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Katy Perry: Smurfette in Sapphires


Katy Perry’s dress at the Smurfs movie premiere in New York yesterday almost stole the show from the little blue guys themselves!

Sporting a bedazzled Smurfette corsette designed by The Blondes, a smurf manicure and blue Louboutins – what else does the voice of the world’s most famous female smurf need?


How about sapphires? Seems the like the smurfiest choice, right?


Looks like Ms. Perry took the blue bling to heart, wearing a pair of sapphire button earrings and what looks like a sapphire, diamond and gold bangle bracelet (still looking for designer credits…anyone know?)

The other jewelry highlight of the night was violet vixen, Sofia Vergara, in a a gorgeous Missoni gown, turquoise earrings and elbow-deep bangles in every shade of purple – all by Lorraine Schwartz!

Papa Smurf? Eat your heart out!!!

The Jewelry Insider

December 24, 2010


Since it’s Christmas Eve, I thought I’d take a moment to send out one more subtle ‘hint’ to Santa, since I’ve been nothing but nice this year.


See? Coal is cool this year, Mr. Kringle.

Merchandisers and marketers used to have to work hard to make black diamond jewelry appealing to folks outside of tattoo parlors and vampire support groups. But this year? The stone finally crossed over, and it’s never going back.

Celebrity designer, Stephen Webster, now litters his lines with the look. It was the best part of Sex And The City II. And many celebs – from Katy Perry to Christina Aguilera – are sporting them on the red carpet.

And the best part? Black diamonds are surprisingly affordable compared to white ice.

Here are a few of my favorite black diamond looks right now – all of them ready for their Christmas close up. Or how about a great New Year’s surprise?

So here’s hoping we all find big things in little boxes under the tree this year. And fellas? The New York Times reports that jewelry is the ‘go to’ purchase for all you last-minute shopper types (aka: all men).


Merry Christmas, Jewelry Hounds!

Holiday Jewelry Trend: Bling Out in Black and Gold

The holiday season is full of jewelry fashion conundrums.

With office parties, ornament exchanges, kids’ concerts, family functions and all manner of caroling and cocktailing – it’s no wonder someone thought it best to spike the eggnog (well played).

But I’ve got a simple jewelry solution for every festive occasion that’s both on trend and traditional: bling out in black and gold.

I spotted Katy Perry in the trend at the Grammy Nomination Party just last night.

Fashion darling, Christian Siriano, just launched his own vintage-inspired bauble line, Regal Estate, that’s littered with black and gold beauties – all for $29.95 on his burgeoning fashion site sendthetrend.com.


The always fab, JewelClub, has a ton of black and gold styles in their sample sale stash for a steal.

And my favorite luxury location, Luxist, highlighted the trend recently with these more expensive interpretations.

My thought this year is to get two or three classic black and gold styles and rotate them. Pile ’em on for the big events or add just a sprinkle of sparkle for the daytime dalliances. And the looks will keep on giving year-round – unlike some trends that expire as soon as they make a splash (bug jewelry, anyone?)

So the moral of the story? Keep Santa season simple this year without skimping on style. And keep the eggnog close.

The Jewelry Insider

May 4, 2010

My head is still spinning from the amazing jewelry and frock display at last night’s Costume Institute Gala at The Met. If Oscar Night is The Super Bowl of fashion gawking let’s call this one The World Cup.

A-listers from Oprah and SJP to Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway lit up the carpet. But it was one Katy Perry who took that sentiment quite literally.

It wasn’t Katy’s jaw-dropping Lorraine Schwartz statement necklace that had tongues wagging – it was her CuteCircuit LED-laced dress that flashed flourescent streaks of yellow, pink, green and blue lights depending on her mood (the control switch was safely ensconced in her cleavage for good keeping).

Katy told one reporter,

“I feel like I really have to represent those girls that just go for it and do their own thing and, you know, have their own bit of spontaneity and self confidence. I think sometimes in fashion it can get a little stuffy so I wanted to lighten up!”

CuteCircuit are no strangers to hi-tech fashion. In 2006 their Hug Shirt was named one of the Best Inventions of the Year by Time Magazine. Katy’s dress is a more wearable version of the design duo Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz’s stunning Galaxy dress – a hi-tech gown embroidered with 24,000 tiny LED bulbs now on display in an American museum.

What do you guys think of Katy’s look? Totally hip? Or trying too hard?

For more Met jewelry gawking, click here for Jewelry.com’s full coverage of the event.

The Jewelry Insider

November 9, 2009

Katy Perry may have started a new trend by posting a twitter pic of the diamond manicure she wore to MTV’s European Music Awards in Berlin last week. Her tweeps went wild with approval!

I have to say, I was on the fence about the style, but thought about all the fun we jewelry hounds could have with it during holiday season. In fact, manicurists have already been using diamond tools and powder to make our hands sparkle. And some crazy kids (and the dentists who indulge them) are putting diamonds on their TEETH!

Whatever trips your trigger…

I am admittedly late to the whole ‘glitter toes’ sensation that’s taking the pedicure world by storm. You know – the pour glitter on your toes and cover it with acryllic technique that lasts for 2 months? But adding diamonds to the mix takes things to an entirely new level.

Word on the street is Katy’s nails are really glittering with (gasp!) rhinestones – -but who am I to judge?

What do you guys think of her look? Would you wear it for a night on the town? Or is it something best left to divas and Vegas residents?