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This year’s Grammy Awards were full of not only great musical performances (hello Lady Gaga tribute to David Bowie!), but also great jewelry. T Swift showed off her version of the choker trend with a colorful gemstone necklace, while Lady Gaga matched her bedazzled blue eye makeup with some pretty ear bling. Demi Lovato took a jewelry risk (and totally rocked it!) with a body chain and several diamond rings, while Carrie Underwood showed up in a gorgeous 48 ct necklace (a Valentine’s Day gift from her husband).

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Jewelry Trendcaster: Brow-Raising Bling

Eyebrow Jewelry- Rodarte S/S 2015 RTW Backstage

Eyebrow Jewelry- Rodarte S/S 2015 RTW Backstage

If baubled-out bibs and decadent drop earrings don’t make enough of a show-stopping sparkle for you jewelry hounds, then take note of the hottest summer statement trend: eyebrow bling. From rainbow brows to Benefit’s Bling Brow Kit featuring Swarovski crystals, eyebrows are where it’s at. Since eyebrows are considered “the holders of expression”, runway makeup artist James Kaliardos says they should be celebrated as such.

Eyebrow Jewelry- Rodarte S/S 2015 RTW Backstage

Eyebrow Jewelry- Rodarte S/S 2015 RTW Backstage

In an age where hyper feminine, conventional beauty is out and anything edgy is in, it’s no wonder why this grunge-glam trend is making waves. American fashion designer RodarteLady Gaga and even Kylie Jenner, just to name some of Hollywood‘s finest, have been spotted blinging out their brows.

Bling Brow Kit

Bling Brow Kit

Think this is just another silly jewelry fad? Well, according to Kaliardos, expect to see this trend take to new heights with real-gold, gemstone accessories, and embroidered shapes. Shocked or already over it? Well, sit tight jewelry jezebels, because the only RBF you’ll have to work on this summer, is your Resting Brow Face.

All over it? Or…just…over it?


Heavy Metal Jewelry Lights Up CFDA Awards

Lady Gaga never met a spotlight she didn’t steal, which was certainly the case at the 2011 CFDA Awards (aka: The Fashion Oscars) last night at New York’s Allice Tulley Hall.

While she didn’t bring the bling (sigh), she did shine in a studded Thierry Mugler number that unraveled into a sparkling thong (because who doesn’t need a sparkling thong?).

Add one Anna Wintour-inspired seafoam bob, red-nailed monster claws and towering platforms, and you’ve got yourself a style icon in the making.

Which is exactly what the Council of Fashion Designers of America thought when they awarded her with the (aptly titled) Fashion Icon Award, which she accepted with her parents looking on.

And while pop stars were on the minds of the fashion elite, it was heavy metal that made the red carpet sparkle with a huge showing of statement jewelry in solid yellow gold – along with summertime staples like yellow gold hoops.


Turquoise trimmings were also trending – another must-have for summer, as every fashionista worth their debit cards ALL know, dahling.


So. What have we learned? Lady Gaga is keeping the wig industry in business – and there are two essential items you gotta put in heavy rotation for the upcoming summer months: turquoise and yellow gold sparkle.


Here are two great looks from Jewelry.com to get you going. Day-glo bob, not included.

FINALLY – don’t forget to cruise over to the Jewelry.com Facebook Page for a complete look at all the CFDA red carpet pics – from Jessica Alba and Naomi Watts to the Olsen Twins and the Divine Miss Anna and more!

Lady Gaga Jewelry for Japan


Lady Gaga is one of many celebrities using their star power to raise money for Japan’s earthquake relief efforts – and her monster brigade is already bringing in loads of cash in record time.

MTVnews reported yesterday that Gaga’s self-designed “We Pray for Japan” bracelets raised a whopping $250,000 in two days. The white-and-red wristband features Gaga’s trademark monster-paw hand gesture and sells for $5 on her website (but you can opt to give a larger donation of up to $100).

The pop-star tweeted, 

“I Designed a Japan Prayer Bracelet. Buy It/Donate here and ALL proceeds will go to Tsunami Relief Efforts. Go Monsters.”


She is also encouraging her fans to donate to the campaign established by Google CEO Eric Schmidt and his wife, Wendy, via Citizen Effect, a philanthropic website that relies on social media to generate donations for various causes. The couple plans to match the first $100,000 donated to help the American Red Cross in its relief efforts.

