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Holiday Gifts: Go Big Or Go home!

It’s the holiday season, fa-la-la-la-la! Are you still searching for the perfect gift (or gifts plural!) for the special lady in your life? Well we have a saying over here at Jewelry.com…go big or go home! Check out these jewelry gifts, fit for every fashionista.

Diamonds – Diamonds are forever (it’s a fact!). Treat her to some dazzling diamond earrings this year, or a diamond earring and pendant set. Shop for diamond jewelry at Jewelry.com.


Click here to view these diamond earrings & pendant.

Colorful Stones – Does she incorporate a lot of color into her wardrobe? Get her a trendy blue topaz bangle, or a blue topaz ring. It’s December after all, and blue topaz is December’s birthstone. Shop for blue topaz jewelry at Jewelry.com. 


Click here to view this blue topaz jewelry.

Pearls – Is she an Audrey Hepburn fans? If so, then pearls are just right for her. A unique pink pearl necklace or pearl bow necklace and earring set are just what you’ve been looking for. Shop for pearl jewelry at Jewelry.com.


Click here to view these pearl earrings & necklaces.


Happy shopping and happy holidays!

The Jewelry Insider

April 17, 2012


Coming up with a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day isn’t rocket science, but who has time to think these days? Well save your brain cells, here’s a little hint:

Get her jewelry instead of geraniums. Get her diamonds instead of dishes. Get her bling instead of bathrobes. Duh!


Yes, it’s my business to talk up the jewelry world, and yes – I often blather on about how jewelry is a better gift than sweater sets and overpriced smelly candles. But, darn it! I’m right! Jewelry is a lifetime treasure that just means more than a vase full of petals, people (no offense to flowers – you’re lovely creatures – all of you).


So. What kind of jewelry is a sure-fire winner? Here are five classic options ranging from budget-friendly to BA-ling. Trust me. Gift momma one of these beauties, and you’ll be her favorite until your older brother finally moves out the basement.

1. Birthstone Baubles


A double dose of dazzle, birthstone jewelry shows mom you not only remembered her on Mother’s Day – you remembered her birthday to boot (you over-achiever, you). May’s birthstone is emerald, and here’s a really swell deal on Jewelry.com for starters.


2. It’s the “Journey” Not the Procrastination


Don’t dilly dally on this tear-jerker of a jewelry gift. Journey jewelry features an escalating row of diamonds representing the milestones of a relationship – child to mother, grandchild to grandmother, niece to aunt, friend to friend. Awwwww. Super sweet, right?


And for something even sweeter? Enter Jewelry.com’s “Mom and Me Diamond Sweeps” for your chance to win TWO diamond journey pendants (one for you, one for mom).

3. Signature Style

It’s easy to give mom that piece that she’ll be able to wear as her jewelry calling card. Heart pendants are perfect for this. Anything floral. Anything whimsical.

If mom’s a cat lover, get a load of this meow-worthy metal. Affordable options abound in this jewelry category.

4. Pearls of Wisdom


Every woman should have a pearl piece in their jewelry collection – and if your mom already has the proverbial pearl strand, there are many alternative options to round out her wardrobe.

Black pearls, earrings, a ring – all in affordable price points that leave room in the budget for that framed picture of yourself ten pounds ago for her nightstand.

5. Diamonds. ‘Nuff Said.


You’re going to score points every time with a diamond, sparky, and here’s how you can win mom over with big carat-weight pieces that won’t break the bank.  If you want to wow with a one-carat wonder? Look for pieces in sterling silver instead of carat gold, like this elegant creature on Jewelry.com.

This Mom and Child pendant sparkles with 1/4 ct for only $69.

Or you can find fashion pieces in carat gold that often offer lower prices – like this statement piece – a 3/8 ct diamond beauty in 14K White Gold – for only $175.


