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Celebrities ‘Ring’ In the New Year

From Reese Witherspoon to Vivica Fox – celebs were the lucky recipients of some rockin’ rings this holiday season. Here is a run down of some of the best and brightest celebrity rings making news this week – each representing emerging trends in the ring category for 2011.

1. Legally Blonde Gets Luxury Bling

Reese Witherspoon is getting a second chance at love – and a news-worthy diamond engagement ring to seal the deal. Reese’s rock is special not so much for the size (4-carats isn’t HUGE by Hollywood’s standards) but for the quality and cut of the stone.

Fiance and Hollywood Agent, Jim Toth, designed the ring using an Ashoka-cut center stone – a special 62-facet cut that only 10% of rough diamonds mined can support. Cushions and Ascchers ‘made the cut’ most often in 2010, so look for this special shape to surge in the months to come. (Jewelry.com has more on the Ashoka cut here).

2. LeeAnn Rimes Gets Personal

LeeAnn Rimes’s engagement to Eddie Cibrian is no longer notable for the scandalous way these two found love – but for the stunning 5-carat custom-made engagement ring that now makes them legit. The ring also features single cut pave diamonds and tiny rose cut diamonds set in rose gold fleur-de-lis that are connected to the band.

Jeweler Brent Polacheck, who crafted the ring for his childhood friend Cibrian, tells PEOPLE:

β€œLe[Ann]β€˜s participation in the design was solely regarding the Fleur de Lis. She had her heart set on having that incorporated in the ring. Other than that, Eddie and I sat down multiple times and worked on the rest of the details.”

The New York Times reported this ‘personalization’ trend is going to continue to surge when it comes to ring finger bling design. I love it.

3. Vivica Fox’s Cougar Catch

News just broke that 46-year-old Vivica Fox got engaged to 27-year-old club promoter, Omar ‘Slim’ White over the holidays with a whopping 8-carat diamond rock worth an estimated $150,000.

A source told People that Fox, 46, “is over the moon – so excited, so in love” with White, who wants to have children.

Fox was so excited that she Tweeted a video of her sparkler for all the fans – a great way for all of us to share our good fortune, right? Diamonds (and social media) are a girl’s best friend for 2011.

3. Christina Aguilera’s Boyfriend Bling

Not everyone brought home rings that mean ‘we’re in it for the long haul’ this holiday. Recently divorced Christina Aguilera reportedly got a ring from her new boyfriend, Matt Rutler, to simply celebrate her 30th birthday (December 18th).

I haven’t been able to find any more details about the design, but this does get me thinking: Is the ‘boyfriend ring’ or ‘birthday ring’ a possible new trend?

Usually rings given from boyfriends to girlfriends bring with them an expectation of commitment. But I wonder if it could also just mean ‘Here’s a ring. It looks cool. No expectations.”?