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The Jewelry Insider

June 1, 2010

Journey jewelry growing stone sizes

A Journey You’ll Never Want To End

“My love for you is forever and ending at never.” This is one of the most beautiful sentiments ever penned and now, one of the most beautiful sentiments sparkling forever in a cascade of diamonds.

What makes this line of diamond jewelry so inspiring is that it’s not your usual single diamond piece, but rather several sparkling gems, each larger than the next – the waterfall of sparklers grows, just as a relationship grows.

The Journey jewelry collection epitomizes how love grows stronger as two people evolve together and their commitment deepens. Featuring a sequence of graduated diamonds arranged in a setting from the smallest to the largest, Journey jewelry symbolizes how love intensifies and becomes more meaningful over time. Celebrate the power of your love for each other with a piece from the Journey collection and show how “With Every Step, Love Grows.”