So are you ready to score some major points this year? It’s your mom, people. She birthed you, put up with your awkward teen years and has embarrassing photos of you during your ‘orthodontic’ phase she can put on Facebook after she’s done ‘liking’ the status updates of all your old high school friends.

Probably best to stay on her good side.

Jewelry Gift Guide for New Moms



Jewelry is often the go-to gift of choice for those ‘BIG LIFE’ occasions: weddings, anniversaries, graduations, it’s Wednesday… But there is one present-producing event that often gets the shaft when it comes to shiny things: giving birth.

As a new mom myself, I surely appreciated the deluge of diapers and the like. But do you think jewelry-loving new moms like Rachel Zoe should have to settle for nipple cream and a bottle brushes? I think not! And neither should any of you other mommies out there.


So in honor of all that hard labor, ladies, I’ve collected a few of my favorite gift options for new moms. Just click on the heading or image for buying options and more info.

(A sidenote: #1MOM pendants should be banned from NOT JUST our jewelry boxes, gift givers – but the earth.)

1. Pink and Blue Gemstones:

If this seems a bit ‘on the nose’ – think again. Gems like the pink sapphire or aquamarine could remind moms of their gurgling bundles of joy – or could also work as just a fun fashion piece.

Birthstone Jewelry:


Always a crowd-pleaser, moms will love to have birthstone gems from the month their babies were born. Especially if it’s an April baby (diamonds, anyone?).



This traditional jewelry silhouette never goes out of style. And you can find some options with birthstones already in the design.

Charm Bracelets:


What better time to start a charm bracelet, right? You can get baby shoe charms, birthday charms, initial charms – the list is endless. I’m waiting on the epidural needle charm to make mine complete.

Teething Jewelry:


Carrying the benefit of both ‘Form’ and ‘Function’, teething jewelry gifts are a fashionable way to get jewelry in a new mom’s wardrobe during those grabby first months. And if there’s a patent for drool-proof clothing? I’d like to add that to my list too.

So let’s get out there and make us some shiny, happy mommies, gift givers. Are there any moms out there who have other jewelry ideas they’d like to add? Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

January 24, 2011

Valentine’s Day is to jewelry what the Oscars are to Awards Shows. There’s Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries and the like, but we women hold out our highest hopes for the “gift in a little box” on this day most of all, right?

C’mon! Admit it!

But our friend the ‘male’ tends to, well, procrastinate when it comes to getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit, if memory serves. So here’s a little hint, fellas, to keep you out of the last minute “flowers and candy” gift-giving rut.

It’s called JEWELRY. And it doesn’t get any easier than this:

1. JewelClub is having a pink and red gemstone sale to honor the holiday of LOVE – and there quite a few pieces under $100. We’re talking FINE JEWELRY here, folks. Diamonds, gold, sapphires, etc.

Here are a few of my favs (click on the image for more info) or click here to see their entire stash:

2. I also saw these awesome ‘personalize your own” candy heart necklaces today on Luxist that are selling for under $50 from Zedena Designs. They’re made out of enamel over copper and hang from a sterling silver chain.

3. And if you want to go the ‘bended knee’ route, there are SO many affordable engagement ring options out there today. Click here for my Guide to Affordable Engagement Rings for more creative ideas in that department.

So let’s make Valentine’s Day 2011 the year we forgo flowers for fine gems! Chuck the chocolates for carats! And procastinators? Stay tuned for more affordable jewelry tips in the days to come.

The Jewelry Insider

December 29, 2010

Cocktails and jewelry – what a winning combination. As I was recently pondering what jewelry to break out for my favorite champagne-drenched holiday this Friday (wait for the Carrie Bradshaw moment…), I couldn’t help but wonder (there it is…): Why is it that jewelry and luxury libations have such a glittering partnership?

First, there’s the cocktail ring. The jewelry category emerged in the roaring 20s during Prohibition at illegal, booze-filled ‘cocktail’ parties. Women went big with fashion statements at these underground soirees, flashing their oversized, colorful baubles along with their newly exposed knee caps.

