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Time For Spring Cleaning: 4 Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Spring is the perfect time to organize, but don’t neglect your jewelry! It deserves a little spring-cleaning love. Spruce up your favorite baubles with our four jewelry cleaning tips.

1) Clean your diamonds with dish soap, warm water, and a toothbrush. 

Here is a safe and easy way to clean your diamond jewelry at home (we’ve tried it ourselves before!). Fill a bowl with dish soap and warm water. Place your diamonds in the bowl and let them soak overnight. In the morning, gently scrub your diamonds with a toothbrush, rinse them off, and voila! 


2) Polish your pearls with shampoo, warm water, and a makeup brush. 

Pearls may not easily catch dirt, but they can lose their sheen. Mix some shampoo and warm water in a bowl, dip a makeup brush in the shampoo-water, and then brush over each pearl. Wipe your pearls with a damp cloth, and lay them out to dry.


3) Make your gold and gemstone jewelry sparkle with vinegar. 

Who knew vinegar could be used to make that gold and gemstone jewelry shine! Pour some vinegar into a bowl, place your gold and gemstone jewels in the bowl, and leave them there for around fifteen minutes. Then remove, rinse, and admire the cleanliness.


4) Never let silver go dull with baking soda, warm water, and aluminum foil. 

Tarnished silver is one of our pet peeves, but luckily there’s an easy way to clean it with some household products. Line a bowl with aluminum foil, then place your silver jewelry in the bowl, and add a tablespoon of baking soda. Leave your silver jewelry in the bowl to soak for one minute. Then rinse your silver pieces, let them dry, and no more tarnish!


Have any other jewelry cleaning tips? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section!