Spread the word and the wealth, jewelry hounds.

The Jewelry Insider

February 14, 2011

While the whole “Lady Gaga arriving in a big egg” stunt felt a little (um) tired to me, the jewelry fashion was refreshingly fun at the 2011 Grammy Awards, with huge earrings, creative cuffs, statement rings, yellow gold and menfolk in layered looks ruling the night in the trend department.

Here are a few highlights to get the jewelry juices flowing…

I FINALLY had a 2011 lower-jaw-drop moment when I spotted this crazy cuff on Glee diva, Lea Michele. It’s by red carpet staple, Lorraine Schwartz, who is also responsible for my second favorite look of the night:

this yellow gold and diamond serpent cuff on Kim Kardashian.Yay!

I also have to applaud Miley Cyrus and Ciara for the winning the “More Is More” award. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so starved for over-the-top jewelry looks this year, but I was happy to see this much sparkle on these young stars.


Big earring looks dusted the sparkling shoulders of everyone from Cyndi Lauper to Snooki:







And as for the fellas? The usual suspects disappointed (Lil Wayne, Diddy) but Seal, Lenny Kravitz and Adam Lambert all rocked the layered necklace look that won the approval of the Twitter Crew (click here to review our fun-filled chat).


With so many folks getting in touch with their inner wacky (Gwenyth? What are you smoking, sister?) I’m sure the Oscars are going to feel like a quaint evening sipping tea by comparison. But I’m ready. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is a jewelry wasteland so far…. And I’m starving for more!


The Jewelry Insider

February 11, 2011

Jewelry hounds? We’re entering high season for bauble gawking – with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week well under way, The Grammy Awards airing this Sunday and the Oscars right around the corner on February 27th.

Big, deep, breath….

But don’t you fret! I’m doing a ton of eye calisthenics, so I can spot all the hot red carpet jewelry looks for your drooling pleasure. It’s a rough job, but, well….

In the meantime, here are a few of my Grammy jewelry predictions for 2011. Will I be as right as I was for the Golden Globes (yeah, I said it!)? Will Lady Gaga bring it or bore us? Will Barbara Streisand ditch the mumu for Miu Miu? You be the judge.

Join me and all the other jewelry cool kids for our usual red carpet Twitter Fest starting at 6pm EST. Use hashtag: #grammyjewelry and be sure to weigh in with all your rants and raves! Or just circle back right here for my Monday Morning recap of all the gems worth a good gawk.

1. Black Diamond Blow Out:

Rock-and-rollers bring out the black like tweens at a Twilight convention. With Christina Aguilera set to perform, I’m gonna bet she puts on some of her favorite Stephen Webster black diamond sparklers – with the rest of the world going with Loree Rodkin rocks.

2. Creative Cuffs:

This is the “softball over home plate” prediction, I know. But instead of a classic diamond cuff like we’ve seen on Golden Globe and SAG red carpets, I’m guessing the Grammy set is going to spike things up a bit.

3. Boy Bling:

We’ve got some serious Ice Kings walking the carpet this year, with Jay-Z, Usher, Adam Lambert and (of course) Justin Bieber lighting the way. But the question of the night is: Will Kanye West make an appearance? I’ve got to get a closer look at those crazy diamond dentures.

4. Lady Gaga Gets Serious:

Remember when Madonna entered her Evita period? She pulled back the hair, took off the Gauliter cone bras, put on the pants suits… I’m thinking Lady Gaga is going to follow in her footsteps (because I’m the first person who’s ever had THAT idea).

Gone are the Armani satellite dresses and McQueen reptile shoes. Meat dresses are so 2010. My money is on a Lady Gaga who is channeling her inner Chanel. If I’m wrong, I’ll chug an entire glass of champagne. Twist my arm.

Any thoughts you’d like to share before the Grammy games begin? Weigh in!