Cocktail rings generally have an oversized center stone of 3 carats or more and are typically worn on the right hand (any finger will do). But as we jewelry hounds know, there are plenty of costume options out there that won’t break the bank.

But there’s another drinkable jewelry look emerging from the shadows lately – champagne diamonds. From light champagnes, to burnished browns and rich cognacs, these natural diamonds offer a selection of tones and hues to compliment every style, taste and tolerance level.

An informative piece in the New York Times reports that the stone made its debut in the late 1990s when it was discovered in Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Australia, but is only now gaining a strong following – including from yours truly and a bevy of Hollywood’s leading ladies.

If you really want to tie one on, how about a double shot with a champagne diamond cocktail ring like this one for almost $400 off retail? ‘Tis the season!

And be sure to check out the champagne diamond treasure chest on Jewelry.com for more bubbly bling – it’s jewelry that’s perfect for teetotalers and the tipsy alike!

Jewelry Gifts for your Graduate

Ah graduation – that warm and fuzzy time when high schoolers break curfew for late-night keggers, and college grads realize their Liberal Arts degree gave them lots of debt and no job experience. Seriously, though, this rite of passage is an event that warrants an important gift to commemorate the occasion. So whether you’ve got an uber-achievor or a ‘scraped by with Cs’-type on your hands, it’s time they got a little bling to remind them that they no longer have to suffer through Chem class or BS their way through another essay question. Here are my top graduation jewelry gift ideas for the educated woman in your life (insert: me throwing my imaginary graduation cap Mary Tyler Moore-style.) 1. Diamond Studs: They’re like a good bra. Every woman needs them, and mom is usually the one who will shell out the bucks for ’em. 2. Right Hand Rings The ultimate expression of independence. She’ll have plenty of time to get a diamond on her left hand (stop hyperventilating). Celebrate her unique self with this empowering gift of diamonds. 3. Birthstone Bling Jewelry that celebrates the day she was born and the woman she is sure to become. Awwww… 4. Personal Pendant Is she leaving her favorite pet behind? Maybe she’d like a dog or cat pendant to keep them close to her heart? Or maybe she loves butterflies, frogs, pigs – whatever her passion let her know you know what makes her heart sing. And I know what makes your heart sing. Wholesale prices. A reminder that you have access to my favorite Friends and Family site, Jewel Club, for your graduation shopping spree. Use the code: INSIDER and gawk at the prices you won’t get anywhere else. Happy Shopping, and congrats to all the upcoming graduates out there!

Diamonds on “Dancing With The Stars”

Dancing With The Stars is known for its gaudy display of costume jewelry, but this latest DWTS diamond ditty is my favorite so far.

Cincinnati Bengal superstar, Chad OchoCinco, gave dancing partner, Cheryl Burke, a huge diamond ring ‘thank you’ after last night’s rowsing Paso Doble performance according to Us Weekly.

Said Cheryl of the surprise stash,

“At first I was like, Is this even real?…not even any of my boyfriends have given me anything like this! Ochocinco likes the bling!”

So what’s the final carat count? Ocho only told US “A lot”, but a source revealed the icy ring set in platinum came from Jason of Beverly Hills and cost more than $10,000.

Child, please!

Full disclosure: The Bengals are my hometown team and Chad is either a “love him or hate him” kinda player. But after this shiny gesture not only is he my favorite footballer – he’s the one I’m rooting for to take the DWTS crystal ball.

What do you guys think? Do you think he’s trying just a little too hard? Does he have a chance to beat that skater guy and the former Pussycat Doll? Will he win Cheryl’s heart in the end? Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

December 21, 2009

With diamond prices reaching a record low, fellas, now is the time to pull the proverbial trigger on that jewelry gift you’ve been thinking about for months now but haven’t had the ba – , I mean, time to buy.

In other words? Time to ‘man up’.

