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The Jewelry Insider

March 24, 2011

In a move as dramatic as a Mean Girl slap, tabloid queen Lindsay Lohan rejected a plea deal for stealing a $2500 necklace from a Los Angeles jeweler – forcing our favorite jewelry headline to (gasp!) stand trial for grand theft and risk a three-year jail sentence.

Paris Hilton? Eat your heart out!!

According to the always-legitimate news source, TMZ, Lindsay’s felony grand theft case will now be assigned to Judge Stephanie Sautner – who’s considered a tough but fair judge – and the preliminary hearing is set for April 22.

The bad news? Lohan faces both jail and prison as the case moves on – jail,  if Judge Sautner decides Lindsay violated her probation, and prison, if Lindsay is convicted of grand theft.

The good news? If Lindsay is found innocent at trial and if Judge Sautner agrees NOT to rule on the probation violation until a verdict is reached in the grand theft case, Lindsay could get off scot-free.

Let’s face it. What would life be without Lindsay roaming the streets with her mean case of sticky-finger syndrome? And I’m dying to see the courtroom couture! Fasten your seatbelts, looky-loos. April isn’t looking so bad after all…

Lindsay Lohan’s Necklace Nightmare

If I had a diamond for every time Lindsay Lohan ‘forgot’ to return loaner jewelry, I’d be richer than a Donald Trump/Oprah Winfrey love child.

Yes, jewelry hounds. Just when you thought our Li-Lo was turning the page to more legit uses of our favorite shiny stuff, she brings us back to her warped reality where ‘stealing’ is somehow really just ‘borrowing’ with benefits.

The latest nonsense has Lindsay ‘borrowing’ a one-of-a-kind $2500 gold necklace from El Ray jewelry store in Los Angeles. The store claims the piece went missing right after Lindsay was seen wearing it in a surveillance video.  Lindsay claims her stylist “borrowed it” and just didn’t return it in time.

Whatever the truth is, it’s clear Ms. Lohan shouldn’t even be in the business of ‘borrowing’ until her probation is over. If the police decide to press charges (and TMZ reports this is likely), she could possibly go back to the slammer, where the only jewelry she’ll be wearing is the kind of ‘cuff no one wants in their jewelry box.

Get it together, Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan: Jewelry Lover to Jailbird

Lindsay Lohan was spotted last night at Ana De Costa’s jewelry show in Los Angeles looking fresh-faced and ready to consume – far from the frightened soon-to-be sentenced drama queen we might have expected.

The jewelry show featured D-listers Brittny and Lisa Gastineau’s new jewelry line, ‘Tres Glam’ which features their signature ‘eye’ theme – a power symbol known to ‘ward off danger’ according to the mother-daughter duo.

Too bad Lindsay didn’t pick one up, cuz…well, it’s slammer time again for our favorite tabloid fixation.

People Magazine reports the stunned actress was cuffed and led away by authorities after the judge sentenced her to prison until her next hearing on October 22nd – almost a month away!

At least she spent her last night of freedom doing something worthwhile. What do you guys think of Li-Lo’s latest chapter?

Lindsay Lohan: Jewelry Debts and Jail Time


From her surprising love life to her “FU” fingernail fashion – it’s never dull when Lindsay Lohan hits the headlines. And while her recent jail sentence is the latest Li-Lo shocker, it’s nice to know there are still some things we can rely on when it comes to our favorite paparazzi princess:

Jewelry debts.

Whether she’s “borrowing” jewelry from a photo shoot, losing a suitcase full of diamonds or snapping up gift bag goodies like a venus fly trap in a garbage dump – our beloved Lindsay never met a shiny object she actually paid for.

The latest jewelry offense comes to us from The Grey Lady of tabloid journalism – TMZ – with a report that a Hollywood boutique is suing Lindsay for an unpaid bill of just over $17,000. The ‘first lady of leggings’ apparently bought – among other things – a 14kt diamond ring worth $5900 on her shopping spree.

With 90 days of hard jail time looming large, I doubt this is at the top of Lindsay’s ‘to do’ list, but it’s nice to see someone other than the long hand of the law trying to make an honest woman out of her.

What do you guys think of Lindsay’s latest transgressions? And did anyone see her jaw-dropping cameo on Bravo’s reality show gawk-fest, Double Exposure? Stunning.