The Jewelry Insider

December 27, 2010

It’s been a year full of surprises my fellow jewelry hounds. From diamond dentures and bug jewelry to gold parties and Gaga, the “Year of the Tiger” was nothing if not ‘unusual’. So as the last days of 2010 take their final bow, it’s time to do what we media folks love to do best: Look back. And make lists. Here is a smattering of some of my favorite jewelry moments combined with some of yours – because without you guys, I’m just all alone in the universe writing about Lindsay Lohan’s jail jewelry and diamond dog collars as if it actually MEANS something. So my heartfelt thanks to you all for joining this shiny place of jewel-filled sarcasm, schadenfreude and joy for yet another year. Here’s to more days of diamond diversions! 10. The ‘Ears’ Have It

If 2009 was the year of the statement necklace, 2010 brought the sentiment to the ears. The trend started with the smashing success of Courteney Cox’s Golden Globe teardrop triumph and continued throughout awards season. Look for swinging chandelier shapes and shoulder dusters to continue to shine well into 2011. 9. Baseball Bling

In the year’s 4th most popular post, I got to the bottom of those weird rope necklaces all the baseball players were wearing last season. I was surprised as anyone to know that jocks not only get emotional about jewelry – they believe it has super powers. And I thought I had issues… 8.  Pink Diamond Shatters Price Record

So. There’s this dude, Laurence Graff. And he has piles of money. What does he do with it? He gobbles up the world’s most valuable diamonds like pints of Chunky Monkey. His latest acquisition was a 24.78-carat piece of pink perfection that sold for a record-breaking $46.16 million. And now back to our regularly scheduled budget deficit…. 7. Neil Lane – Jeweler of the Year

My jeweler of the year award has to go to Neil Lane. He’s always been a red carpet staple but his monopoly on celebrity weddings in 2010 was staggering. He designed Anna Paquin’s bridal jewels, Nicole Richie’s wedding band, Jessica Simpson’s newsworthy ruby rock – along with the bling for the entire Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. AND he launched a bridal line with Kay Jewelers to reach the mere mortal market. Just call him the  Kim Kardashian of the jewelry world: He somehow seems to be everywhere. And he’s taking it straight to the bank. 6. Black Diamond Blitz

When Howard Stern awarded his ‘Tiger Woods Miss Mistress’ winner a black diamond ring for her trouble back in March, I feared one of my favorite stones would be forever branded the ‘other women’. But Sex And The City II (despite being one of my biggest disappointments this year – see #5 for more) gave black diamonds a glittering close up – and the stone is now a must-have for red carpet divas and regular folks alike. I’m giving it my ‘most likely to succeed’ award. Stay tuned. 5. Diamond Disappointments

Not to be all Debbie Downer and all…but there were some MAJOR jewelry/fashion bummers this year. Exhibit A: The Oscars  

When Kathy Ireland’s questionable interviewing skills are the only thing worth squawking about – you know you’ve got a bummer year on your hands. Exhibit B: Fashion Week: Spring 2011: 


Where. Was. The. Jewelry? Exhibit C: Sex And The City II: 

My favorite New York women finally jumped the shark. Aiden? In Abu Dhabi? “I Am Woman” karaoke? C’mon! Exhibit D: Angelina Jolie. 

The world’s most stunning actress (a la Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn) can’t seem to wear anything but black and diamond studs on the red carpet. And Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts are stuck in the muck with her. Help me, Housewives of Beverly Hills. You’re my only hope. 4. Where’s The Beef?

Lady Gaga wore a meat dress. ‘Nuff said. 3. Kanye West’s Diamond Dentures

In the third most popular post for 2010, we learned that replacing your teeth with real diamonds might help people forget you’re an egomaniac for a week or so. 2. Chelsea Clinton’s Engagement Ring

More people read my post on Chelsea’s engagement ring than any other entry in the history of the blog. Despite the fact that I (and all of my other fellow jewelry hounds) STILL haven’t found a decent picture of the thing. Hat’s off to you, Chels, for keeping us all well out of your business. And for making my Alexa rating skyrocket. 1. The Sapphire Heard ‘Round the World.

Hey. Did you hear? Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton. Shocker! Seriously, though, you’re going to have to endure many a royal wedding post in 2011 – cuz there’s gonna be major crown jewels on display. I’m already hyperventilating.

But perhaps the most important repercussion from all this nonsense, is the resurgence of the Lady Di ring silhouette and sapphires as a popular stone for engagement rings. I hope the trend continues, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in 2010 – you don’t have to break the bank to get a great piece of jewelry these days (JewelClub, anyone?). And that includes engagement rings.

