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Royal Wedding Fever: A Jewelry Cure

Jewelry hounds! The royal wedding countdown is reaching a fever pitch – with rumors swirling, photogs shoving and royal security teams working on overdrive – it will be a miracle if we all survive this phenomenon unscathed.

I am already trying to get a head start on my sleep so I can Live Tweet the proceedings from my spot on the royal sofa at 4AM PST on Friday morning the 29th. You should join me just to keep me from nodding off! Be sure to use #royaljewelry to join the morning mayhem.

But like the rest of the world, I’m just so darned excited for this shindig. With gas prices rising, wars escalating and Donald Trump’s hairpiece getting way too much air time – we really need this celebration of true love to lift our spirits, right?

So how do we stop our temperature from rising when new tidbits about Kate’s dress designer make the rounds (my money is still on Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton) or the bride herself is spotted buying eyeshadow on the streets of London or The Queen….raises a pinky finger in any direction?

Gawk at jewelry. And royal-inspired jewelry, no less.

Many jewelers have already capitalized on the Princess Diana/Kate Middleton engagement ring phenomenon – but one place, in particular, has already curated an entire assortment inspired by the sapphire stunner heard ’round the world.


Here are few of my favs but you can click here to see their entire stash. – many that look just like Kate’s rock.

And feel free to page through some of my previous royal posts featuring crown jewels from around the world. The Swedish Royal Wedding is one of my favs.

Ok then, jewelry hounds and royal watchers. Seven days and counting. Stay with me next week as I post all the jewelry and fashion-related royal wedding tidbits I can get my paws on. Because reality is underrated.

Kate Middleton Wedding Jewelry: The Trouble With Tiaras

Kate Middleton’s wedding jewelry has been the subject of MUCH speculation in bauble land, especially since she’s apparently the only one who will be wearing a wedding band now that Prince Wills opted out of the sacred ritual.

So. Most royal watchers are fixating on the tiara – a favorite past time with this crowd. But does Kate have to wear one? In a word: YES!

Lady Diana chose to wear her own family heirloom when she married Prince Charles – the Diamond Spencer tiara. But since Kate is, how shall I say this delicately – a lowly commoner – it’s likely her family doesn’t have a stash of tiaras at the ready.

The Queen could, of course, choose to lend or (gasp!) give Kate a tiara from her vast collection – which would be seen as a sign of confidence in the bride. (Click here to learn more about the Queen’s tiara collection – and which one is the current Kate frontrunner).

I love the idea of a NEW tiara making it’s debut (along with an Alexander McQueen wedding gown, fingers crossed!) and InStyle’s wily editors apparently agree since they recently asked some of the jewelry world’s top designers to sketch out their vision for a Kate Middleton wedding tiara in an awesome pictorial. 

I love this one by Chopard (of course).

And that wacky Alexis Bitter’s interpretation is just crazy enough to drive the Queen to an early grave.

So what will mack out the mellon of this most famous bride? We’ll just have to ride the neverending Royal Wedding pre-party wave – and keep the guessing games going until the big day on the 29th.

In the meantime, JewelClub is getting in the spirit with the launch of their Royal Sample Sale today – with lots of great Kate-inspired sapphire sample sale steals, royal watchers!

And YES the  Royal Wedding Live Tweet party is ON! We’re using #royaljewelry for anyone who wants to join the fun. And YES – I will be getting up at 4AM to see it live. And YES – I think I may have a jewelry addiction problem.

The Jewelry Insider

April 2, 2011

Jewelry hounds, just when we thought our Awards Show jewelry withdrawal was going to get the better of us, in walks April with a swagger and a promise:

Hold on to your “holy cow!” – It’s going to be one doozy of a diamond month!

Why? Well, let’s get the most obvious reason out of the way first.  For those of you living in a cave, the royal wedding is this month! Not only will we get to ooh and ahh at Kate Middleton’s wedding jewelry, we can gawk at all the other crown jewels and gems that are sure to make an apperance.

These ladies never met a tiara they didn’t like, Mary. For reals.

Stay tuned for all my jewelry-laden lead up to the big day on April 29th. And I’m of half a mind to Live Tweet the darn thing. Any takers for #royaljewelry?

OK. The next big reason to celebrate April? It’s this month’s birthstone. (Please excuse me while I seethe with envy at all you April babies). BUT even if you’re not born in April, many folks in bauble land are celebrating – including JewelClub with their April Is Diamond Month extravaganza.

Today, for example, I saw on their FaceBook Page that they are cutting the price of this 1/2 ct three-stone diamond anniversary ring by 83%. Not sure what they’re smoking over there, but as Meg Ryan famously said in When Harry Met Sally...

“I’ll have what they’re having…”

And they promise to slash the prices of lots of diamond classics all month – just check in on their Homepage and bring on the ice.

So we while we red carpet jewelry gawkerts have to wait until May 2nd to get a legitimate fix (The Met’s Costume Institute Gala is scheduled then – stay tuned), April is picking up the slack in a MAJOR way.

No foolin’!