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Four July 4th Jewelry Ideas

It’s almost July 4th again, jewelry hounds – that wholesome American holiday where folks all over this great nation utter the time-honored phrase,

“Hold my beer while I light this.”

Sparklers of a different sort are what I’m interested in, so here are a few of my July 4th jewelry thoughts to add a little flare to your fashion.

1. Cocktail Rings

I like the idea of using your jewelry to add that last bit of red, white or blue to the BBQ ensemble – and what better way than with an oversized cocktail ring? Grab a costume piece from the vintage store down the block or shop from a huge selection of gemstone styles.

2. Step Away From The Flag Jewelry

Why not hit the holiday on the nose with a little flag jewelry? Because it’s predictable, Mary. That’s why. How about a little ‘star’ power like this instead?

3. Dangle/Disco Earrings

Time to bring out your fireworks-inspired ear wear, ladies. The more they glitter the better.

4. The Star ‘Bangled’ Banner, anyone?…Anyone?

Finally – the tried-and-true layered bangle look is a great way to add the ‘Old Glory’ color triumvirate to an all-white ensemble. You’ve already got ’em in the jewelry box. Time to bring ’em out an layer ’em on – maybe with a splash of gold for good measure?

Ok, jewelry hounds. Time to go get my, ‘No, I really DO like potato salad’ game face on.

In the meantime, weigh in with some of your favorite July 4th jewels!

The Jewelry Insider

July 2, 2009

Can it be possible that it’s already time to July 4th our way through the weekend? Aside from strategic blanket placement at the fireworks display and avoiding drunk Uncle Joe at the family BBQ, the only thing you really have to worry about is adding a little red, white and blue to your wardrobe.

Luckily, the JI has your back.

Nothing says July more than the month’s birthstone – the rockin’ red ruby. And I say rockin’ because these days the stone is finding it’s way on more hip jewelry styles than your traditional cross necklace and simple pair of studs (the blood-thirsty Twilight vampires would surely agree).

Now, rubies are generally not thought of as an ‘affordable’ stone. They fall into the precious gemstone category along with sapphires and emeralds so are often found in higher price points than the frugalista budget allows.

But with your super secret code to the Friends and Family site, JewelClub, you have access to a whole host of ruby styles at 60% – 70% off the suggested retail price.

I just did a search through their stash, and there are plenty of cool styles that would go perfectly with your Americana garb this weekend – from bold cocktail rings to fun fashion pieces like this ruby purse pendant that is only $60 with their special July discount on selected ruby merchandise. And the original price? $279!!

So whether you’re in the market for the 4th or want to get a meaningful gift for the July birthday girl in your life, take a gander at the JewelClub treasure chest (www.jewelclub.com), enter the special code: INSIDER and walk away with savings you won’t get anywhere else.

Happy birthday to America, happy birthday to you.