OK. I think I hear the champagne calling my name. (It happens.) I hope you all have a safe and shining New Year. In the meantime, weigh in with your favorite jewelry moments from 2010! As always, I love to hear from you. (Janet – that means you!) See you on the flip side!

Lady Gaga Inspires Meat Jewelry

Move over diamond divas. Here comes something meatier….

One would think things couldn’t get any more bizarre than the ‘insect jewelry’ craze or gems made out of the remains of your beloved pet, Muffy (or Uncle Herbert). But the jewelry world is a vast and varied landscape, my friends.

So it should really come as no surprise that the dress that shocked America – Lady Gaga’s VMA frock made from real red meat – has inspired a jewelry line sure to add sparkle to your sirloin.


Keep your panties on, PETA. The carne creation is made from FAUX meat product – it’s 100% animal friendly. And might just cause some folks to go green on sight.

LA-based company, Onch Movement, is responsible for this lovely addition to the jewelry lexicon – and they promise the $55 ‘Meat-lace’ will “look just as fresh and delicious as the day it was first cut.”

Where’s the beef, Mary? Oh, right. It’s hanging around my neck like a Rocky Balboa punching bag.

I think I’ll pass on this one. Thoughts?

Gaga for VMA Jewelry Fashion

Jersey Shore meatheads met Gaga’s meat couture at the 2010 VMA Awards last night. And while the jewelry trends weren’t as bodacious as the Lady’s fashion choices – there were some highlights worth sharing.


First – the Franc Ferdinand-designed meat dress. Not even Cher in her iconic black sequined unitard could upstage this Peta-angering Gaga statement. Thoughts?


I’ve always been a ‘black-diamond Betty’ – and any MTV event is the perfect time for the dark side to shine.


Hoops have been a mainstay on these less formal red carpet events – and the VMA white carpet was no exception.

And my favorite overall look went to the lovely Selena Gomez – in a Reem Acra silver frock (love the pockets!) with blue gemstone detail and Baccarat jewelry, including what look like sapphire drop earrings and a chunky sapphire cocktail ring. Something about the silver and blue really works, right?.

And now for a little non-jewelry VMA musing. While I LOVE that Gaga is pushing buttons with her fashion choices – I kinda miss that tried and true VMA train wreck from yesteryear. There’s no Courtney Love faux pas to count on or some drunken grunge dude climbing the sets. The EARNEST, barefooted Taylor Swift/Kanye West ‘controversy’ just isn’t working for me.


Maybe I’m just cranky that the runway looks from Fashion Week so far aren’t giving me any gawk-worthy jewelry to crow about. But we’re only half-way through…stay tuned.

Grammy Jewelry: Glam, Gauche and Gaga

Diamond jewelry was the big hit on the Grammy Awards red carpet last night, with lots of pendant earrings, icy studs, cuffs and a few statement necklaces thrown in for good measure.

Gone are the colorful gems of the Globes and SAGs – which should come as no surprise since the music industry is more bling-obsessed than the thespian set. And while there were some stunning looks to applaud, there were a few fashion missteps from some of the red carpet’s most reliable stars.

Taylor Swift (despite her unimpressive duet with icon, Stevie Nicks) looked lovely in 12 carat diamond pendant earrings from Lorraine Schwartz. And Pink one-upped her teen competition with, oh, a mere $2.5 mil worth of ice from Neil Lane.

The statement necklace brigade was represented by Shawn Colvin. And simple diamond studs made Rihanna’s unfortunate gown choice a little less, um, poofy?

Speaking of poof, Jersey Shore’s Snookie showed up in basic hoops (sans the hair bump) and a Seaside-inspired mini that outclassed Britney Spears’ unfortunate frock choice with what appears to be fishnet overlay. Oh, sister.

The biggest disappointment for me was the night’s big winner, Beyonce, in these gaudy, oversized, yellow gold Lorraine Schwartz earrings and nude Stephane Rolland frock. Not a good color combo and a she crossed the glam line to gaudy. Agree?

And of course, Lady Gaga, in a category all her own – didn’t disappoint with her fashion statement or her performance. The show could only go downhill after her incredible opening number with Elton John and the red carpet suffered the same ‘gasp’ vacuum as well at the end of the day.

What do you guys think? Are you as gaga for Gaga as I am? Are you thumbs up with the Beyonce choice? Weigh in!