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Wondering what to get dad for Father’s Day ? We’ve got just the answer – jewelry! Men’s jewelry is more popular than ever, and being worn by our favorite celebrity dads. Colin Farrell makes bracelets look effortlessly good, Johnny Depp knows how to rock a men’s ring (and basically all accessories), Lenny Kravitz can pull off a cross necklace with style, and Kanye West has got the layering necklaces trend down pat.

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The Jewelry Insider

July 18, 2014

One jewelry trend we’ve recently spotted on the celebs is men’s jewelry (because you know everyone likes to accessorize, and not just us ladies!). From iconic jewelry wearers like Johnny Depp to heartthrobs like Brad Pitt, everyone’s wearing jewelry! Check out the photos below of some well-known male celebs rocking some serious bling. Dare we say we could get a style tip (or two) from these trendsetting men…?

Jennifer Aniston’s hunky fiancé Justin Theroux (can you believe he’s 45?!) just recently graced the cover of Details magazine with a unique gun necklace. Justin is starring in a new TV series called ‘The Leftovers’ and is also a screenwriter.

Justin Theroux w:Gun Necklace

Justin Theroux w/Gun Necklace

Johnny Depp is pretty much the king of accessories. He always wears a mish-mosh of accessories and pulls it off effortlessly. Johnny’s got the necklace-layering trend down pat.

Johnny Depp w:Layered Necklaces

Johnny Depp w/Layered Necklaces

Looking for some men’s jewelry for yourself or to give as a gift? Check out some of our favorite pieces.Brad Pitt looks good in any outfit (and jewelry). Here he is casually sporting a simple necklace with an all-black ensemble.

Men's Black Enamel Dog Tag Pendant with Diamond in Stainless Steel

Men’s Black Enamel Dog Tag Pendant with Diamond in Stainless Steel

Black and Blue Men's Etched Dog Tag with Diamond in Stainless Steel

Black and Blue Men’s Etched Dog Tag with Diamond in Stainless Steel

Dolan Bullock Dog Tag Pendant in Sterling Silver

Dolan Bullock Dog Tag Pendant in Sterling Silver


The Jewelry Insider

October 3, 2013

It’s true. According to the jewelry world gods, men’s jewelry is the latest trend… and we can all thank Justin Beiber for that… sort of.

With the rise in male celebs rocking bling at red carpet events and beyond, the demand for men’s fashion jewelry is growing faster than ever before, with some guys even wearing Man-gagement rings to match their better half. Aww.

In the past, designer watches have been just about the only accessory most men are willing to wear, and even the recent demand for that, some say, is just as popular as ladies’ handbags. According to a press release, “Both are considered status symbols and, believe me, most fashion conscious women would never tote a non-name brand purse when there is a Louis Vuitton available. Men feel the same about the latest and greatest in designer watches.” I can speak to the truth of this as my Burberry-watch-wearing-other (better) half has been asking for a Tag Heuer watch for years. Dream on.

But more recently, the trend in men’s jewelry has gone beyond timepieces. Cufflinks, tie bars and money clips are making a comeback thanks to a rise in designers and stylists using french cuffs on suits from the runway to the red carpet. And if your guys refuses to rock a little sparkle here and there, be a good daughter-in-law and go into his closet and throw out all his old, stained dress shirts and replace them with french cuffs. He’ll have no choice but to wear those cufflinks you bought him. You’re welcome.

And this trend isn’t just for the ‘suit and tie’ guy (cue Justin Timberlake). Even casual, everyday men’s jewelry is coming to the forefront of fashion – just in time for the holidays. Celebs like Johnny Depp, Justin Beiber, Jay-Z are all contributing the the recent surge in men’s jewelry trends, prompting guys to give accessorizing a second chance.

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Penelope Cruz: Perfection at ‘Pirates’ Premiere


Penelope Cruz dripped in diamonds at the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides premiere in Los Angeles – easily the most anticipated film of the summer.

The 37-year-old Spanish actress sparkled in Chopard jewelry and a midnight off-the-shoulder custom gown from Marchesa with embroidered feather and jet crystal detail.

Her platinum and diamond earrings are in the trendy teardrop shape – like Kate’s royal wedding sparklers – and a whopping 57-carat platinum and diamond bracelet finished off the ice for this winning look.

But Penelope wasn’t the only brunette bauble belle of the ball. Eva Longoria rocked teardrop danglers and a white shift dress – a great combo for spring/summer.

Emma Roberts wore a beaded Saloni dome necklace and Dana Rebecca Designs earrings to liven up her ‘little black dress’.

Vanessa Hudgens decorated her ring fingers with a turquoise Herndon Heald ring and a skull silhouette.

And Teri Hatcher sported a great gemstone bangle look and her favorite accessory, daughter Emerson!

But perhaps the most photographed celebs of the night were superstar, Johnny Depp and ‘Orignal Gansta’ pirate, Keith Richards – Depp’s good friend and well-known inspiration for his iconic Jack Sparrow role.

Both wore their signature rocker beads – and a laugh that sounded something like the one you take ‘all the way to the bank’….

Stella McCartney Designs for Disney

Jewelry and fashion designers are the latest creative types to be tapped by Hollywood to bring buzz to upcoming film releases, and Disney/Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is shaping up to be spring’s big sizzler. So it comes as no surprise that another big name has attached themselves to merchandise jewelry for the movie.

The divine Miss Stella McCartney is the latest talent to head down the rabbit hole, with two Alice-inspired jewelry pieces – a charm necklace and bracelet – each adorned with AIW icons including a rabbit, a Mad Hatter’s hat, a spade, club, heart and diamond. The muted palette is accented with Swarovski crystals and will retail for $425 (necklace) and $395 (bracelet).

Curiouser and curiouser? Though the movie hits theaters on March 10th, you can buy the pieces for your next tea party (no, not THAT kind of tea party) next month at Stella McCartney stores worldwide.

What do you guys think of her contribution? Weigh in!