s trouble in paradise. It was MIA for both the premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button AND last weekend’s Golden Globes.

Her explanation to In Touch Weekly?

“Every time I’m not wearing my ring, people think I’m getting divorced.”

“That’s crazy! It just didn’t go with the dress.”

Yeah. Right.

While most women take their rings off from time to time, say, if there is a floor to scour or a violent game of tennis on the calendar, I have rarely heard the excuse that “my 8.5 carat Neil Lane shocker doesn’t go with my evening gown.” Especially if the dress is that abhorrent jewelry-clashing color….gold! Or that hard to accessorize hue, white, as The New York Daily News points out.

A mutual pal of the married couple of four years told US Weekly, “They both didn’t wear their rings on purpose. Nothing Jennifer does is without purpose.”

Which begs the question: Is the twosome toying with us to drum up publicity? Let’s face it. Their creative collaborations haven’t resulted in the critical success J-Lo’s solo offerings enjoyed. And they just renewed their vows in October and birthed twins – two signs of a healthy relationship in normal circles.

Whatever the reason, Mami, wedding rings, no matter who you are, are not to be worn as a fashion accessory. They are the permanent reminder that you’re hitched, off the market, with ball and chain, however you want to put it, and taking them off because they don’t go with a ball gown is kindof spitting in the face of the whole operation if you ask me.

What do you guys think? Am I being too closed minded about this issue? Is it OK to take your rings off from time to time if they don’t go with an outfit? Or if you’re pissed at your B-list husband for ruining your career?

Weigh in!

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

Jewelry trends are often hard to spot at big runway events, like Fashion Week, since many designers fear the bling will take attention away from the clothes.







Makes sense, but it’s not much fun for us, is it? Thankfully, there are fashion icons, like Oscar de la Renta, who dare to make jewelry statements that are as creative and stunning as their clothing.







Mr. de la Renta’s show is always a hot ticket, and this year was no exception. Jennifer Lopez got a front row look along with Barbara Walters and Vogue’s ubiquitous duo, Anna Wintour and Leon Talley. What they witnessed was yet another display of design brilliance, with dresses that Hollywood’s A list are surely earmarking for their acceptance speeches.

The jewelry was a glam-ed up interpretation of the season’s ‘big’ trends: (yes, you’ve heard it all before) big necklaces, big earrings and big wrist-wear. We particularly liked his cereal bowl- sized hoop earrings – a style that hasn’t seen the light of day since fashionistas sewed shoulder pads in their blazers. Bravo!

While most of us can only drool over such beautiful frocks and baubles, it’s heartening to know that the Oscar’s of the world are still making our fashion junkie hearts skip a beat and our dreams glitter just a little brighter. It’s what Fashion Week is all about.

The Jewelry Insider

July 7, 2008

Here’s a gem of a story from the British daily ‘The Sun’. There’s always that difficult question of what to do with your mega-rock. As the paper pointed out its ‘one danger few people consider before they nip for a dip – being dragged under the waves by a hulking great diamond.’
Jennifer Lopez though is nothing, if not practical. Before jumping in the sea she slipped out of a few carats with hubbie Marc Anthony standing on-side as a portable ring holder.
As soon as she got back on the deck of their boat, he quickly slipped the gigantic rock on a ring back on her finger.
Oh to have the life of J-Lo