But not to worry. Just pay attention to the following gift giving tips, and I guarantee you’ll impress her with your remarkable taste and insight.

Know your audience:

There’s nothing like that look you get when you know you missed the mark. The slight grimace followed by the fake smile? The best way to avoid awkward gift giving is to study what your significant other likes. What does she usually wear? Has she complimented friends on their looks? You know how to make her laugh, you can surely pick up some tips on her personal style. Take notes and bring what you know on your shopping trip.

Know your budget:

There are many price points in the jewelry world – from $99 to $9999 and beyond. Don’t get in over your head with a bauble that will break the bank or make her afraid to wear it. Also, bring what you learned about stone and metal quality to the store, so you won’t be duped into thinking ‘bigger is better’. Often, it’s not.

Know her size (mainly for ring purchases):

There’s nothing like wowing her with a diamond ring she’ll just have to wait three weeks to wear. Guys, break out your inner sleuth for this one. Find a ring she currently wears, trace the inside and bring it to your jeweler. You can always size a ring, but delayed satisfaction doesn’t always fly when it comes to jewelry.

Know the occasion:

  • If you’re not about commitment but want to impress her with a gift of jewelry, word to the wise: stay away from the ring category. A ring, no matter what the design, is loaded with symbolism that screams “I’m in it for the long haul.” A nice pair of diamond studs might be the better choice in this case.
  • Right Hand Rings are the perfect self-gifting occasion to celebrate a promotion, graduation, or ‘just because’. It’s also a great friend-to-friend or mother-to daughter gift. Think female power!
  • The ‘go big’ calendar moments are of course Valentine’s Day and the December holidays. If she’s expecting a ring, and you’re thinking peridot earrings to match her eyes?you might want to think again.

Know the return policy:

Even with all of these words to the wise, there is ultimately no guarantee your jewelry gift is going to hit a home run. Most stores – whether they are online or in the mall – have a return policy. Don’t be afraid to ask your salesperson.

With a little preparation, education and thought, we guarantee buying jewelry will move decidedly from “a little better than a root canal” to “right up there with no calorie ice cream and winning the lottery”. Happy Shopping!

The Jewelry Insider

December 7, 2009

As promised, jewelry hounds, I am continuing coverage of my new favorite gemstone – champagne diamonds – a positively glittering new jewelry trend that’s sure to have staying power well into the bubbly New Year and beyond!

Tired of the same old same old? Champagne diamonds not only offer up the glam, they give you something different from the natural diamond color wheel when accessorizing for the season. Red carpets and runways have already taken to the sparkling stone, and Jewelry.com just curated a cool collection of the cognac-colored gems just ripe for the picking.

Most of the world’s supply of champagne diamonds comes from Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine in the rugged and beautiful East Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The Australian Aborigines who are traditional owners of the land in the East Kimberley believe that the diamonds were formed when a barramundi fish escaped through a spinifex net. According to that myth, the colors of the diamonds mined from the red earth of the region come from different parts of the barramundi.

Fish or no fish, these diamond beauties have really captured me. I’m putting this champagne diamond right hand ring from Reed’s on my holiday wish list (a girl can dream, right?). Which champagne styles do you want under the tree this year?

The Jewelry Insider

November 20, 2009

Jewelry hounds, I’ve got a new favorite stone to crow about. It combines two of my favorite past-times: the bubbly and the bling. We’re talking champagne diamonds, people, and the holiday season is crying out for them to go with your little black party dress.

Champagne diamonds come in a variety of shades ranging from light champagne to deep cognac, and Rio Tinto Diamonds – the leading supplier of the trend-setting stones – is on the cutting edge (pun intended) of bringing these little beauties to a store near you.

They recently held a champagne diamond design competition – with the winning creations (pictured here) taking a tour around the country. Click here to see if they’ll make it to your neck of the woods.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for champagne diamonds to light up a jewelry store near you. I plan on tracking some of the great deals to be found as the weeks progress, so stay tuned!