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The Jewelry Insider

June 1, 2008

Take around 90% of the entire jewelry industry – stick them in Las Vegas for five days. Show more jewelry than even Joan Rivers could imagine and see what happens. Well, that’s exactly what’s going on at the moment. Every year, jewelers, jewelry designers, manufacturers et al head en masse to the bright lights of Sin City for a five day jewel fest.
Today is day three of this blinging bonanza and depending on where you’re sitting, what you’re making and who you’re selling to, the trends that are going to be hitting the stores in the coming months come down to one thing – give it some color.

Colored Diamonds (natural and treated) are some of the most popular items in this mega jewelry show. Me personally, the mix of pinks, blacks, and chocolates are quite simply, good enough to eat.
According to the Natural Colored Diamond Association, natural colored diamonds are the kind of “uber-premium” product that appeals to affluent consumers. Well, they also appeal to the not-so affluent consumer, hence treated colored diamonds staking their claim. And so they should.