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The Jewelry Insider

March 17, 2011

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Jersey Shore’s Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola? Whiny, pouty breakups with Ronnie? Whiny, pouty make-ups with Ronnie? A mean right hook?

While ‘jewelry’ certainly isn’t a ‘top-of-mind’ part of her winning personality, now the world can rest easy because there’s a new ‘whiny, pouty jewelry line’ on the block to fill the fashion void.

The long-limbed guidette just launched ‘Sammi Sweetheart” jewelry with RichRocks – a 7-piece costume collection that plays off her ‘sweetheart’ image. There are (shocker!) heart-shaped pendants, crystal layer bracelets and Jersey Girl staple  – huge hoop earrings  – available along with other heart-warming styles.

But most importantly? Sammi takes pride in giving her fans a ‘sweetheart’ deal on price points.

“I love that the RichRocks brand and my collection retails for just under $100,” she tells PEOPLE. “It was very important for me to keep all of the pieces affordable for my fans so they can purchase more than one piece and add to the collection. I have created some great fun and flirty pieces to wear day into night.”

It’s a spray-tanned twist on ‘fashion meets function’. The “Sammi Sweetheart for RichRocks” collection launches today here.

And here’s a link back to my Jersey Shore Jewelry Primer if you can’t get enough. You know who you are, America.


The Situation – Gym, Tan, Laundry, Jewelry?

He may not have won the judges’ hearts on Dancing With The Stars last night, but Jersey Shore’s alpha male, Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, is betting his 15 minutes will get him a piece of the jewelry pie like all the other D-listers worth their salt (see Kelly Bensimon, Tori Spelling, and Priscilla Presley for more).

So, here’s the situation: Sorrentino is partnering with Jeff George of Luxury Laces to start a line of rosary necklaces and sneaker jewelry. What good Italian Catholic boy wouldn’t want to wear Rosary beads while he creeps, right? And sneaker jewelry – as in rhinestoned laces (what else?) – are the perfect way to avoid those ‘grenades’ on the dance floor.

“Luxury Laces has always been a favorite of the Sorrentino boys,” said a family friend according to Radoronline. “The guys wear them, and they give the rosary blinged out necklaces to their girls.”

And if Jersey Shore jewelry isn’t your cup of tea, ladies, The Sitch is apparently designing a line of women’s underwear, according to wetpaint.com.

Run, don’t walk.

The Male Moment at the MTV Movie Awards

Jewelry moments at the MTV Movie awards couldn’t compete with the spray tans, blue wigs and the most talked about accessory of the night – Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet – but I managed to find some sparkle on folks who are rarely in the mix: The fellas. Pairing statement necklaces with shirtless chic were Olympian Shawn White and comedian Russell Brand. Puffy brought back the hip-hop medallion: And Jersey Shore star, Pauly, took his stud status quite literally with an icy pair of square diamond earrings. Men’s jewelry trends range from the once ubiquitous diamond stud or dog tag pendant to leather cuffs and (the dreaded) pinky ring. But aside from the blinged out looks of guys like Lil Wayne or Fifty Cent – statement necklaces haven’t really been popular as far as I know. Maybe their time has come? What do you think? Guys? Weigh in! And be sure to visit Jewelry.com for a round-up of the ladies’ looks.

The Jewelry Insider

January 19, 2010

Guidos and Guidettes? Get out your notepads. I’ve just returned from an anthropological field study of the phenomenon known as Jersey Shore, and the resulting primer will set yous’ guys up for a wonderland of Seaside-inspired jewelry couture.

Jersey Shore Jewelry Tip #1 – Gold Chains:

It goes without saying, right? Gold chains rule The Shore style for guys, and the bigger the better. The show’s cast has a penchant for the cross pendant – but it’s clear there is an open door policy for anything weighing more than a Keystone Light.

Jersey Shore Jewlery Tip #2 – Studded Leather

Nothing sets off the ‘chiseled ab under Ed Hardy T-shirt and back tats’ look quite like the ubiquitious leather studded guy cuff. Cross and skull styles preferred.

Jersey Shore Jewelry Tip #3 – Double Diamond Stud Earrings

What better way to set off the gel than with oversized ice on both ears. A guy-only JS jewelry look, the double studis a great way to transition from 20-something life as a hot-tub hookup king to 30-something adulthood as a car salesman – or bar back.

Jersey Shore Jewelry Tip #4 – Gold Hoops

While it’s not an ideal choice for your weekend dance floor cat fight, the women of Jersey Shore like to adorn the ears with the giant gold hoop earring to set off the well-disguised hair extension. And if you can pair them with an unseemly underarm sweat stain – all the better.

Jersey Shore Jewelry Tip #5 – Nose and Belly Rings

Females who shun skin baring, hip hugging, cleavage spilling frocks in exchange for the covered up look of a Quaker are few and far between ‘down the shore’. Enter the belly ring (for blinging up the bikini – a Shore staple), and the surprisingly tasteful sparkle of a nose ring – the perfect way to soften the blow of an unwelcome frat boy punch.

For more Jersey Shore fashionista news, check out today’s Los Angeles Times article about the MTV phenomenon. And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go rock the beats, perfect my Jell-O shot recipe and fine tune my ‘hippo charge’.